Site Meter cat about the house: October 2004

Saturday, October 30, 2004

my favorite paw

i was examining my paws this evening, and noticing the subtle differences between them. now, if i was to pick my favorite, it would certainly be a front paw. the back paws are very utilitarian, as they provide a stable support system, as well as the strength for running and jumping. but they're all the way in back near my tail, so i don't see them as often as i see my front paws. and frankly, i think front paws are cuter in general.

so between my two front paws, i would have to say i like the left one better. there is an awkward looking bit of fur that sticks up on the right one, and no matter how much i lick it, it always sticks up that way. the top view of the left one is much more streamlined, but doesn't lose that fuzzy quality i prize so highly.

the bottom view of the paws only further supports my decision. the left paw has softer pads, and the claws come out just a teency bit quicker than on my right paw. that matters a lot, in times of great stress. if my brother were to lunge at me, i can quickly expand my claws in an effort to intimidate him. that extra half-second really helps a great deal. as for the fur between my toes, i think both paws are about equal.

so in essence, they're both pretty good, with a slight edge going to the left front paw for one minor aesthetic quality, and one minor advantage in claw speed. i will try and post some close-up photos so you can judge for yourself. right now, though, i'm going to bed.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

testing something

eric bought me some voice recognition software, i want to try it out.

meow meow mreow, meow meow. miaaaaaow, meow meow meow. meoooow, meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow mrrrrrrreow. meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. meeeeeeowwwwwwrrrrrrr, meow! meow meow meow.

meow, meeeeow, meow meow meow. meow, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, meow meow. meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meeeeeow.

yay! it works!

hi, everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

it's raining me and dogs!

really, i think that's a stupid expression. but it rains so infrequently here in arizona, i just couldn't resist. it means that it's raining quite heavily, but quite frankly, i've never seen pets falling from the sky. it just doesn't happen. and the other problem i have with it is that cats and dogs don't really spend that kind of "quality time" together, you know? dogs do their thing, we do ours.

anyway, punch and i watched it rain from our spot at the bay window, and i fell asleep to the gentle pitter-patter of the raindrops on our roof. when i woke, it was still raining, and i didn't know where punch was, so i thought i'd go and find him. i thought he'd be napping on the dresser in the bedroom, but when i got there, he was actually walking around on the bed, intentionally stepping on eric and melissa in the process. he sort of nuzzled up to one of them, and made them turn over. one of them reached to pet him, and punch seemed to like that.

but then he saw me, and we play-fought for a little while. i think eric woke up during that, and wasn't too pleased we were using his bed for this activity. he shooed us away, and i spent the rest of the morning running around the house like an insane kitty on methamphetamines. then later on, i ate and slept - if you look at my profile, you'll see that these are two of my favorite activities - i try and do them every day!

anyway, i hope you're enjoying the weather. stay dry!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

a kitty headache

i had quite a night. first, i was romping with punch in the living room, and hit my head on the coffee table leg. these things happen, it was no big deal. but i was startled by it, so my first reaction, naturally, was to run like a maniac into the kitchen, hang a right at the cabinets, and slide right into the washing machine, nearly spilling the contents of my food bowl along the way.

had a little snack, and was about to sleep it off, when i felt something grab me from behind. it was eric - and he was armed with the little red kitty toothbrush. oh, how i hate that thing! he already had punch on the bed, and put me there, but i squiggled and squirmed away, and ran and hid under the dining room table. he chased me for a bit, but then gave up. but then he tricked me a few minutes later, by shaking the bag of kitty treats he keeps stashed in his nightstand.

so i come wandering into the bedroom, apparently having already forgotten about the previous ambush attempt. and eric grabs me, pins me down on the bed, and starts brushing my teeth. i didn't want to use my claws to get away, but my best natural defense mechanism (biting) was pre-occupied with the brushing. i tried to push away, but eric had me down pretty good. i tried shaking my head back and forth, but that only succeeded in getting cat toothpaste all over my whiskers.

finally, eric finished, and let me go. i was kind of annoyed at this point, and went to go to the water bowl, but punch was already there, so i had to wait. instead, i slinked off to the stripey chair to take a little nap. hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Monday, October 25, 2004

the dvd player is taunting me

i was sitting by the bay window this evening, minding my own business, when i heard a whirring noise. i looked up, and out of the corner of my eye, i noticed the dvd player - the drawer where you put the dvd's was moving. i have seen this before, and it gets me every time. it was sliding out all by itself, and then all of a sudden, it stopped.

it seemed like it was suspended in mid-air for just a moment, and then it started moving again. at this point, i got up and walked over to the entertainment center to see what was going on. punch was on the loveseat, and did not seem interested. he was licking his tail. anyway, i looked up at the dvd player, with the tray in the "out" position, and all of a sudden it started moving in. it went all the way back into the dvd player, and it just stopped again.

it was at this point i heard one of the guys on the couch laughing, but i'm not sure at what. i paid no attention, as i was focused on this phenomenon. more laughing from the couch, and the dvd tray started moving again. i'm not positive, but i think eric or melissa might have found a way to control it from all the way across the room. and i think they were teasing me.

but i can't prove it. it doesn't matter, i was mesmerized. the tray moved in and out a few more times, then it flashed a couple of lights, then went dark. and so i returned to the spot by the window, to look outside at the arizona night. i'll figure out that dvd player one of these days. mostly, though, i like the whirring sound it makes.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

a morning nap

the autumn sunshine streams in through the window, and feels warm on my fur. i roll over, paws in the air, and squint my eyes. i think my eyes naturally dilate, but i'm not really educated in that sort of thing to know for certain. my tail is fluffed up, and lying straight out on the floor. it wags just a little bit. i'm not that fond of the word "wag", as it is really a term reserved for the actions of a dog's tail, but without a better word for cats, it will have to suffice.

i notice a little bit of dust, or some crumbs or something, on my right front paw, probably from earlier, when i was hiding under the wine rack. so i begin licking it. once i extricate the unexpected visitor, i return my attention to the sunlight. i decide to just close my eyes and enjoy the warmth of the day. my paws are kind of all sticking in all directions, it must look a little odd to anyone passing by.

later today, i think i will work on my project to open the drawer in the kitchen, where i suspect some bags of kitty treats are secured. then there will be a short nap on the couch, followed by a much longer nap on the couch. for now, though, i think i'll get up and check out the food bowl. i don't want to sit too long in the sun, i am afraid of melting.

Friday, October 22, 2004

litter box reform

we, the undersigned, are petitioning to have an overhaul in the litter box policies of our household. as cats, we are relegated to use the facilities of the litter box, regardless of when the last time its contents were scooped, or regardless of the condition of the aforementioned litter box.

we demand litter box reform. we would like to see the contents scooped no less than once every other day, and to have a full replacement of litter once every fortnight. we will make the following concessions in return for this condition. we will wipe our paws before exiting the litter box area, and do a complete licking of all areas that would affect the comfort or enjoyment of any cuddling or nuzzling we initiate within one hour of litter box entry.

we feel the present litter box conditions call for immediate and thorough consideration. for the health, well-being, comfort and overall happiness of all parties involved (feline and human included), we hope this matter can be resolved without future protest.

pratt, on behalf of myself and my brother punch.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

i am a halloween cat

it's late at night, and i'm enjoying the autumn weather. i pressed my face up against the window, and it felt cool on my whiskers. it's nice to bask in the october moonlight, knowing that if i sleep late tomorrow, my fur won't be too warm from the sun. it'll be just right. of course, there are times when i like to sleep in a sunny spot on the floor, but only for short periods of time.

punch is sleeping on the dresser, and both of the guys (melissa and whatshisname, the other guy) are asleep too. so the house is mine for a few hours. i would watch tv or raid the fridge, but i'm not interested in either of those activities. i watched the fish for a little while, and i think i saw a shoebox with no teeth marks on it. it must be new, i'll have to go check it out.

oh, and there's something new to look at outside the bay window in the living room - a big black and purple flag or something, and it has a couple of bats, a ghost, and a cat that looks just like me! i can't believe halloween season is on us already. this will be my second halloween, but the first in the new house, so there will be local kids we can scare. i will probably sit in the bay window and arch my back in the classic halloween black fuzzy kitten pose. i shall fluff my tail up big, and maybe even hiss at trick-or-treaters.

anyway, the flag is cool, because not only does it bring out the spirit of the season, but it also flaps in the wind. so i can just sit and watch it for a while, and see how the moonlight hits it, and makes the cat's eyes all scary looking.

off to prowl the house for a while, then i'll find a corner to sleep in. ok, i better log off now, i'm getting cramped paws.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

an important admission

i have been denying something to myself, and to all of you, for quite some time now. and it goes against much of what we are taught as kittens, but i am over 1½ years old now, and it is time to admit what i am certain to be true.

i like being petted.

that's right. i act all aloof, like it doesn't please me at all. i act like i don't go out of my way to be accessible for petting, whenever the guys want to pet me. but the truth is, i enjoy it. i like to roll over on my back and have them rub my tummy. i like walking back and forth next to eric when he's watching television, and have him run his hands through my fur, and i fluff up my tail all nice when he gets to that part. then i turn around and let him do it again. i am a particularly fluffy cat, so my fur tends to get a lot of static electricity. if it wasn't for petting, i might just stick to the wall, especially when it's humid!

however, i still maintain that i don't like to be picked up and held or cuddled. i don't mind being petted; but i need to have my own space on the couch, floor, bed, or wherever i happen to be. sometimes (like this morning), i jump up on the bed and just sort of flop over on one side, and let melissa or eric just pet my fur. and the purring - oh, i can't help myself! i just rev up like a motor, and purr to my heart's content.

so there you have it - a statement in writing from me that says i like having some alone time, like all cats, but when it comes down to the things that matter, i need to be petted on a regular basis. so i make myself available for this when i can.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

calling all pet journalists

just a regular friday evening - laid by the window licking myself while the guys watched tv. i browsed through some of the other blogs on this site, and there is some weird stuff out there! someone from japan, another who likes flying kites or some such nonsense, but i didn't see any other pets who have blogs.

so i had eric change one of the settings to allow readers to comment on this blog, and to let me know if there are any other pets out there who like to write. any cats, birds, hamsters, whatever. i doubt there will be any dogs who do this sort of thing, as it requires at least a little bit of intelligent thought to accomplish such a task! and i doubt there will be any fish, since it's very seldom they leave the comfort of their fishbowl to log on to the internet. and if anyone else out there would like to drop a line, feel free to do so.

all is quiet now, since it is very late. i found where melissa moved the fishbowl, so i will continue my quest to catch the fish. because as we all know, he won't be blogging anytime soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

biting my ears

watched the debate with the family tonight - eric on the loveseat, melissa and punch on the couch, and i was sitting on the guitar case, that eric apparently hasn't put away yet. i wish he would leave it open, so i could sit inside. it's really soft and fluffy in there, much like myself.

anyway, we watched debate, but i'm not sure i understood most of it, seeing as how i'm a cat. after that, i think they changed the channel, i went to visit the food bowl for a bit, then off to the bedroom to get the good spot on the dresser before punch did. he was kind of in a feisty mood tonight, and was play fighting kind of fiercely. he had both his paws around my head, and tried to eat my ears. not cool, punch.

by the way, i thought i'd mention that punch stuck his paw in a lit candle today. melissa was right there to stop him from hurting himself too much, but how dumb do you have to be to stick your whole paw in there? you're supposed to sort of sniff at it first, then when you get too close, you burn your whiskers. that's how it's done. anyway, punch is fine, no harm done, just got a small case of the overly warm paw. and even though he's dumber than me and sometimes bites too hard, i still love my big furry brother.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

my tenor meow will not be heard

the voices of cats across this great nation will be silent on november 2, the day americans go to the polls and select their President. but in 2004, cats are an unrepresented part of our society. perhaps someday, we will be considered equals, and be granted the vote we deserve.

tomorrow, the third presidential debate will be held in the town next to where i live, and i would like to know where the candidates stand on issues important to cats like myself. do i get to choose my own vet? is declawing covered by my insurance? can a cat even get insurance? can i declare a tax deduction for unconsumed kitty treats, if i donate them to the pet store? how about longer waiting periods for adoption centers before they have to turn over kittens to the county shelters?

and there should be incentives granted to families who adopt kittens instead of dogs. the argument of which is the better pet is best saved for another day, but i think you know where i stand on this issue.

i hope you watch the debate, and vote on november 2. remember to keep us cats in mind when selecting your candidate!

Monday, October 11, 2004

sharpening my claws

not much going on today - woke up around 10, played with a sock for about 45 minutes, and then spent some time grooming. there was a claw that needed some sharpening, so i spent some extra time on that. i have a very particular method i use, where i bite off a good part of the claw, and leave it on the couch. then i alternate between chewing on the claw, and sharpening it on whatever is closest - typically furniture, or the carpet.

after a while of that, i deemed the claw ready to go, and set about my day after a brief nap. i spent part of the afternoon watching the world pass me by through the bay window, and part of it looking for my fish, which i believe has been once again relocated. i also furthered my efforts to create a plan to open the "utility" drawer in the kitchen, which i believe to be the location of a bag of catnip, along with some unopened kitty treats.

then it was back to the bay window later on. as we get further into autumn, the sun sets a little bit later each day. today, it was almost dinner time before the day's last golden rays touched the saguaro cactus in the neighbor's yard across the street. when the last light reflected off the mailbox, and gave way to another arizona evening, i made my way to the food bowl, where i found punch, and decided to try out my new claw on him, with a playful left jab to the midsection.

i knew i'd pay for that one later, and sure enough, i earned a bite mark right on my neck after dinner. but all is well now, and once i finish typing, i will make it up to him with some licking in the spots he can't quite reach, and we shall retreat to our sleeping spots of choice for a few hours. tonight, the stripey chair looks especially appealing.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

the enemy approaches

a lazy sunday afternoon - spent a while napping on a guitar case in the living room, but ended up by the bay window, sleeping for the rest of the day. though it was a nice day out, and i would have enjoyed watching the street. but after being up most of the night, play fighting with my brother, and i had a big breakfast. then eric gave us some kitty treats, so i was pretty much out
like a light for most of the afternoon. i'm okay with that; i had nothing special planned.

later on, as I was looking out the window, something walked right by me. it was a dog! he stopped and looked inside. was it going to live with us? so many questions entered my mind, all at once. we regarded each other through the window, and i fluffed up my tail, in an effort to demonstrate that the front yard was my territory. i was hoping that this dog didn't know that i was strictly an indoor cat, and that i had never even set paw in the front yard, let alone made it my territory.

after a while, the dog wandered off, apparently losing interest in our encounter. i watched him walk down the sidewalk, across the street, and into the back yard of the house of one of our neighbors. so that answered that question - it was not a new member of our family, but just a visit from one of the local pets. i will try and convince eric to let me go outdoors one of these days, so i can find out more information. i promise i'll always come back!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

water supply

lately i have been concerned with the quality of the water in the city of mesa. now, eric and melissa give us filtered water, from the tap in the refrigerator. this helps remove any harmful elements in the water, but it still retains the taste of regular city tap water. what's interesting is that the water tastes much better when it is cold, which is part of the reason i have taken to drinking from drinking glasses during dinner.

but i have found certain ways to make the water taste better, and more enjoyable to drink. first and foremost, i recommend drinking from a fishbowl if at all possible. not only is it fun and interesting to try and catch the fish, but the water has a slightly fishy flavor. sometimes there is unwanted fur from licking it off my paw, but that is one of the compromises one makes when drinking this way.

another method i have employed recently is to take one of our catnip-scented animals (my current animal of choice is a green mouse) and leave it in the water dish overnight. when you let the mouse steep for several hours, the water becomes much more enjoyable to drink. this morning i found my mouse on the floor - eric must have removed it, not understanding what my reasoning is. but i put it back in, and in a few hours, it should be ready to drink. until then, i'll be "gone fishin'".

Thursday, October 07, 2004

on being an indoor cat, and other musings

spent a great portion of the day by the bay window in the living room, since eric forgot to close the shutters like he usually does. he has been doing that pretty regularly, and i have been starting to take it personally. but even when he leaves them closed, i can still find a way to paw the slats open a bit so i can see outside. not much going on today - the guy across the street was working on his yard, and i saw the postal truck come by.

i also worked on my ongoing plan to capture the fish. melissa was in the computer room for a while, and eric wasn't home - so i was free to hang out on the kitchen counter and look at the fish bowl. i think the fish is on to me. every time i make a motion to reach in there, he looks at me, then swims to the other side, where i can't reach. it is times like this when i wish i was able to use a fork.

back to the window after dark. punch wasn't around much today. i don't believe he left the house, since he's much like me - soft paws, unmarred by pavement and dirt. perhaps he was fawning over melissa again. the way he acts sometimes, you'd think he wasn't neutered at 2 weeks, like me. i don't have the heart to tell him he has almost no chance with her.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

outside my window

i was awakened by a great deal of tweeting this morning. it was ironic, because i had just been dreaming of birds. so when i awoke and heard all the tweeting, i thought i was still in my dream. so there i was, on the windowsill behind eric and melissa's bed, and there were about five or six birds flying in low circles in the backyard. i quickly woke punch and we watched them eagerly. if only we could open this window, breathe in the fresh morning air, and catch us some breakfast! but we were again resigned to watching, salivating, and enjoying the view.

i am not sure why there were so many birds, or why they were chirping so incessantly. in fact, there may have been additional birds in the nearby trees adding to the noise. but i concentrated on the ones that were closest to the window. one of them came pretty close, and then he landed on the bush right next to me! i could almost....just....not quite....reach him. so frustrating! i don't know what sort of bird it is. i'm not sure it matters, though - they're all good looking to me.

it was a nice way to start my day. i will spend the rest of the morning licking myself, and noticing how the sunlight makes a shadow of my ears on the floor. i may end up chasing my own shadow for a while. then a nap. in case you're wondering, all naps are catnaps!

Monday, October 04, 2004

obstacle course

i begin in the corner of the dining room. i am ready. paws set, eyes fixed on my target. the imaginary starting gun goes off in my head - and i'm off! i scamper around the dining room table, up onto a chair, and onto the table. from there, it is a quick leap to the family room rug - back paws don't quite make it, they land on the tile floor, which is going to cost me points, i'm sure.

but i continue - into the living room, brace myself for the high jump onto the entertainment center, and stick the landing. i carefully paw my way across the entertainment center, being careful to avoid all picture frames - knocking one over would surely cost me the gold. i jump down, and it's one step to the ledge at the bay window. i don't stop for a second, and continue my course to the couch, and across the back of the couch to the loveseat. i race back through the family room and jump on the stripey chair, onto the end table, and back on the floor.

I make my two compulsory tumbles as i race down the hall, and get the spongy play ball i left by the back bedroom. i pick it up in my mouth and carry it to the bedroom.

i leave it in one of eric's sneakers, and jump onto the low dresser. onto the television, and prepare myself for the jump to the high dresser. i pause for just a second - even though that slight pause may be judged unfavorably, it is worth the slightly lower score, as i make a perfect jump to the dresser. from there to the bed, and up onto the windowsill behind the bed.

onto the nightstand, back to the sneaker where i pick up the ball again, and am flying back into the family room. i'm not positive, but i may be close to my best time ever at this point. onto a barstool, up on the counter, one look at my pet fish, and off the other side. to the food bowl, where i drop the play ball, and come racing back around the corner. my paws slip on the tile floor, it's hard to get traction, but i use it to my advantage, as i come racing to the finish, and slide right into the corner, brace my paws against the wall, and in one motion, turn around and end in my finishing pose.

my time is my second best, but the judges take valuable points off for not keeping my paws together when i tumbled, as well as the pause before jumping in the bedroom. but my overall score is good enough for the bronze medal, and so i shall strive to perfect my routine another day.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

a prayer of thanks to the catnip farmers of the world

today, eric dropped a glass in the kitchen, and it shattered all over the floor. being naturally curious, i began to wander over to take a look, and he grabbed me and shoved me in the bedroom. then he went to find punch, and a minute later, punch came flying into the bedroom as well.

we didn't really know what was going on (editors note: didn't want anyone hurting their paws on the glass, so both cats were temporarily exiled to a safe place for a little while), but after about 15 minutes, eric opened the door and beckoned us to join him. ordinarily we wouldn't bother, but the shaking sound of the treat bag enticed us. in the living room, he unveiled another surprise as well: it was a nip day! he let us have some catnip and treats, and watched us go positively batty. i was rolling around on the floor, and it felt like the whole room was spinning. there was a psychedelic tie-dye pattern swirling on the walls, and i could hear the faint echoes of what sounded like - oddly enough - a choir of monks. it was quite surreal.

i must have passed out, because the next thing i remember is waking up in the corner of the bedroom, behind the dresser, where i like to sit in the daytime. i ventured out carefully, and made it back to the living room without falling over. there was no more catnip to be had, and eric and punch were on the couch, watching some sporting event on tv. i figured i'd sit by the bay window for a little while and take in a little afternoon sun. there was a spider crawling up the window, so I smashed it with my paw, and ate it. it was quite a day!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

i fended off my brother successfully

a sleepy saturday - woke up around 4:00 this morning, wandered around the house for a little while, but didn't really feel like doing anything. didn't want to wake anyone up, and punch was fast asleep - probably under the bed, i didn't see him anywhere. the food bowl was almost empty, so i finished that off, and fell asleep on the couch.

punch woke me up later on with a couple of quick paws to the face, and then he bit me on the arm. he was in a feisty mood, but i didn't want to play, so i just rolled over, showed him some claws, and he backed off. it was a great moment, to feel like i was able to defend myself against his attacks.

early this evening, i heard the sound of the bag of kitty treats being shaken in the bedroom. it is important to note that the sound of treats being shaken is a very distinctive noise. It is different than a bottle of aspirin being shaken, or even a rattlesnake in the woods. so, having determined that it was indeed the treats and not a rattlesnake, i went bounding into the bedroom, where punch had already arrived, waiting for our treats.

but it was a trick - eric had the little red kitty toothbrush out, and grabbed me by the back of my neck, pinned me down on the bed, and began brushing my teeth. i tried to resist, but that didn't work - i ended up getting toothpaste on my whiskers, and that stuff doesn't come out easily, even with repeated licking. after eric finished me, he got punch to think he was being spared, but eventually got him too, and brushed his teeth. then we both got kitty treats, so i guess it was worth it.

Friday, October 01, 2004

a big score

a series of short meows came from the living room, waking me up from my second mid-morning nap. it seems that punch had stumbled upon a treasure trove: eric had given us some kitty treats last night, and forgot to put the bag away. And so we were faced with a moral decision: do we alert melissa and eric that the treats were in plain view, or do we rip apart the bag and gorge ourselves on them.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! moral dilemma, my tail! (sorry, just had to get that off my chest.)

...and so we set to task. punch's job was mostly biting, trying to puncture enough holes in the foil bag so we could simply remove the side of it. my job was to help keep the bag in place while he did that, and use my paw to try and get the top open at the same time. we worked on this for several minutes, and were able to get to a couple of treats. we got about 5 or 6 out of the bag, and decided to take a break to collect ourselves, and prepare ourselves for the battle ahead, knowing what reward lay at the end of this dangerous journey.

dangerous, of course, because melissa was just a few doors away, and if she caught us, it would be the end of treats for today. so we began again - quietly, but quickly. soon enough, we were able to gain access to the entire bag. it became a mad free-for-all of crunchy tuna snacking. when all was said and done, i think we got our equal share. the only remaining problem became disposing of the evidence. but after consuming far more treats than the recommended daily allowance, we both fell asleep - me on the comfy chair, punch on the shelf above the desk in the computer room.

when i awoke later today, i remembered that the job was unfinished - so i scampered to the living room, only to find that the bag was now gone. we had been found out! oh well, it was fun while it lasted. hopefully they have a couple of unopened bags they can leave out for us again soon.

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