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Monday, September 11, 2006

i freaked out yesterday

it's been a while since i posted on my blog, and for that, i apologize. it's been a busy few months, and i enjoy sitting in the windowsill all day - it sure beats typing on a computer.

anyway, i thought i'd relate my experience from yesterday. i should preface by saying that like most cats, i enjoy chasing insects just as much as the next cat. there's nothing quite like that rush of circling your prey, knowing that at any moment, he could escape you by flying clear across the room, sending you into a furry tailspin, as you try and whack him with your paw, simultaneously attempting to wheel into gear to chase him to the other side of the room.

and when the moment comes that you finally have him, you reach out and squish him, looking away at the last minute, both because you're ever-so-squeamish, but also because you want to avoid getting bug parts in your fur. and there he is, still squirming, but immobile, flat against the window, and you bat him again, making him fall to the ground. ah, those are the bugs that taste the best.

but yesterday, i saw a bug that simply spooked me out. i wasn't even sure it was a bug at first, i thought it was another new pet that my people acquired. but when i saw it creep across the floor, i knew it was a bug, and while my immediate instincts were to pursue and attack, i was intimidated by its size.

"intimidated" might be understating it somewhat. let's just say i flipped out. i went to hide under the bed, and didn't come out for hours. i didn't even nap down there, i was just huddled in a corner, hoping it wouldn't find me. later on in the evening, punch saw him on the wall, and nearly freaked out himself. he must not have noticed how big it was, because he began to chase it. but soon he went running out of the room, and the people took over.

as i write this, i believe the intruder has been captured and executed. much ado was made by our people, and there was celebrating, possibly with champagne. i'm not sure, since i've never had champagne. but suffice to say, this was one of those times when the people actually helped us. i think i will let them pet me later, in thanks for their efforts.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

cat food is falling from the sky

it's true! i was minding my own business by the food bowl this morning, and all of a sudden, i was pelted from above by cat food. it was truly a wonderful sight, and it felt great on my fur. i just wanted to stretch out and enjoy this tasty precipitation. but it didn't last long; it was just one of the people who feeds me, toying with my emotions. and so i shall have to get him back at some point.

anyway, after that incident at breakfast, i spent much of the day lying behind the chair upon which i usually sit. but it was cooler back there, and i knew that i wouldn't be bothered. punch wandered around a bit, i think he napped under the coffee table, and then spent some time investigating the piglet. (for more on the piglet, see my other recent posts - we have a new addition to the family, and i believe it is a small pig.)

at one point, he saw himself in a mirror, and freaked out - it was pretty comical. for a cat who's been around a whole extra year than me, you would think that he could tell the difference between himself in a mirror, and a strange cat in a window. i don't believe i would make the same mistake, but one can never tell.

Monday, June 05, 2006

suggestions and theories

well, it's been a busy few weeks - it seems that what i thought was just a visitor is staying indefinitely - I don't see any suitcases that would indicate it is leaving anytime soon. and our time with it hasn't been entirely unpleasant. punch and i did, for a short time, conceive of a plot to kidnap this creature, or otherwise rid our house of the uninvited guest. but it turns out that the people who feed us (eric and melissa, you may recall) have a particular attachment that seems to be unique, and i am hesitant to disturb what may be an otherwise delicate and harmonious balance.

but i have also constructed a loose theory of the origins of our guest. to date, my best estimate is that they took a trip to the 100 acre forest and picked out one of these to bring home:

yes, that's right - a piglet. but ours has smaller ears. other than that, the details match. most of the time, our piglet is not bothersome, but there are times, especially during my regular naps, that there is a great deal of screaming going on. so far, i don't see the advantages.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

playing with a rubber band

i found a rubber band lying on the coffee table this afternoon. it looked like it might be something i might try eating, so i picked it up with my mouth and started to bring it over to my food bowl - since after all, that is the proper place to eat things. except for bugs, since you need to eat them before they sneak away.

in any case, on my way to the food bowl area, i dropped the rubber band, and i kind of accidentally stepped on it. it got caught on my paw, and this is when i realized that it would make an even better toy than a snack. in no time at all, i was chasing it around the room, and pretty much acting like a maniac.

i thought i would tell you about it, since it seemed like such an interesting story. i began my experience with one expectation, and ended it with an entirely different one. and i'm just a cat. anyway, i decided to keep the rubber band, and i played with it again this evening, before my third post-lunch nap. now i'm awake again, freshly groomed, and i think i'll go and see about getting some food in me before another go at it.

Friday, April 21, 2006

whoa....THAT is not a kitty

so it's been a few days with what i thought was our new kitten, and it turns out, we didn't get a kitten after all. it doesn't have the soft fur of a kitten, nor does it have paws, whiskers, or triangular ears on top of its head. so i guess it wasn't a birthday present for punch (he turned four years old last week), or a gift for me. i'm not entirely sure what's going on, though.

there is definitely a new creature around, and it likes to scream a lot. it's almost like a small version of the people who feed us. but that doesn't make any sense, does it? i don't know. i'm still in the information-gathering stages, and will certainly keep you apprised as to what's going on. but here's what i know so far: something that wears a lot of pink shirts has been garnering a lot of attention lately, and seems to scream or cry a lot, sort of like a person.

and it seems to take lots of naps like a cat, which would make sense - though i haven't seen a lot of the standard grooming habits going on. so there isn't enough evidence to support this new addition being a kitten. more information as it develops....

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

yay! we got a kitten!

things have been weird around here lately, and then i realized it's because we must be getting a kitten! i've always wanted one, ever since i was a kitten myself. it's about time. so they brought the kitten home today - everyone has been making such a fuss over it, but i haven't even seen it yet. i want to play with it, and bat it around, like punch bats me around. it'll be good to be the bigger cat for a change.

so many different people have been coming by the house to see the kitten, which i find odd, because we're strange creatures, and don't usually like company. i know that my brother and i tend to scurry away whenever we hear the doorbell. maybe this new kitten is more social, i don't know.

i wonder where this new kitty is. i will go prowling around the house tonight to see if i can find it. i have already looked in the usual spots (near the food bowl, under the coffee tables), and haven't seen anything. i will keep you posted, of course.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

taking care of business

the other day, punch and i were involved in a routine mutual licking session, and fortunately, the cameras were rolling.

click on the photo to watch the video on

that's about it for now....going to go nap or something. tomorrow maybe i'll write about my latest catnip experience. i was trippin'.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

feed me!

feed me feed me feed me feed me feed me feed me feed me feed me feed me feed me feed me feed me feed me feed me feed me feed me !!!!!!!!

man, i'm hungry. meow! the people have taken to only feeding us at certain times of the day. that does not suit my aloof, carefree nature. so i think i will run around like a maniac until something is done about this.

it's funny, because even as i type this, i know what'll happen: i'll start to bother them, i'll try and get attention, they'll just want to pet me incessantly, then i'll go sit in my chair and fall asleep. so i will last another few hours until i'll really need food again.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

maybe i could do police work

so, now that i'm three, i think it's time for me to get a job. and i've been putting some thought into the kind of jobs i could do. one thing that came to mind is a couch and mattress tester. i would imagine that the people who make this furniture would want to make sure they're comfortable for sleeping, and i could certainly do that.

then again, i only weigh something like 12 pounds, so maybe they need something heavier. ok, i'll put that on my "B" list. what about a chef? i've always loved to cook. well, i've never done it before, but i imagine that could be fun. a little poached salmon, a side of creamed mouse ears, that could be delightful.

i've also considered being a police cat. i know there are police dogs, so why not cats? i bet we could be as helpful in tracking down criminals, if not more so. i offer many services - in case the siren doesn't work, i could meow loudly out the window of the cruiser. or if we're trying to sneak up on a bad guy, i know my paw pads wouldn't be heard, and then i could pounce at the last second! and if we were trying to catch a fish thief, i could track down the scent, and share in the spoils when we got him. i think that's how it works, right?

i'll keep considering other job options - for now, i guess i'll just stick around here and be a house cat.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

reflections on turning three

so, my birthday was the other day. i think it was pretty normal - long periods of rest interrupted by intermissions of eating, and a boisterous catfight with my brother in the evening. and it occurred to me, what does it mean to be three years old? i've been through so much in my life, but at the same time, i know there's so much i have yet to experience.

i would like to spend some time outdoors in the coming year, during which time i would like to make my first kill of a live mouse or bird or something. and i'd like to get a kitten of my own, you know? i'm tired of being the youngest around here.

anyway, hope you celebrated my birthday this year - and if anyone out there is my age, or even older, then i'd be happy to hear any advice about what to expect in my fourth year of being a cat.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

morning vignettes

i look out my window onto a grey morning. a bird flits by. a light breeze blows a branch around, and it catches my attention. but i am not interested in the branch, and turn back toward the spot where i saw that bird. but in the process of doing so, the top of the curtain brushes against my fur, and it startles me.

and so i decide to attack the curtain, and see what happens. i claw and bite at it, and find this fairly amusing. but it's a little too much activity for this early in the morning, especially since i have been play fighting with my brother punch this morning. oh, and speaking of him, he has wandered back into the bedroom, and has found a spot to rest on the pillow next to melissa's head. he looks so peaceful there, with his paws on her hair. if i were the type of cat that liked the closeness of people, i would surely sleep there sometimes.

but i'm not, so it's back to the curtain i was in the process of destroying. after this, punch and i will see about getting our food bowls replenished, and nap on our respective couches.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

this patch of fur needs extra licking

see this fur right above my tail? well, i guess you can't see it. but i can. and even though i had spent a good part of my afternoon grooming myself, i can tell that it's not quite up to my usual standards. it doesn't have that silky sheen that i prefer. before i set myself to fixing that area of fur, i may take a closer look to see what might have caused this inconsistency.

it might be dust or something, it's hard to tell. i napped in my chair for most of the day, and there's no dust there - so i don't think it's that. food? nah, it doesn't smell tasty. it does smell familiar though.

anyway, rather than ponder that question much further, i decided to just get to licking myself for what seems like the twentieth time today. after a few licks, and smoothing down the area with my paw, it occurred to me that the stuff in my fur was eerily reminiscent of kitty litter particles. yes, that's what it must have been. dust from my litter box. that's just fantastic - i just spent ten minutes licking cat litter.

of course, i recognize the great irony in this. but there's a different approach a cat like me takes to grooming one's self normally, and after a visit to the sandbox. maybe it's just a mental thing, but man, that wasn't pleasant for me.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

new year, fresh litter box

happy new year to all cats and friends of cats out there. another 8 cat years gone by, and here we are. i was given some catnip as part of the new year's celebration, and my brother punch and i got totally wasted on nip, it was awesome. and to start the new year off right, my litter box was nice and fresh, so i'd like to thank whoever took care of that.

and here is an odd piece of news: there is a giant penguin in my house. it is at least the size of me, and it wears a hat. it hasn't meowed or said anything, it just kind of sits there. i don't like it. yesterday it was sitting in my chair, so i was relegated to the couch. fortunately, when i woke up from my nap, the penguin was moved, and i went back to my chair. it was nice and warm, and i fell asleep for another nap almost right away.

anyway, to all my friends, may the next 8 years bring happiness and crunchy treats.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

kitty christmas

well, another holiday season is about over with....we had a mischievous and exciting christmas. on christmas eve, we were well aware that there was not to be a creature stirring - not even a mouse. So punch and i traded shifts and happily took mouse patrol. that was fairly uneventful, except for when we thought we saw a mouse, but it was just a shadow from the night light.

on christmas morning, we had some fun playing in and around the assorted wrapping paper that lay strewn about the floor. and we were given some catnip stuff - some mice, treats, etc. that would keep us busy for a while. it certainly kept punch active for most of the morning.

later on, when no one was around, we realized that melissa had left our treats in an unsecured location. i figured i'd play it cool until the people were asleep, but punch couldn't resist it. so he set to them, tore apart the bag and dug in. i guess someone heard him crunching away, because it wasn't long until the treats were taken away. punch totally gave away what could have been a sweet stash tonight.

oh well.....guess i'll go log out and get to napping, i'm a little behind on my sleep due to all the activity. meowy christmas to all!

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