Site Meter cat about the house: September 2004

Thursday, September 30, 2004


there is a moment that exists at the midpoint between potential and kinetic; between possibility and realization; between past and future. it is at this moment that i feel most vulnerable - when the cat i am changes into the cat i long to be, and when i put my faith in the power of the possibility to achieve new heights.

of course, i am referring to my ever-strengthening ability to jump from place to place. as you can tell, i am about average size - maybe 12-15 inches tall, and about 30 inches long, if i don't fluff out my tail too much. however, there are places that cats go that far exceed their reach - from the floor to the dining room table, from the bed to the dresser, even from the couch to the loveseat. our ability to reach places far beyond our height is truly amazing sometimes. but it takes a lot of courage, i think.

when i am in pouncing position - on the edge of the bed, looking up at the tall dresser, i know i have been there dozens of times before. i know i can reach it. but there is always that moment of hesitation - i question if i am truly prepared to take this next jump. are my hind legs squarely on the bed? am i ready to land with my front paws, and swing my back paws behind me, as i land? can i keep my head up, but my eyes level with my target?

for some cats, it is a physical exercise. my brother punch is a long, muscular cat. for him, jumping is part of what he does instinctively. for smaller cats like myself, i think it is more of a mental exercise - readying one's self for that moment when you are in mid-air, having leapt from your safe perch, and about to arrive safely on the dresser. sometimes when i land, i look back at where i have jumped from, and am in awe of the sheer distance i have traveled - not just the physical distance from the bed, but a personal sense of achievement. no longer am i afraid to take the risks that come with being a cat.

one of the more interesting jumps is from the bed to the windowsill, when there are people sleeping. i certainly don't want to wake them, because they will want to pet me and play with me. in the early hours of the day, i like to sit there and watch the sun rise. so the challenge of jumping over their sleeping heads is one i take very seriously, as the success or failure of my jump can determine my fate for the next twenty minutes.

quite a long post today, and my paws are feeling a little strained. off to stretch them a bit, probably by bracing my claws against the side of the couch, and stretching my back. hope i don't get sprayed with the water bottle!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

burnt whiskers!

i awoke from a nice long catnap this evening, and the house was pretty dark. i'm accustomed to walking around in the dark, so i pawed my way through the living room, and could see a faint light in the bedroom. eric wasn't home, but melissa was in bed, reading. and on the dresser was a glass jar, with a little light inside it. i think it was a "candle". the light flickered back and forth, and i think it smelled like cinnamon. naturally, i was curious to go and see what the fuss was all about.

i jumped up onto the dresser, and the light grew brighter. i could also tell it was getting warmer as i got closer to the candle, but i didn't attach any particular significance to it at the time. in retrospect, it is pretty clear that if i had understood what was about to happen, i might have backed off.

i went to touch the glass, and i felt the heat on my paw. i quickly removed my paw, but was still curious about the flickering light. i inched closer, went to look inside, and all of a sudden, i could smell the distinct smell of singed whiskers. i was on fire!

well, not really on fire, but it felt like it. i jumped off the dresser and ran out of the room, and hid under the coffee table. i didn't want melissa to see what i had done. i tried to lick my whiskers, but if you've ever tried to do that, you know it's not the easiest thing in the world. i went to my food bowl, and then i had a great idea. i got a drink of water, but sort of brushed my whiskers through the water, and it helped soothe them. much better! i liked looking at the candle, so i went back in the bedroom for a few minutes, and sat on the bed and watched from a distance for a little while, until i fell asleep.

Monday, September 27, 2004

another catnip incident

there is a new toy at home - it is a bunny foot and a bell attached to a string, and tied to a stick. the bunny foot is laden with catnip, therefore making it irresistible. melissa spent some time tonight teasing us with it. i'm not entirely sure if it was the catnip, or the nonstop motion of the toy that made it so fun. at one point, she was twirling it around and around at a very high speed, and we would try and bat at it, but couldn't quite get it. a couple of times i was able to get the string caught in my claw, and then i could bite the bunny foot while inhaling the nippy scent. but she would take it away again and resume waving it just out of our reach.

it can be quite mesmerizing. we just sat there for a minute or two, watching it spin around, and our heads moving back and forth as we tried to follow the motion of the bunny foot. we both got quite dizzy! eventually, though, punch decided it wasn't worth the hassle, and i was on my own. at this point, i was kind of revved up for it, so i started leaping in the air to try and catch it. it was pretty comical, i guess. i think i almost twisted the wrong way. when i fell, i almost sprained my tail.

after a while, it was back to the front window to try and shake off the dizzy high i got from this activity. still a little woozy right now, as i type this. it was fun, though!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

ha! i found it!

the fish bowl is back on the counter today. i have been looking for it for a few days now, and just when i was about ready to give up on my search, or forget that it existed altogether, there it is, just where i had left it. i wonder what happened to the fish - why was it gone all of a sudden, and why is it back?

but far be it from me to look a gift fish in the gills, i would rather rejoin my pursuit of the fishiness than continue to ask questions. so up on the counter i went, oblivious to the rules of the house, of course, and proceeded to dip my paw in and taste the water. the fish saw me, and i think he recognized me, since he swam down to the bottom of the bowl and hid behind a plant. but i saw him there, and went around to the other side of the bowl to remind him of my prowess. as you may recall from my last post, i have been practicing my pouncing. this skill proved a mite useful here, as i was able to sneak up on the fish. however, this was a captive audience, and i still have to be able to reach all the way in and claw him at just the right time.

i still have a long way to go before i perfect my underwater hunting skills, however. it seems that when i try and swat at the fish, my paw moves slower in the water than through regular air. i don't know why that would be - they're both clear, so it should be the same. more investigation and testing is required.

i'd better log off now - i think i'll go and sleep for a few hours and get up later, as the night is still young. young fish, you will be mine!


Friday, September 24, 2004

i lurk in the shadows

it is late afternoon. punch is asleep under the coffee table, and eric and melissa are out somewhere. and i'm bored. i did spend about 30 minutes with a stray piece of string, but eventually got tired of that. i just had a nap about an hour ago, and dreamt of a mouse, pinned on its back in a trap, tiny arms flailing about. i bat its tail for fun, then a fluffy left hook to his head, and -

- and i woke up hungry. so here i am, wandering around, and i started to play a little game. i would pratice my pouncing skills by creeping very quietly up to a corner, pretending there was another cat waiting to ambush me. i would be very quiet, pawing my way across the carpet. i peek one whisker around the corner, and then all of a sudden, pounce onto my prey.

it was good practice. i think the next time i catch my brother looking the other way, he may be in for a little surprise. i can beat him at chess, and one of these days, i'll be able to hold my own when we play-fight. i think i will go to the window and look out onto the street for a little while. perhaps a bird or two will visit, and provide some inspiration for more tasty dreams...

Thursday, September 23, 2004

favorite sounds

just a little list today - i only have a few minutes, i think punch is going to wake up soon, and start chasing me.

  • the sound of catfood being poured into my bowl
  • birds chirping outside the bay windows
  • the pitter patter of my paws on the tile floor
  • silence late at night, so i can go about the house as i please
  • the sound my claws make as they rip carpeting to shreds
  • a bag of kitty treats being shaken in the next room
  • rain on the rooftop
  • eric's guitar playing, as long as i'm not asleep (punch used to be scared of the guitar - i never was. i tried to play it once, but got squirted with the water gun.)
  • the garage door opening, knowing that food is coming soon
  • purring. i am a sucker for my own purring, as silly as that sounds
  • tv commercial for meow mix (though we eat purina, i think)
  • wind howling through the trees in the back yard
  • the little "bing" sound the computer makes when you make it angry

i'm sure there are more, that's all i can think of right now. tonight i think i will sleep on the chair in the family room, then maybe log in again early in the morning. not much else going on around here - it's been a quiet week. i might just lay on my back and stare into space for a while, and hope someone comes around to rub my tummy. that's always good. then i will work on my new project, which is to try and figure out how i can make the water come out of the fridge by myself. if i stand on the counter next to the fridge, i can almost reach the little spout. once i do, i can probably start the water flow - but am not sure if i'll be able to drink it at the same time. one step at a time, i guess. i'll keep you apprised of my progrezs.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

the internet is a safe place for cats

i've been spending a lot more time on the internet than i used to. for one, i couldn't figure out how to use the mouse properly until i was about 1 and a half, in august. my brother kept confusing it with the other kind of mouse, but i didn't have that problem. when i first starting using the computer, i was chasing the mouse cursor all over the screen, because it looked so inviting. but i figured out that it was moving because either myself or eric was causing that to happen, and i settled down a bit. i still occasionally bat at objects on the tv screen, if i can't figure out what is making them move.

(a note on cat ages: i know that people tend to say that "1 year equals 8 cat years", so it will make us seem older when we are 12 years old. i don't personally subscribe to that theory, so for all practical purposes, my second birthday will be in february. i may register at petsmart.)

anyway, there are a lot of sites that are not suitable for young children, or cats. but in my explorations on the web, i haven't really found any. every so often i'll see a link, click it, and when it asks if i'm 18 or older, i just say no. but the sites i go to aren't what you would call adult-oriented. they're mostly cat oriented. perhaps i will show you my list of favorites one day. but for now, i just wanted to let you know that if there was any general concern about this particular cat being exposed to inappropriate sites, i hope those fears are allayed. eric has helped me make sure that i am staying on sites that are cat-friendly, and that i am not giving out any personal information that isn't on an encrypted or secure server. eric takes care of me very well in that regard. we're a good team!

Monday, September 20, 2004

late bloomers

when the sun begins to peek through the palms in the morning, i usually make my way from wherever i was sleeping that night (last night it was the loveseat in the living room) to the bedroom, where i watch the sun rise from the windowsill. this morning i noticed that the cactuses in the back yard have little flowers on them. cactuses usually flower in the spring and early summer, but here it is, almost "fall" (as if there is a "fall" in arizona), and there are flowers on the cactuses. for the brief moment between the calm of the sunrise, and the part of the morning where my brother comes racing in like a maniac and bites me, it was nice to notice them, and appreciate their beauty, even at this late point in the season.

i'm getting used to punch chasing me, and every so often i try and fight back a little. although we're both technically full-grown cats, punch is a little bigger, stronger, and faster than me. so when he chases me, it is usually with the intent of biting me on the neck. he puts his paws around me and tries to pin me to the ground. sometimes i can kick back with my back paws and fight him off a little. usually this scenario ends with us running into the dining room, and with me cowering under the wine rack. i hope i don't grow too much more, or else i won't be able to fit under there!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

we tried playing chess

this afternoon, punch and i decided we would try and play chess. melissa and eric brought home a lovely chess set from a trip to mexico, made of black and pink onyx, and hand carved with mayan pieces. we don't really know the rules, but we've seen eric play with it a little bit, so i thought i could show my brother how to play.

here he is considering his next move:

...and here i am, making a move. i am attempting to move the queen's knight to F3, but it is more difficult than i anticipated. i certainly don't want to knock over the pieces, as they seem fragile. so i am trying to be very careful, and move the pieces very slowly.

soon, however, punch's attention drifted elsewhere. today was a rainy day, so he went to the bay window to look outside. while i was still interested in playing chess, i figured, that's enough chess for a cat for one day, and joined him in the living room. later that day, we chased a stuffed mouse around, and bothered melissa to feed us, even before it was time to.

Friday, September 17, 2004

aw, snap! she moved the fish

well, just when everything was going so well, my new friend is gone. the fish that was residing on the kitchen counter has been moved. i'm still looking for it, but for now, it seems that i must focus my attention elsewhere. and i was getting so close to catching him, too. i would sit in front of his bowl, ready to pounce. when he swam up near the top of the bowl, i would reach in with my paw, to try and catch him. he was very good at detecting when i was ready to strike, so he was very fast at swimming back down to the bottom again. but i was patient; i could wait all day for just the right moment.

but now, i seem to have lost the battle. i believe it was melissa who moved the fish. i've tried to be extra nice to both her and eric in order to obtain information leading to the whereabouts of the fish, but no dice. it doesn't seem that either of them are giving away any secrets. this morning, i was on the dining room table, looking around, and eric caught me. we're not allowed on the tables, apparently. but in that short expedition, i was unable to locate the fishbowl.

so my search continues....

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

birds, robust and ripe

the birds on the patio, looking quite plump, were picking at weeds when punch and i noticed them this afternoon. i like to watch the late afternoon sun come in through the trees in the backyard, sitting on the windowsill behind melissa and eric's bed. when i saw the two birds, i meowed to let punch know that he should join me for this viewing.

i don't know what they were picking at weeds for. don't they eat birdseed? in any case, that was not my focus, as i'm sure you could guess. punch decided to go to the family room and watch through the window of the back patio doors for a better view. but he looked so silly, standing on his back paws, front paws on the window. i had melissa take a picture, so i could post it here for you to see - i'll have to remember to post it later!

while all of this was going on, eric came home from work, and wanted to play. he found me and began to bother me, then he picked me up and brought me to the family room, as if i was his own personal plaything. to be quite honest though, i didn't mind being cuddled today. though i was a little jealous of punch being able to concentrate on those juicy looking pigeons. if only we could figure out how to open the door! working together, the two of us could surround them and try and surprise them with sharp claws before they could fly away. we would tear into their feathers, and chew on their wings...

here's a little secret: if i actually caught myself a bird, i'm not entirely sure what i would do with it. i have ideas in my head of how i could handle the dismembering and consumption of a bird, but applying those ideas in a practical setting may be difficult. perhaps i'll learn how to do that someday. after all, i'm not even two years old yet.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

weather in the gulf coast

as far as i can understand, somebody named ivan is causing some hurricane weather to threaten the safety and livelihood of many in the southeast united states. well, i wish he would stop it. i'm not what you would call a big traveler - i'm pretty much confined to the house, of course. this is my fourth home - i was at the place where i was born for just a few days (to the best of my feline recollection), then at the county shelter for about three months, then to an apartment with eric and melissa, then we all moved to a house several cat-years ago.

anyway, my point is that there is this nasty weather in the region of the gulf of mexico, and while i'll probably never visit there, it would be nice to at least have that option, if i ever become a traveling cat. i suppose i could join a traveling cat show of some sort. i do some tricks, such as playing fetch with my playballs, and reaching my paw waaaaay up for a treat when eric is holding one above me.

sorry this is such a short post - i'll try and write more later.

Monday, September 13, 2004

late night meandering

this evening i was lying on my back in the family room, paws in the air, and looking at the ceiling fan going around. i did that for about 20 minutes, then went to go eat. i was a little dizzy from that, and probably shouldn't have eaten right away. i left a "present" for eric near the litter box. i would have liked to make it all the way into the litter box (ours has a cover, so it's like its own little room), but it was not to be. my apologies to whoever took care of that.

i heard the tv on in the living room, so i meandered on over to see what was on. nothing about cats, as far as i could tell. i stepped up to the ledge at the bay window, but the shutters were closed. i tried pawing one of them open, but i was unsuccessful. so i laid my head down and was about to fall asleep, when my stupid brother comes bounding up to me and bites me on the ear. punch, i was trying to take a catnap!

apparently he wanted to play, so we went back into the living room and fought over a stuffed mouse for a little while, and then ended up chasing each other into the bedroom. it was at this point that punch heard someone in the computer room, so he thought he'd check it out. he likes to sit on the ledge above the desk when melissa is working - i swear, that cat has an unhealthy attraction toward her. now that his attention was elsewhere, i intended to go back to the window and find that nap again, but the big comfy chair in the family room looked inviting - so i snuggled up, and here it is, early morning, and the house is quiet, and all mine! this is the life.

here i am in the big chair:

Saturday, September 11, 2004

petting and scratching - some tips

i'm pleased to report there has been no update on the fish - he has not been moved from his spot on the kitchen counter, and i have been drinking from his bowl on occasion. i wonder what would happen if i drank all the water, and the fish couldn't swim around like fish are wont to do? i would research that, but i have limited research skills.

the chair in the family room has become a favorite perch of late. sometimes i sit on the back of it, paws down along the part where a person would rest his head. it's a good view, and i know that if melissa or eric were to walk by, they might give me a little pet. i'm not opposed to that now and then, i just want to make it clear that i like to be petted on my own terms - not at their will. i also use the chair for a good napping place when i'm sleepy. it is a warm place to sleep, and since there is little room for more than one critter at a time, i am unlikely to be disturbed by eric, who often tries to join me when i am sleeping on the loveseat in the living room. i do like those pillows, though.

spent most of the morning in the chair, went to go see how the plant in the living room is doing. it looks like it's beginning to grow again, which means it's almost time to start destroying it. i used the scratching post for a few minutes, since no one was around. when eric and melissa are watching, punch and i like to use the loveseat as a place to scratch, because we know it drives them crazy. but our goal is not to ruin their nice furniture, so we'll keep our claws sharp on the intended scratching post. but it's just one of those things we like to hold over them, as the cats that we are.

that's all for now - i think i'll watch the sunset by the front window, and maybe a bird or two will wander by. punch saw some birds in the back yard earlier, and was quite mesmerized - i'l ltry and post some photos tomorrow.

Friday, September 10, 2004

i found a fish!

spent the morning chasing dust in the sunlight. since the house gets a lot of morning sun, you can see a lot of dust in the air that you don't normally see. and i know there's no point to trying to catch it, but i can't help it. i see things floating around in the air, and i just want to reach out and grab it with my furry paw.

i noticed some sun was hitting the kitchen counter, and i know i'm not exactly allowed up there, but i figured i'd just go check it out for a few minutes. so i hopped on up there and tried to catch more dust, when i noticed a nice full bowl of water sitting on the counter. what an excellent score! i dipped my paw in, and took a taste. it was very good! quite refreshing too. so i took a couple more sips of this newly-found water, when i noticed some movement in the bowl.

something blue was swimming around! i took a closer look, and realized i had struck gold - a fishbowl! with an actual fish in it! i think it noticed me, since it started fluffing up its fins, the way i fluff up my tail when i'm scared or angry. i could sympathize; after all, i was about twenty times the size of that little fish, and i'm a pretty formidable looking cat.

while i pondered my next move, i heard movement from the living room. eric walked into the kitchen and saw me on the counter. i tried to act like i was just sunning myself, and that i didn't notice the fish. but i think he was on to me. he made me jump off the counter, and i scampered to my corner of the dining room, under the table. eric made sure the fish was ok - i just hope they don't move the bowl. i hope to have lots of fun with my new discovery!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

brushing my teeth

it appears as though eric is remembering to brush our teeth more regularly these days. the past few nights, he's cornered me and just when i thought he was just trying to pet me, out comes that little red toothbrush. how i hate that thing! punch doesn't seem to mind as much, but I can't stand having eric stick his finger in my mouth, with that malty-pasty stuff all over the tiny brush, and rub my teeth and gums until i bite him.

the funniest part is that he thinks that if he gives me a kitty treat afterwards, i'll just be his friend again. sorry, it's not that easy! i can get a treat any time i want, just by rolling around on the floor and looking adorable.

punch and i were sleeping in the family room tonight - he took the couch, i was on the nice big comfy chair. it was maybe 3:30 in the morning, and eric is wandering the house - i think he was getting a glass of water. naturally, he stopped to pet both of us, and woke us up. that's going to throw off my entire sleeping plan today. so i figured, as long as i was awake, i'll log in and post some notes. back to bed soon - i hope to get a little nap before it's time to see the sun rise at the back window with punch.

now, if i can only remember to go under the bed around 9:00 tonight, i can avoid that little red toothbrush another day.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

catnip - the day after

for all of you readers who wonder if cats get headaches, let me assure you that occasionally, we do. i woke up today with my head pounding right through my fur. i don't think it was a direct result of the catnip, but rather, what we do when we're under the influence of "the nip". i have some recollections of chasing my yellow playball underneath the dining room table, then attempting to play soccer with punch around the table and chair legs. i believe it was around this time that i hit my head.

so i guess i brought this on myself. anyway, i managed to get to the food bowl this morning, and back to the bay window to check out the daily happenings on the street. i guess i fell asleep, because when i woke up, it was already a little dark out. must have slept the whole day!

tonight was interesting, it was really windy outside for a while. you couldn't tell so much from the front window, but punch was at the back door and i went to see if anything was going on back there. it was quite cool - the streetlights behind the neighbors' house provided just enough light to see the palm trees swaying, and some of the stray leaves being blown across the yard. a few went into the pool, where there were little waves forming from the gusts.

after a while, it settled down some, and my head was feeling better, so i brought a blue playball to the bedroom to see if eric or melissa wanted to throw it down the hall for me. they were watching tv but played for a little while. i was real careful to not run into any walls this time. it's a little quieter now, i'm going to go chew on whatever's left of the plant in the living room, then go sleep for a while.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

whooooo.....i'm on a catnip benderrrr

hi.,,,,,,,,,,,melisiasz bought some catznip todayu and opunch & me got iynto it for a liitle while. we tore up soooome stuf and messed around for a coupla hours, ya know> runnin atround th hoiyuse like a couple of messd up catzs, i tell ya. think we ruined some of ericand meidliisa's sutff, and am sorrrry hbout that. will replace stuffffif we can,,,,,,,,tho were cats and dont reaalyl have lots of $$$ to spendd on sutfuff like that. i tjynnhik, that punnnch uis lsleeepin it off now whictgh is where i shoulded be i gues,,,,,,,oh man ithis stuff iiiis areaalyll getting to me!!!!!!!! lotsa nip i tell ya. NIP!!!!! HA!!! cant ttraalfluy seathe compuytger screen clearely soi gotta go i think,becuskze i gottta busszsy day gktomorow i tiyhkn. sleetping & eatjnig, and birdasaxz to watch at the baaayhyy window. love themp birds!!

oohhhh, thinvk i'm guionnna puke now.....l,...cee ya later, pra5ttttt

Saturday, September 04, 2004

shag carpeting

sitting in my spot in the corner of the dining room today, i was thinking about the differences between the tile floor here in the dining room, and the shag carpeting in most of the house. now, being a cat, i'm bound to know the ins and outs of a house better than the owners. after all, i'm here more often than them, and i spend more time closer to the floor than they do.

sometimes when one of them walks in from the garage, i'm on the floor in the living room, on my back, sort of rolling around. they mistake this for me being happy to see them, and wanting to be rubbed and petted. nothing could be further from the truth. i'm using the shag carpeting to scratch my back, since i'm too lazy to reach back there sometimes. and they walk in on me, and think that my little cat world revolves around them finally coming home. if it makes them feel loved and important, i guess it's not so bad - but to keep the record straight, it's really more about them serving my needs, and not the other way around.

on the other hand, the tile floor in the kitchen and dining room is good for keeping cool on hot days. the house has a southern exposure, and the living room and bedroom can get quite warm in the mornings. punch and i often retreat to the cooler parts of the house, and the tile can feel good on our paws. sometimes he takes a spot on one of the dining room chairs. i go to my favorite corner. this afternoon, melissa was washing the tablecloth, so punch thought he'd go and sit right on the dining room table. eric squirted him with the water bottle.

our food and litter box area is near the washer and dryer, and i think that's mostly because it's easier to sweep up anything we might track around, rather than pulling out that noisy vacuum all the time. doesn't matter to me - i'm the one who makes the mess, i don't have to worry about cleaning it up.

back to the bay window in the afternoon - we had a late afternoon rainshower, it was interesting to watch the front yard, all the trees blowing. the neighbors had their palm trees trimmed today, and there was palm bark blowing all over the street. after that, i ate, took a nap in the corner of the bedroom, and let eric pet me for a little while. he got out the little red kitty toothbrush, and that's when i made myself pretty scarce for the rest of the evening. i hate that stuff!

ok, that's all for today! feel free to leave me comments, i'll share them with punch.

Friday, September 03, 2004

a glorious autumn day

ah, the september morning sun. there may be no better feeling in the world than lying by the bay window, letting the early fall sunshine warm your fur. as i roll over to look outside, i squint my little eyes, and look out onto the bright day. this is my second september, and i bet it's even nicer than my first one, though i don't remember for certain. the bush in the front yard could use some trimming, but there are juicy, ripe birds everywhere, not a cloud in the sky, and i haven't a care in the world.

well, maybe just a few cares. for one, i haven't eaten a thing in almost three hours. and punch seems especially in the mood for romping this morning. he seems pretty intent on tackling me and trying to bite the scruff of fur behind my ears. that's ok; i don't think it will spoil this glorious autumn morning.

i make my way back to the window, after fending off punch for a little while, and outside, i see a couple walking down the street. is it eric and melissa? i don't think so - i'm pretty sure this is a weekday, so eric must be at work all day. oh, and i can hear melissa in the computer room. so that must be one of the neighbors, catching some sunshine. i would love to go outside and maybe they'd pet me - but alas, i am an indoor cat. i know it is mostly for my own safety that i am relegated to the comfort of these walls.

but the bay windows allow me to experience unlimited freedom, vicariously through the people and wildlife that pass by. i stretch my paws out, un-fluff my tail, and drift off - to sleep, perchance to dream.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

morning fun

got up around 6 this morning, punch and i watched the sun rise from the windowsill above eric and melissa's bed. but we were feeling a little feisty, so we didn't stay long. went out to the living room and chased each other around for a while, then melissa was up and checking her e-mail, so punch went in to hang out with her for a bit. he likes to sit on the shelf above the desk and just watch her. i think he's got a crush on her! a 2 year old cat, liking a grown woman that way, that's just weird!

eric wasn't up yet - his alarm clock hadn't gone off, so i amused myself for a while. i heard him stirring, so i brought in a yellow ball for him to throw. we did that for a while, then eric started petting me repeatedly, instead of throwing the ball, like we agreed. but then i heard melissa picking up the food bowl, so off i went! but punch beat me to it. i eventually got my turn at the bowl, and then punch and i romped in the living room for a little while. we were both asleep by 9:30, it was quite a morning.

slept on the couch for a few hours (lost track of time), then went to the bay windows to check out the street activity. nothing doing there, so it was back to napping. melissa left for a few hours, and punch is preoccupied, so i figured i could get some computer time in without being interrupted. hmm, what is this? looks like masking tape, but it's much bigger, and silver in color. looks good for playing with. gotta go!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

dead bug in my fur

sorry that there won't be any philosophical waxing in this post - i spent much of today preoccupied with a fly that somehow entangled itself in my fur, and tried to get it out. most likely it was already dead, and laying on the ground somewhere. i tend to roll around on the floor a lot, so i may have just rolled over onto it. i get stuff in my fur all the time, but usually i can just shake it out, or it will come out with the grooming i do every few minutes.

but this one was a tricky little fellow. first of all, it was in the most inconvenient spot for me - just above my right "shoulder". when i try to lick it, my tongue doesn't quite reach. and when i try to lick my paw and reach for it, no dice. so i figured i'd have to enlist the help of punch.

punch is a great brother, and we have a lot of fun together. sometimes he'll want to play, and i'll be napping, but most of the time, i don't mind. sometimes he can get a little rough (see "my brother bit me" from last week), but i think it's just because he's a pretty big cat for his age. big-boned, or something. anyway, one thing about him is that he's not always quick to understand what i'm getting at. between the two of us, we know one word, and forty thousand inflections of that word, so things can get confusing. it took a while for him to figure out that i needed assistance in removing the unwanted visitor from my fluffy mane, but once he understood what i was asking, he immediately went to task:

you can't tell from the photo, but i was very pleased with the outcome. i am now freshly groomed, and can go and roll around on the floor some more! i'll try and write more later!

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