Site Meter cat about the house: November 2004

Monday, November 29, 2004

how to destroy a christmas tree

and so the holiday season is upon us once again. this will be my second christmas, as you know - i will be two years old in february. anyway, with the advent of the season comes decorations on our new tree. melissa spent part of last evening, and part of today, putting things all over the tree. lights, and little shiny balls, and other small things. it is quite mesmerizing to look at.

punch was a bad cat today - he tried to paw one of the ornaments, and got squirted with the water gun. however, it did look like fun, so i think i will wait until later, when the people are gone, to have some fun destroying their hard work in decorating it.

note to myself: don't look directly at the christmas lights. they are bright and flashy, and if i stare too long, my vision starts getting weird and blurry. but i do enjoy the nice festive light they give off. eric spent part of the evening watching football, and i faithfully sat on the couch with him. we had some fun playing with my spongy play balls - he threw it across the room, and i would pick it up in my mouth and bring it back for another try.

at one point i was playing with it, and got it stuck on my claw. it wouldn't come loose, and finally i had to whack my paw against the side of the couch to dislodge the ball. it went flying across the room at that point, so i scampered after it. i was a sleepy cat after all that, so i went back to the couch to watch the tree and fall asleep. it's late now, so maybe i'll go and paw at the tree for a while. the lights are off for the night, so it's probably safe to try and climb it. that would be really cool!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

maybe i am an outdoor cat

ever have one of those days where you thought you were an indoor cat, and you really were, but for a few minutes, you were confused, and possibly tricked into thinking you were an outdoor cat? today was one of those days.

i woke up at my usual time (well, i have no idea, really - it just seemed like an appropriate thing to say) and laid out on the living room floor for a while, letting the sun come in through the patio door's window and warm my fur. it was off to the food bowl, and a pit stop at the litter box before going to wrestle with punch, do a little mutual cat licking, and napping again, this time on the couch.

i was awakened by the sound of the front door opening. it seemed unusual, because eric and melissa typically come in through the garage. punch and i got up to see what was going on. and believe it or not, eric was walking into the house, and i think he was carrying a tree. yes, it was a large pine tree! he set it in the corner, and went back outside. punch and i regarded this tree with some fascination. a tree, in our living room! it was like having a forest right there. i went to go check it out, and got some sticky stuff on my fur.

eric was helpful tonight - he used the brush to help get the tree sap out of my fur, and even gave me a treat. very nice! so i went back to the living room to take a walk in my new forest, and found that it was very peaceful to sit behind the tree and nap. and so i did, for several hours. it's late now, and everyone is asleep. so i'm not really an outdoor cat after all, but for now, it appears that the outdoors has come inside.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

post-thanksgiving napping

the house is quiet this evening. the people are out, and punch and i spent most of the day sleeping on the couch. there is a particular blanket that we find especially conducive to our habits of frequent naps, and it was laying on the couch in such a seductive manner, it was not long before we were both fast asleep.

here we are, napping this afternoon:

i dreamed of the birds that sit outside my window, and in the dream, they all looked like turkeys. and the glass window that separated us was not there, so i was able to reach out and grab them. but in my dream, i did not eat them - i was petting their heads, and feeding them crumbs from a stove stop stuffing box. it was very weird, even for a cat.

when i woke a little while ago, however, i immediately went to the window - and sure enough, the glass was still stubbornly in my way. it may be just as well, there didn't seem to be a lot going on outside, and it was getting dark.

tonight i will spend some time chasing the fish around in his bowl (after everyone is asleep, so i don't get caught on the counter again), and i did spy a crumpled up piece of paper on the floor that might be fun to play with for a while. then it will be off to the stripey chair to hang out for a bit:

and then perhaps back to the couch, or maybe in the corner underneath the end table for a while. it's funny that melissa and eric always sleep in the same place, and i have the freedom to sleep whereever i want, on any given night (or during the day, of course). i think being a cat is far superior to being a person.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

in which i am thankful

it appears that i have misunderstood the intentions of my loyal and loving companions, eric and melissa. i had forgotten that at this time of year is the tradition when families gather and feast upon a large-size bird. this particular bird is much bigger than the kind that perch outside my window, taunting me with their meaty wings. no, the turkey is a domestic non-flying bird. it's a good thing, too - with the size he'd have to carry around, that would be quite some effort.

and so it came to pass that the roasting pan (and stuffing mix) was indeed for the turkey, and my week has turned out much differently than i had previously anticipated. in fact, melissa gave us an extra-special treat today. when she had the turkey all ready to go, she cooked part of the innards, ground them up, and let punch and i try it. it was tasty, but had a weird texture. punch didn't really want much of it.

some guests came over (i recognized one of them, i think it was a brother of eric's), and they all sat around the table and ate. punch and i enjoyed a nice nap - he on the couch, me on the stripey chair. afterwards, we all went into the living room to watch some tv. it was a very nice evening - with some candles lit, the people all sitting around and talking, and punch and i each sitting on our favorite blankets, sleeping off the afternoon (which was, ironically, also spent sleeping).

my attitude has certainly changed. at this time yesterday, my biggest concern was, "look at the size of that baster!" and now, i offer you this sentiment: that with all of the worries a young cat can face, with all of the confusion in this world, there is much we can be grateful for. a warm, loving home, people to pet and feed us, nice comfy places to sleep, and my adopted brother punch. if i may be so bold, i will declare this a day of thanks giving - a day to sit back on our haunches and reflect on all the world has given us. the catnip we eat, the birds and mice of whom we dream, and the near-empty tuna can that melissa lets us lick: these are the little things that make each day special.

and so i hope you take a moment to be thankful for the little things in each of your lives, and pet a kitten in honor of this thanksgiving day.

good evening,

a box of stuffing?

on the counter next to the roasting pan i mentioned a few days ago is sitting a box of stove top stuffing mix. this concerns me even more than i had previously posted, as i now fear the worst for punch. it is still a slim possibility that i am wrong, and that any minute now, eric or melissa will come in here, innocently wearing gardening gloves, and snatch me away instead of my brother. but for reasons stated on monday, i believe i will be spared.

this whole incident is very curious to me. eric brushed our teeth just the other day - why do that if he will be utilizing the roasting pan in the manner i suspect? and they both have been super-nice to us, giving us extra petting, and lots of tasty kitty treats.

i spent part of the evening sitting by the bay window, peering through the slats of the wooden blinds. looking out on the street, all is quiet for now. the low-voltage lighting fixtures give off their pleasant glow. the moon darts behind a cloud, and the street darkens a bit. i heard footsteps coming, so i quickly jumped under the coffee table. but my fluffy tail gave me away. blast you, fluffy tail!

but it was a false alarm - eric grabbed me, but only to cuddle a bit, and smooth the fur behind my ears. a couple of meows and some squirming set me free again, and now everyone is asleep in the middle of this quiet night. i await the sunrise with some trepidation.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

an ominous sight

i have some very sad and tragic news to report. i fear for my brother's safety as i write this, but am not sure i have any recourse to save him. this afternoon, while i was on the counter, trying to swat at the fish in the fishbowl, i noticed something that chilled me to the very core.

a large roasting pan was sitting on the stove.

this is a pan i have never seen before, and is quite large. large enough for a medium-sized cat, really. so i can only assume that eric and melissa have had enough of one of us, and it is time to perform some sort of sacrificial or gastronomic ritual, and roast up a kitten. and between myself and punch, it is quite obvious who is the preferred cat for eating. punch is far more muscular than me, as well as bigger. i am at least 40% fur, and that doesn't roast well, i imagine. compare these two photos, and you will see that it is clear that punch is the one heading for his doom in a roasting pan.

so this is it. all week long, they've been giving him extra kitty treats, and now i understand it was only to fatten him up for their own personal feast. i wish there was some way to stop this tragedy from happening. i have grown quite accustomed to living with another cat, and will be quite lonely if this comes to pass. additionally, i may lose some respect for the people who live here, if they are truly going to roast a cat and eat it. who does that?

i will make myself scarce these next few days - and i truly hope punch does the same. perhaps if we stick together and act all cute and snuggly, they will reconsider this ghoulish conclusion to a wonderful cat and brother. how can they resist our cuteness, especially when duplicated? see below for an example.

i only hope it is not too late. i will keep you apprised of this developing situation.

Monday, November 22, 2004

apparently, i do bend that way

sunday was kind of a slow day. spent much of it asleep in various places - mostly the loveseat in the living room, while the tv was on some sporting event. at one point, i think i saw one of those panthers i was referring to last week. it was raining out this evening, so i sat on the ledge by the bay window and peered out through the slats of the shutters to watch the street. when cars drove by, they splashed a little from a puddle on the road.

later, i had found a comfortable position, and was napping, dreaming of cat toys and the like - and when i woke up, i was all bent weird. back paws were hanging off the couch, my back was all arched the wrong way, head upside down on a couch pillow, and front paws all stretched out and crossed over each other. but i tell you, it was some of the most comfortable sleep i've ever had.

my night was marred slightly by eric, who lured me into the bedroom with the gentle pitter patter of a rattling kitty treat bag. just when i thought i was getting some treats, he grabbed me and got out that red kitty toothbrush which I despise so much. despite my loud meowing of protest, he brushed my teeth, petted me, and let me go.

but now he's asleep, and vengeance will be mine. hmmmm......what to do, what to do....

Sunday, November 21, 2004

that bird was dead when i found it

today i found a small pile of feathers near the bed - but strangely, there were no other bird parts anywhere in sight. if i am wrongly accused of what must have been quite a heinous crime, it will be a tragic misunderstanding. i believe that my brother punch must be behind this. he must have disposed of the edible parts of the bird very meticulously.

here's the strange part, however: i don't think punch is capable of pulling this off on his own. certainly he has the willpower and strength to rip apart a tasty bird and eat it without sharing it with his fluffy young brother (me). but i don't believe he has the cunning or forethought to plan this out carefully, let alone keep it from me, only leaving this scant evidence behind.

no, i must dig deeper. something else is going on here. just a pile of feathers? that seems so odd. i pondered this mystery as i sat on the couch, licking myself. punch came to join me, and for a short while, we helped groom each other. he didn't seem to know anything about the feathers, nor did he seem to have that guilty look for which kittens are so well known.

the rest of the day did not yield any further clues. i took a few trips to the food bowl in between naps, and went to go look at the feathers again. i will keep you apprised of my findings in this matter.

Friday, November 19, 2004

my chair smells like a cow

hey there, just a quick mid-morning note to remind myself to mention this to eric. my usual late-night sleeping spot of the stripey chair in the family room is currently occupied by someone's big leather jacket. it's all leathery, much like a cow would be, if it was sitting right on my chair. if it was a comfy shirt, or possibly a cotton or cashmere sweater, then i wouldn't mind. but in this case, it displaced me to the couch in the living room. the couch!

but it wasn't a horrible night. spent some of it with punch on the couch, and we migrated to the windowsill in the bedroom by the time the sun rose. the birds that like to wander in our back yard were out in full force, and it was quite a nice morning, with the sun coming up slowly over the back fence, and all of the birds lined up.

naturally, the glass window is not my friend - so after a while of watching and salivating, we chased each other around a bit. oh, we also had some fun whacking a sleeping eric in the head with our tails. punch is better at it than me - my tail is more like a feather duster than a good whacking device.

ok, back to the bedroom, the tall dresser looks inviting for a nice little nap. eric, move that leather thing!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

adventures in catnip

as you know, one of my recent efforts has been to get into the drawer where the kitty treats and catnip are kept. punch and i have been working together to achieve this.

this morning, we got in.

i stood on the counter on top of the drawer, and would try and wedge my paw in there. punch, being quite a tall cat, was able to brace himself against the side of the cabinet and reach up with one paw to help in the effort. finally, we managed to wedge it open just enough so we could stick a nose in there and smell the sweet catnip goodness that awaited us.

one more push, and the drawer was open even more. i have better claw precision, so it was my job to reach in and snag the plastic bag of catnip. that was pretty easy, and i flung it on the floor. immediately, my brother pounced on it, and made a hole in the bag that we could use to extricate our newfound prize. i hopped down from the counter and joined him in the fun. between eating the catnip and rolling around in it, i was pretty high, pretty quickly. it was awesome! the floor hadn't been swept today, so there were some crumbs and stuff that got in my fur - but i didn't care. i was in catnip heaven, and it was catnippety good!

i got a little carried away, however. i jumped back on the counter and thought i could fly. i took a running leap and tried to fly across the room. the next thing i know, melissa is petting me, and i'm on the ground. i feel so good, and just close my eyes and purr. punch is still rolling around on the floor, and she's petting him too. but the bag of catnip is gone, and the drawer is now closed.

punch and i had a mutual licking session later this morning, and he's now conked out on the bed. i'm going to log out and take a nap myself, and maybe try and sneak a few treats later. don't tell anyone!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

my vertical leap is improving

usually, when jumping to the dresser, i have to jump on the bed first, then up to the dresser. but this morning, i managed to jump high enough to reach the dresser. previous jumps have been to the kitchen counter (where my pet fish is located), to the desk in the computer room (and subsequently, to the high shelf where we like to perch), and the entertainment center. but the dresser is pretty high, so this was a major accomplishment for me.

i have jumped down off the dresser several times. for example, when my brother and i are sitting up there grooming, and he starts biting, my only recourse is to hightail it out of there as quickly as possible. if i have a clear line of sight to the bed, i will go for that, but many times, i need to bail out over the side. as you probably know, cats are good at landing feet-first, so it hasn't been a huge problem. and we don't have knees like people do, so there's no additional strain from landing after a 5-foot drop.

anyway, i spent most of the day sleeping on the dresser, feeling a newfound sense of freedom. the sun hits the dresser for a little while in the late morning, so i basked for a while from my perch. tonight i drank from eric's drinking glass during dinner, then got some quality petting time. around midnight, there was no food in the bowl, so punch and i went to go bother eric, only to find him asleep. punch had no qualms about jumping on him and batting him in the face with a paw to wake him up. it worked, and we were munching away within minutes.

going to log off now, and see if i can make the high-jump again. good night!

Monday, November 15, 2004

big win for my carolina panthers!

the past several weeks, i have been watching a lot of football on tv with eric on sunday afternoons. he shouts at the television a lot, and i spend much of the day sleeping, but it's become something of a ritual for us. and while i still don't understand much of the rules or strategy of the game, i can tell you that i have grown quite fond of the carolina panthers. i am not certain what a "carolina" is, but a panther is a cat that looks a lot like me:

see how similar we are? maybe i'm a panther! i should ask eric, and see what he thinks. in the meantime, go carolina! mrowwwwwrr!

Friday, November 12, 2004

punch had an interesting day

today's post is mostly about my (adopted) brother, since something very interesting happened to him today. he was in the computer room, sitting on the windowsill, when all of a sudden, a neighbor cat appeared on the stone wall between our house and the next house. i was sitting on the high shelf in the computer room, taking a nap, but his piercing meow alerted me to the unexpected visitor.

punch got very excited, with his ears and tail at ready alert. he put a paw on the window - i'm not certain if it was to get the other cat's attention, or to see if he could paw his way through to the other side. but he meowed a couple of times, and slapped his tail hard against the window, which he typically does while gazing upon swallows and chickadees. the other cat was walking along the wall, but suddenly turned and saw punch.

apparently, this other cat was not well-schooled in the ways of feline comraderie, as it did not look to kindly upon punch at this point. melissa was watching the whole scene, and managed to get a picture of the incident. In this picture, you can plainly see that punch is just a casual house cat, observing the outside world, and the other cat is aggressively taunting him.

punch meowed back at him, but was not heard through the glass window. the other cat began to walk along the wall again, and was disappearing from view - so punch figured if he ran into the bedroom, he could see him again from the back window. unfortunately, by the time he got back there and jumped up into the windowsill, the other cat was gone. it was very exciting! later that day, we took a nap together on the dresser, and i licked his ears for a bit. he seemed to be a little down about unsuccessfully trying to make a new friend, so i figured it was the least i could do.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

on licking, and mid-day hunger pangs

spent the better part of the day napping - i was up late last night, watching the three-legged dog across the street wandering around. really, he only has three legs! i'm grateful to have all four of mine, although the back ones aren't as easy to lick all the time.

so after eric went to work, melissa was in the computer room, and punch was also in the computer room, sitting on the high shelf, watching her work, i found a nice sunny spot in some laundry, stretched out my paws and took a little nap. i woke up around noon, flattened out the fur that got all fluffy from the static electricity, and went to the trusty food bowl for a snack. but it was empty - and there's nothing that makes me get all fluffed up more than an empty food bowl in the middle of the day. if it's 4 in the morning, i can understand. punch might have hogged it all, and the people are all asleep. i can wait until morning. but in the middle of the day, there's no excuse for that.

so i headed towards the computer room to look for punch, so we could form an action plan together. he was asleep on the high shelf, and melissa was typing away. i rubbed against her leg a few times, and she petted me - which is good, but not really what i had in mind. communication can be a problem sometimes.

instead, i went to the living room to sit in the window and watch the afternoon birds. but the shutter was closed, so i had to paw it open a little to see out (these are shutters that open on the inside, maybe they're more like wooden blinds, i don't know what you'd call them). it's not as fun to have to peer out through the slats, but it still does the trick. not a whole lot of action out there, though. naturally, i fell asleep, having forgotten that i was hoping for a bite to eat.

when i woke, later in the day, i was notified that the food bowl was now full, and proceeded to do my part to empty it. a quick visit to the litter box, and back to the living room, where eric and melissa were hanging out and watching tv. they petted me for a while, and now i'm ready to prowl the house again. tonight, i think i will spend some time with my pet fish - well, i call him my pet, but i'm really just trying to extricate him from his surroundings, and tear him to shreds with a fierce claw. and if i can get into the drawer where the catnip is kept, that would be a bonus.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

a mouse hunt

one of my more recent projects has been trying to find a catnip mouse i misplaced a while back. today, i was poking through the kitchen cabinets, looking for it. i actually climbed into the cabinet, and was walking amongst the pots and pans. the cabinet door closed behind me - fortunately, i have decent night vision, so it didn't faze me.

i wasn't able to lift the lids off of some of the heavier pots, so i but i think i can assume that if one of the people around here saw a mouse in their cookware, they would "freak out". so i exited the cabinet with a basic assurance that my mouse was not there. i slept on the couch for a little while, maybe a few hours, i don't know. got up and groomed myself a bit, then punch jumped up to join me. we helped groom each other, but then he got kind of bitey. sort of an enthusiastic fellow.

with my brother in a biting mood, i had some concerns about being able to get the good spot on the tall dresser tonight. but he decided to sit on the pillow melissa's head, and i grabbed the dresser while i could. i stretched out on a shirt that someone left lying around, and got a nice peaceful rest. now it's late (or is it early in the morning now? i lost track), and punch is in a pile of laundry, and everyone else is asleep. i rolled around on the floor for a while, used the scratching post, and i guess that woke up punch, since he came running after me again. but he was still disoriented from sleep (his fur had laundry marks on it!), so i was able to sneak into the computer room to log in.

sleepy now - i think i'll watch the sun rise from the back window soon. and when eric wakes up, i'll bat his head with my paw, and see how he likes it.

Monday, November 08, 2004

the return of people!

well, i guess my worries were unfounded. i heard the garage door open just a few hours after my last post, and lo and behold, eric came waltzing through the door. his first order of business was to pet me, which was nice, and then he checked the food levels and replenished them.

neither me or punch was too hungry, so while it was an automatic conditioned reflex to come running to the bowl when we heard food being poured, we did not partake of the offering. instead, we were both grateful to have the people back, to take care of the things which cats cannot handle on their own.

i guess the lesson here is that while cats are pretty self-sufficient, and we tend to be pretty aloof around people, we understand the important role they play in each of our nine lives. and so we continue in this never-ending cycle of days and nights, sleeping and eating, grooming and romping. being a cat has never been more challenging, yet so personally rewarding.

time for a nap!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

an eerie silence is wafting through the air

another day has passed, and still no sign of the people who live here. punch and i cuddled up on the dresser last night and slept together - we've been spending this ordeal together, and have been resilient, lasting nearly three hours at a time without going to get something to eat. we figure if we never see people again, we have to make the remaining food last.

the good news was that someone must have accidentally left the cabinet open where they keep the food - so we have more supplies than we originally thought. water levels are still good, and the litter box shouldn't be too bothersome for a while. we are making it through ok. we searched the house for any spare supplies, or a note from someone saying where they were, but no luck.

so i wander through the house, not really sure of what lies ahead for us. i went to the bay window, but wasn't much in the mood to see what was outside. if i were a more creative cat, i might try and send a help signal to the passersby on the street. but i slept most of the morning. i had a small snack, then felt like romping around with my brother - but we decided to conserve our energy.

i better go now - i will type more later if i can. day three of this ordeal, and we are in high spirits.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

it is really quiet around here

ok, where did everyone go? i haven't seen anyone except punch in a long time. maybe two days, i'm not certain. and our food bowl was mysteriously overflowing yesterday morning. now it's almost empty. did eric and melissa leave us? who's going to fill our bowl later? who will answer the phone if it rings? what if someone rings the doorbell?

what the heck is going on here?????

ok, we have to stay calm. i think i will go find punch (probably under the coffee table, or perhaps on the coffee table), and we will work out a plan to survive, in case they never ever come back. i know where they hide the rest of the cat food, so if we can manage to reach up and open the cabinet, i think we will have enough rations to last a few weeks, if we don't eat it too quickly. as for water, we have a full water bowl (it's the kind that keeps refilling by itself for a while), as well as a couple of toilets, and possibly a glass of water i saw laying around. oh, and the fishbowl. i am not afraid to sacrifice our pet fish in order to survive.

i could really use some petting right now. i don't have any fleas that i am aware of, but sometimes i like to get petted really strenuously, it feels good on my furry tummy. and i don't think punch can pet hard enough. besides, we need to conserve our energy if we're going to last through this crisis. petting should be the least of our worries.

i hope they're still paying bills, wherever they are, and i hope that someone drops off some food, cause we may run out before too long. are we stranded here? is there any hope of survival? i am going to crawl under the wine rack and take a nap, and maybe it will all be ok when i wake up. i hope so. i hope to see the guys, and have them pet my fuzzy head. i hope our food bowl is enough to get us through this difficult time.

hope may be all we have left. i will keep you updated as long as i am able. i would ask one of my faithful readers to drop off some food, but i don't know where we live. just "arizona", that's all i know. i hope i am able to write you again. signing off for now.

a quiet day

i spent most of today basking in the sun by the bay window. life on the street was pretty dull today. the halloween decorations on the houses across the street are gone (though we still have pumpkins lying around), and it was a little chilly out this morning, so no one was out walking around.

i know it was chilly out, because i pressed my nose up against the glass to see if there were any birds to either side (peripheral vision is a challenge when you're an indoor cat looking outside), and it was cold to my little nose. i rubbed my nose in the fur of my side to warm it up again. while i was doing that, i noticed that some fur wasn't as well-groomed as the rest of me, so i set to task, cleaning myself.

i must have fallen asleep, because when i woke up, the sun had traversed most of the sky, and was getting ready to set for the day. i went to see where everyone was, and only found punch, lying on the bed, asleep. i didn't feel like bothering him, so i wandered into the dining room, found a spot in the corner, and sort of hung out there for a while. it's late now, and the house is quiet - and we shall begin the daily cycle all over again in just a few short hours.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

a new room!

the door to the very back bedroom was left open today. as i mentioned in my last entry, we have had an extra person staying with us, and he has been using the back room. now, i should let you in on a little bit of history: we have a family room, dining room, kitchen, living room, and two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a long hallway that is fun to play in. but at the end of this hallway is a door, and no one ever opens that door, and only rarely have i ever seen anyone go inside.

it has always been like a big secret around here: who or what is in there? why is the door always closed? does it lead to the outside world, or a secret room? our questions were answered today, when it was left open for a little while. it was punch (my brother, if you haven't been following along) who saw it first, but he was too scared to venture inside alone. so he came and found me - well, he actually woke me from a nap in the sun by the patio door. but he beckoned for me to follow him, and when i saw the open door at the end of the hallway, i understood what was going on.

so we walked up to the door, and gently pawed it open just a little bit. then punch pushed up against it with his nose, sort of nuzzling it open, and the door swung all the way open. so we walked in.

actually, we didn't see much. some boxes in the corner, a futon in the middle of the room, and a standard window, just like the one in the computer room. i jumped up to the windowsill (after doing a proper flight check, mind you), and looked outside. pretty much the same view as before. i noticed that punch was exploring underneath the futon, so i jumped back down and joined him. not a whole lot else in here. it seems that the door is left closed all the time, since they have nothing in here, and no reason to leave the door open.

my only question is, why get a house with three bedrooms if you have no use for one of them? but i am just a simple cat, and perhaps decisions like these are beyond the limits of my understanding. so i went to the bay window and took a nap.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


we have had a lot of extra people around this week. on halloween, there were some people here and they gathered around the kitchen table with a pizza (and wouldn't let me have any), and then watched a movie. the next night, a few different people came over to watch some sporting event on tv. during these times, punch hid under the bed, and i took my usual spot by the bay window.

anyway, i thought that was it - but there has been another person around here as well. i'm not entirely positive what he is doing here, though. he bears a striking resemblance to melissa, but he's a guy, and with shorter fur - i mean "hair", sorry.

i don't know if he's moving in permanently, or if he is only staying for a little while. i will keep you apprised of the situation.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

what is in this water?

this evening, the guys were watching tv, and i was playing in the kitchen with my spongy play balls. i have figured out a way to grab it with my claw, then fling my arm back and forth until the ball is dislodged from the claw, and goes flying across the room. then i go chase it, and repeat. the only disadvantage is that the direction of the ball is hard to control.

i did that for a while, then wandered back into the living room, and was thirsty, so i figured i'd take a drink from one of the drinking glasses on the coffee table. i hopped up on the table and dipped my paw in, but there was something floating in the water. it was sort of white, i had never seen it before. so i touched it very gingerly, and it was very cold on my fur. i was so confused! i tried it again, and this time it moved a little bit. there were three of these little "cubes" floating around. they were very cold, and worst of all, they were impeding my way to the water below.

unfortunately, these cold objects were too much for me to bother with, and although my curiosity was piqued, i was too thirsty to continue. so i went to my water bowl for the regular water i knew was waiting for me. i still would like to find out more about these floating frozen cubes. hmmmm.....

Monday, November 01, 2004

happy halloween!

i hope you all had a good halloween. being a black cat, i consider myself a representative of halloween. in fact, melissa carved a pumpkin in my honor:

melissa had me pose for it:

later in the day, i heard scary music playing outside the house. i believe eric had set that up to scare away evil spirits. it didn't work, since repeatedly, people came knocking on the door. melissa was able to fend them off with hershey bars and reeses peanut butter cups. my job was to wait by the front window, and when i saw someone coming, to run like a whirling dervish into the family room to let them know we had unexpected visitors.

punch was very scarce all night, he was hiding under the bed. i think the music scared him away - it had scary ghosts howling, and chains rattling, and organ music. it went on for a while, and was wholly ineffective in warding off evil spirits. i think it actually seemed to have the opposite effect, as we had more visitors than we usually do.

it was a fun halloween (and being my second halloween ever, i think it was probably the best one!). here is another pumpkin that we carved (well, i didn't really help, but it was a family effort):

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