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Monday, August 30, 2004

the full moon is scary but cool

everyone is asleep - eric and melissa have retreated to their sides of the bed, after their nightly attempt at cuddling gives way to a need to sleep comfortably. punch is on the dresser in the bedroom, head resting comfortably on his front paws. one paw dangles over the edge of the dresser, and i'm tempted to bat at it, just to have a little nighttime fun, but something else has attracted my attention: the full moon.

i make my way up to the windowsill above the bed, and notice the reflection of the moon in the swimming pool. the night sky is illuminated by this monthly occurrence. it is eerie to look out in the backyard in the middle of the night and see it as if it were broad daylight. i see a piece of fuzz entangled in my fur, and spend 15-20 minutes extricating it, and otherwise grooming myself in the moonlight. i'm no dog, i can assure you - but as i look at the full moon, gracing our yard with its spooky glow, it is all i can do to suppress the urge to let out a nice long baritone meow. i don't want to wake anybody, because i like having the house to myself, if only for a little while. i climb back down and go to the living room. i want to check out the view from the bay windows, but alas, the shutters are closed. i try to paw them open, but to no avail. they've got the better of me this time.

so i shall finish this journal entry and find a place to nap for a few hours. i think i saw a sock that someone dropped by the dryer. that may make a good companion for a little while.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

drinking water

if you've been reading my online journal from the beginning, you should know by now that i am no ordinary cat. another one of the things a lot of people find interesting about me is the way i like drinking water. now, i drink water the way most cats do, from a bowl that our friends eric and melissa keep full for us. it serves its purpose, and is conveniently located right next to the food bowl. but there are some inherent problems with this system. the biggest issue is that the water is pretty much room temperature, and little bits of catfood tend to float in there. it can get a little nasty. but the other thing is that usually, we get the regular tap water, which tastes pretty weird.

so i've picked up this habit where i find out where eric and melissa are having dinner, and jump on the table to get their attention. if they're at the dining room table, they usually shoo me off pretty quickly. but if they're watching tv in the living room, they're more lenient, since the coffee table is not an off limits area to punch and myself.

this evening, they were watching television, and when melissa went to the kitchen to get something, i seized the opportunity to take a drink from her glass. here are some pictures of my efforts to get the good stuff, even when the glass is almost empty.

eric thought it was pretty cute, i guess, since he snapped the shots above, and helped me upload them to the computer to share on my blog. melissa, however, was not too pleased with me, and had to get a new glass of water. it was an eventful evening!

other stuff from today - spent some time at the back windowsill, watching the back yard. there is a small garden with basil and marigolds. the flowers arch their backs toward the sun, as if calling out for attention in the late summer afternoon. a bee flies by, oblivious to nature's gift below. there is a rubber duck in the pool (for a while, i thought it was a real duck, and that sure can get you going!), and he was tipped on his side by a stiff breeze. the shadows creep across the water, as the day nears another end. i drift off to sleep, dreaming of ducks, marigolds, and my moist right paw, glistening with cold, filtered water - refreshing and tasty!

Friday, August 27, 2004

something i learned today

i feel kind of stupid - all this time, i thought the couple i live with was named 'sweetie' and 'melissa'. turns out, people often call each other by nicknames. his real name is 'eric', evidently. when the mail came today, there was a bunch of junk mail that they threw out, and one of the envelopes was left on the floor for a while. being more than just a little curious, i decided to see what it was. plain as day, it was addressed to eric and melissa. took me a little while to sound out all the words, but i got it. further investigation, and a rather enlightening conversation with punch, revealed that 'sweetie' is a term of endearment used in informal settings. punch remembered one time when they had other people over (guests, i assume, since they didn't stay too long) who referred to them by their formal names.

that pretty much makes sense - i always wondered about that, and now i think i've got it straightened out. whew!

spent some time by the bay windows today, there was a bit of wind in the afternoon, so there were some stray leaves and stuff being blown around the yard. it was kind of neat to watch, and i thought it would be interesting to be an outdoor cat. but i understand there are a lot of dangerous things out there, and it's pretty hot this time of year, so i'm probably better off. things are pretty good around here, if a little repetitive at times. But cats don't have the best memory skills, so from week to week, we still find mundane things fairly exciting. i must admit, no matter how many times eric (weird, still getting used to that name) throws the nerf golf ball, i run like a fool after it, and bring it right back to him. i'm such a sucker for that, it's fun!

that's all for today, i think - these long posts take a while to type. after all, i use the hunt and peck method. thank goodness for spell check!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

my brother bit me

punch likes to play rough sometimes, but i wonder if he knows his own limits. we were both lounging around on the dresser in sweetie and melissa's room, and participating in a mutual licking session. he's licking my head, i'm licking him, basic cat stuff. he kind of pushes me a little with his paw,which is fine, since maybe he wanted to reach a difficult spot. so i duck my head a little, and he sort of dives in and bites me on the neck! so naturally, i reach up with my paw to push him away, and he gets up on all four legs and just dives right in. ouch! not being one to take a licking lying down (pun intended, of course!), I wasn't about to just let him do that. i show him my fangs, big and white. does he back off? what do you think? nope! so he's coming in again for another shot at me, and this time, common sense being the better part of cowardice, i jump off the dresser and go bounding out of the room, looking for a safer place.

of course, punch starts running after me - he's a little bigger, and can run pretty fast. i run around the table in the dining room and leap under the wine rack. i've noticed lately that i don't fit under there like i used to - my extremities are pretty much open to attack. punch comes closer and tries to take a swing, but realizes that he can't quite reach under the wine rack, so he backs off. i take this opportunity to jump out from underneath, race toward the living room, and grab the good spot by the bay windows. by this time, punch seems to have forgotten exactly why we were racing around in the first place, and his attention (and mine) is now fixed on the street: a truck with the logo of the us postal service is making its way slowly down the street, stopping at each house for about 30 seconds. what could this be?

i learn later on that it is the daily routine called mail. people in other houses send correspondence to each other using an interstate delivery system owned and operated by the federal government. seems like an interesting method of communication! wish i had someone to write to. well, i've got this blog, so i guess i'm all set for now.

but that day's delivery of the mail brings me to a very important revelation, which i shall share with you tomorrow. i hear my bowl being filled, and i know punch is going to try and get the good spot and box me out of dinner. sigh....

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


anyone watch the olympics today? i like watching the girls' beach volleyball, and the swimming. i know it's odd for a cat to enjoy the swimming competition, but there really aren't a whole lot of sports geared towards cats. that michael phelps was something, huh? but i'm more partial to amanda beard, if you know what i mean.

by the way, sorry about all lowercase letters. the coordination required to make a capital letter just really isn't worth the hassle.

sweetie came home around 6:00, and we played for a bit. i have these little balls made of spongy stuff, like nerf golf balls, if you will. anyway, we play fetch - i bring it to him in my mouth, and he throws it all over the place. i go running like a madman after it, and bring it back, and we do this about 5 or 6 times before one of us gets bored of it. today he threw it all the way to the kitchen, and i was running so fast, when i hit the tile, i slid all the way across the floor, and nearly banged my head on the fridge.

it was cool.

then sweetie left again, don't know where he was going - but he gave melissa a nice long kiss before he left, so maybe he'll be gone a while this time? melissa is sitting on the couch watching more coverage from athens, so i think i'll go sit on the loveseat and look irresistable for a little while. haven't seen punch since this afternoon, he was sleeping by the patio doors for a bit, but maybe he's under the bed. he's moody like that.

more about the fam

ahhh...a little computer time before everyone wakes up for the day. so, where was i? i was going to tell you about my new adopted family. the other cat is an orange guy, kind of on the big side, but not a "fat cat". his name is punch. i think he was adopted too. and he is two and a half years old. he likes to bully a lot, but we pretty much have a good time. he helps lick the spots i can't always reach, you know? his favorite spots to sit are on the dresser, under the coffee table, and on the windowsill facing the back yard. that's a good spot, we hang out there in the mornings together. we also both like the bay windows in the living room - so much to look out and see!

i also live with two people, and as far as i can tell, their names are 'melissa' and 'sweetie'. melissa is a woman in her late 20's, and likes going to the gym, and making noise in the kitchen. sweetie plays guitar a lot, and likes to play with me, but sometimes i'm not in the mood. he doesn't play too rough, but if i'm sleeping, and purring and warm, don't bother me! but in general he's a good guy, and we get along well.

today is going to be another busy day. sweetie and melissa are going to get up soon, and then sweetie is going to spend most of the day away from the house. melissa works on the computer, so i have to log off before she needs it. i'll spend part of the morning chasing dust in the sunlight, then i'll be exhausted and take a nap by the bay windows. when i wake up, i'm sure something will catch my interest outside, so i'll probably do that for a while.

i think i hear stirring in the next room - gotta go!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

i saw a bird today

sitting in my usual spot by the bay windows, a bird, nice and plump, came to a rest right in front of me, next to the rosebush. i craned my neck to see if i could get a better look, and fluffed my tail up pretty big, but the bird didn't seem intimidated in the slightest. damn this window! i just wanted to reach out and grab that thing, and really show it who was boss. but reality reared its ugly head, this time in the form of a half-inch piece of glass, allowing me to see so much of the outside world, but never letting me get close enough to touch it.

but i'm getting ahead of myself, aren't i. hi there - thanks for taking the time to read my blog. my name is pratt, and i'm a 2 year old domestic cat from mesa, arizona. to the best of my recollection, i was born in an apartment in phoenix, and since there were 7 cats in the litter, they had to split us up. i ended up at the county animal shelter, and i never did find out where they all went. oh well - that's life, right? after just a week there, i was adopted by a family of two people and a cat. i'll post more about them later, but right now, all this typing makes my paws tired.

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