Site Meter cat about the house: December 2004

Friday, December 31, 2004

sorry, i don't make resolutions

and so the end of the calendar year is upon us again. this is my second new year's eve, and to be quite honest, i don't really remember my first one. i was just a wee kitten back then. eight kitty years ago (not that i really subscribe to that sort of thing, it's really more of a person invention).

i know many people, and some pets, like to make promises for the new year. they like to use the turning of the calendar as a milestone, and set personal goals for themselves in the coming year. i choose not to do this, as i feel i am achieving my goal as a housecat. there are some things i would like to accomplish, but i recognize they will come in due time.

i would like to catch this fish once and for all. i was sitting on the table tonight, watching him, all smug in his little bowl. i figured i'd just reach in and grab him with a furry claw, but don't really want to reach in too far. that would be one wet paw. so i'm still at the point where i'm just dipping in my paw, and then licking the water off. pointless, really. so i'd like to get to the next step in that endeavor.

i'd also like to be able to intimidate punch a little more. we often vie for the good sleeping spots, or the good spots in the morning sun. and sometimes, even when i get the spot i want, punch sometimes decides he wants to bully me out of there, using his size and strength as obstacles for me to overcome. he doesn't mean it personally, since we cuddle up together all the time, and even help each other groom those tough spots (like behind the ears) - but he acts like he owns this house, and i'd like to remind him that is not always the case.

that's about it, really. no resolutions to change my behaviors. i do pretty much whatever i want around here, and have no remorse or guilt about that. and that's just the way it's going to be.

happy new year, everyone!


Thursday, December 30, 2004

the law is back in town

well, i guess it couldn't last forever. debbie has been coming over to feed us and pet us, because our regular people haven't been around. earlier today (i guess it's officially yesterday now), instead of the front door opening, i heard the familiar garage door instead. and there they were, with the same suitcases they left with last week. both of them, the guy and the girl (it's been several days, their names escape me at the moment - but it's definitely our old friends).

right away, the guy came to pet me, so i found a good spot on the living room floor and just sort of flopped down and let him. it felt good. punch, as usual, ran underneath the coffee table, but i think he was glad to see our friends back in town.

however, it became evident soon after their return that our antics of the past week were no longer allowed. i got squirted with the water gun, just for walking on the kitchen counters. that seemed like kind of a harsh punishment! and i was shooed away for playing with my fishbowl, when i've invested a lot of time and effort in this particular project. so i guess it's back to the way it was, and we'll have to be mischievous when they're not around with their scolding and cat torture methods.

helper girl "debbie" didn't come over this evening, so i guess that was just temporary. hey, whatever keeps me fed is fine with me!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

more mayhem

today was another day without much in the way of formal discipline. our friend debbie came over to feed us, as she has been doing for a few days now. but most of the day was spent with the house to ourselves. and we had the kind of day only truly rambunctious kitties can have. there's a small area rug by the kitchen sink, and i use this for traction when i'm racing to the food bowl in the corner.

it's also fun to use for clawing purposes, of course. punch and i had a biting/clawing match there today - sort of like king of the mountain, but for cats. he won, since he is much larger and stronger than i. then we cuddled up on the couch for a while, no television (since we don't watch it unless there are people around), then it was on to the dining room table, where we are typically not permitted. we rearranged the neat piles of mail on the table, then nearly pulled the entire tablecloth right off!

my ear is itchy. i'm going to go scratch it now, and see if my brother will help lick it, and maybe see if there is a bug stuck in there or something. i'm sure it is only a temporary condition.

Monday, December 27, 2004

napping on the stove

i remembered the name of our new friend today. her name is debbie, and she's really nice. she makes sure to pet us when she comes over, and she makes sure our food and water are full. on christmas, she gave us extra kitty treats. she hasn't scooped our litter yet, so i'll have to teach her that at some point. i'm not certain how permanent our arrangement is. those other people have been gone a while now.

took a little nap on the stove today, and forgot to wipe my paw prints. that could come back to haunt me later. then it was over to my window for another nap, and to watch the afternoon sun take its final curtain call for the day. i was woken up by the sound of the front door, when debbie came over to take care of us. she brought the mail in and left it on the table - i may play with it later, that pile is too orderly.

right now, it's pretty late, and after i finish typing here, i'll log out and sleep on the bed, since no one else is. punch has been pretty scarce today. when helper girl - debbie, i mean - comes over, he usually runs away. but naturally, he's more than willing to partake of the offering she has left.

almost time to make some resolutions for the new year. or perhaps not. ha!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

i own the kitchen!

it's been a good week. with my people away, i have taken to roaming the parts of the house where i don't usually go. i spent some time sitting by the bathroom sink, and noticed there was another cat in the next room, through the window. it looked just like me, and copied everything i did! i hate sassy cats like that. we just sort of stared at each other for a while, then we both hopped down (at the same time, mind you) and went about our business.

back into the kitchen for a while, where i may have accidentally knocked over the cat food container that melissa left for our helper girl (i wish i could remember her name). also went exploring in some of the cabinets. i reached up to open one of the cabinets, and there wasn't much space to jump up - it was full of drinking glasses - they're like water bowls for people, you know. so i went back to the windowsill to see the world outside.

i also batted at some of the wooden spoons that stand in the canister on the counter. they have funny shaped heads. they didn't really fight back that much, so i got bored of them quickly.

it's been a busy morning, and i am off to take a nap. i also notice now that my right paw could use some grooming, and i shall tend to that shortly.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

meowy christmas!

today is christmas day, i believe. and punch and i were full of holiday spirit today. we were given extra treats by our helper girl, while eric and melissa are away. and we spent most of the day together, napping, eating, and licking together. it was one of those "i-lick-your-head-you-lick-mine" kind of days. those are nice.

i wish we could spend christmas with eric and melissa, but they're off somewhere, gallavanting about. cats like us have to stay inside and do our usual cat things. that's ok with us, there's always plenty to do.

anyway, meowy christmas to any pets out there, and hope you get all the kitty treats you asked for!


Thursday, December 23, 2004

breaking rules

i enjoy walking on furniture, where i am not allowed to go. now that my people are away for the holidays, i am feeling free to walk all over the place. today i jumped up on the kitchen counter, and just watched the family room from there, just for a different sort of view. there is a window by the sink, so i went over there to look at the back yard. from this side of the house i can see a better view of the two trees in the corner, and though there's no activity now, i bet there will be some good bird action one of these mornings.

then i took a nap on the dining room table. there was only a pile of mail on there, and i had no problem pushing it aside to make space and get comfortable. later today, the helper girl came by to feed us, and petted us for a little while. i remembered her from last time she was the substitute feeder, though her name escapes me right now. punch had shied away when she was here yesterday, but came out to say hello today.

we hung out by the family room couch for a while, then the girl left again. it smells like she has pets at her house too, maybe she can bring them over and we can all play! right now it is quiet here - punch is asleep on the bed, and i'm in the computer room, of course. i am going to log off shortly and find a resting place for a while. hey, maybe back to the dining room table, or the entertainment center, where there are fragile things i can move around.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

civil disobedience

this morning, punch and i learned that the people in the house were going to be leaving for a while. the suitcases were out, and full of clothes. looks like somewhere cold, i saw a couple of sweaters being packed. they made all the preparations to leave, and just when it seemed like they were about to head out the door, punch had an idea: we would stage a sit-in, and protest this occurrence.

not that we mind a whole lot - after all, this has happened before, and they have a friend who comes by, so we expect the same this time. but there is the aspect of having a person at our beck and call that we may miss. so punch got up on the bed, and hopped into the suitcase, and just sat there. he refused to move - as if to say, 'if you want to go out on vacation, you'll have to get me out of here first!' my job was to block the door to the garage, so they couldn't leave. one flaw in this plan is that i am of minor size, and they could just walk right past me.

so in any case, the protest didn't really work that well. eric and melissa left, and we are left with a full food bowl and an empty house. later on this afternoon, their friend came by and played with us for a while. well, punch hid under the bed. but i came out for some petting. i think this is the same girl who was here last time eric and melissa were away for a long time. so it seems like this was all well-orchestrated, and designed to pull the wool over our eyes. no chance of that, we're pretty smart cats!

i don't know how long they'll be gone though. i'll have to go and see if there is any furniture we can destroy in their absence.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

if i were an outdoor cat

there are a lot of things i endeavor to do, but many of them require one basic feature to which i have no access: being outdoors. as i have mentioned previously in my blog, i am an indoor cat. yes, this has its advantages - not the least of which is that i am more impervious to random diseases and sharp street objects. it is also softer on the paws in general. nothing like a sidewalk to rough up the pads, you know? i've heard stories of outdoor cats with paw blisters, it's not pretty.

but on occasion, i gaze out the window at the outside world, and wonder what life would be like out there. i could chase birds freely, make friends with other neighborhood cats, and even drag in random dead animals that i killed myself. i think that would be pretty cool. every so often i see another cat from down the street, just minding his own business, and have the occasional yearning instinct to be an outdoor cat - but i am resigned to live this life of luxurious shag carpeting and a regular litter box.

at this time of year, punch and i could go christmas caroling on the street. wouldn't you like to open your door to a pair of cats singing familiar holiday songs? mostly we would just meow a lot, but i would like to think the melodies would be recognizable. one never knows how the execution would go, however. still, it's interesting to ponder.

ironically, i'm dreaming of a white christmas.

Monday, December 20, 2004

you are invading my personal space!

ok, this post is a little note to my friend and roommate eric. now, we live together, and he feeds me, scoops my litter box, and is generally good to both me and punch, but there have been more than just a few times where he seriously misunderstands the relationship between cat and person. additionally, he needs to learn the signals, and respect them.

for example - if i am sitting on the stripey chair, eyes closed, paws crossed, tail curled beneath me, it is a good sign that i am asleep. take the hint, and leave me be! instead (and this happened just last night), he will invariably pet my head, and play with my tail. i can open one eye and give him my evil cat look, but that doesn't always send the proper message. and i'm not one of those particularly bitey cats, so i don't typically resort to violence when i feel like i am being unnecessarily bothered.

this morning, before eric left for his "job" or whatever, he grabbed me from my perch on the windowsill (where i was watching the sparrows by the pool), and brought me to the couch for some forced cuddling. i say "forced", as it was certainly not my idea, nor did i have a say in the decision to cuddle. but i complied, purring as i am wont to do, and allowing eric to hold me close, for just a few minutes before he leaves. he does this a few times a week, and it's not always a problem, but sometimes i'm in the middle of some activity, and can't be bothered.

all i ask is that the people who i share my nine lives with are more considerate, and understand that while we cats are here to provide comfort and amusement, we also have things to do, and just ask for a little respect.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

lazy cats

wow....i don't think i've slept that much in a long time. i think i slept all day! let's see....after a morning snack and visit to the litter box, i found a fleece blanket that i enjoy sitting on, and just sort of dozed off. i felt a furry paw on my shoulder a little later, and realized that punch (my brother, for anyone new) had joined me. we napped for a while. a long while.

eric came to bother us, and even though we were sleeping, insisted on petting our heads. kind of inconsiderate, really. i relocated to the loveseat, and punch stayed. within minutes, i was out like a light once again. later in the afternoon, i thought i would bask in the sunset, and so i found myself on the windowsill - but not for long. i was too sleepy, and nearly lost my balance. so it was back to the couch, where punch had taken over my spot. no problem, i just bit his ear, and woke him up. he bit back, and after that initial aggression, we groomed each other for a bit.

later tonight, we moved over to the family room - i took my usual spot on the stripey chair, punch under the coffee table. i got up to use the litter box, and quickly log in, but i'm headed back there now, and i assume i will be asleep in no time.

mice would be nice to dream about. dark, chewy mice.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

holiday cheer

this is only my second christmas, but i think i am getting the hang of it. i spent the better part of the morning destroying the lower half of the christmas tree, then played with a candy cane - i batted it around with my paw for a while. then i took a nap beneath the tree, enjoying the scent of fresh pine.

and there's nothing more special than spending the holidays with family. when eric saw what i had done to the tree, he squirted me with the water gun, but later on, gave me some kitty treats. there really is no accounting for the actions of people. so punch and i snuggled up on the couch, while eric and melissa watched television.

just a week left till christmas! i wonder if punch and i are exchanging gifts. and if so, am i supposed to be able to reach his stocking? or just leave his gift under the tree? i should read up on proper protocol.

hope all my readers are enjoying their christmas season! -pratt

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

some tips on eating and playing

well, i learned a lesson this morning. and since i probably won't remember it a week from now, i thought i'd share it with you. and then maybe periodically someone can help remind me of the pitfalls of eating too quickly, then romping around shortly after.

it all started last night, when i inadvertently skipped dinner. i believe i had a little snack in the late afternoon, then i went to my window to watch all the christmas lights, while my people-roommates watched tv. punch was napping on the loveseat, where i usually like to nap at this time of day. but i digress.

i ended up grooming myself for an extra long time, as there was a knot in my fur, caused by - well, caused by my extra fluffy self, i suppose. though i have a nice shiny coat, it just happens from time to time. after grooming myself, i decided to curl up on the dresser and go to sleep, since my spot on the loveseat was occupied. and so i forgot to eat before going to bed, and punch must have finished off the remains of the food bowl - because when i woke in the middle of the night, it was empty.

but i didn't fret. i'm a tough cat, and figured i could just wait until morning. certainly there was plenty of things that needed to get done, i barely had time to eat anyway. between redecorating the christmas tree again, attempting to extricate my fish from his bowl, and arranging eric's sock drawer, who has time for cat food? oh, and i was playing with a cane-shaped object with red and white stripes on it. i think it "fell" off the tree at some point, and it was fun to play with.

tonight was one of those nights that punch and i were on different schedules, so i was pretty much on my own for these activities. i was going to log in and post on my blog, but eric forgot to leave the computer room open for me. and i can't reach the doorknob. maybe in a few years when i am taller. even then i think i might need a stool.

so where was i? oh yes - well, melissa woke up shortly after the sun did, and i let her know that the food bowl was empty. it was about this time that punch stirred from his slumber, awakened by our noise. we raced to the food bowl, and melissa took the hint, and filled it. i was so hungry! i gobbled up some cat food, then punch wanted to play fight. we chased each other around for a few minutes, and i ended up under the christmas tree, where punch couldn't get me. ha! then i went back into the bedroom, to watch the morning birds from the window sill behind the bed.

however, i think i ate too quickly. that, combined with the romping, made me feel a little queasy. i thought i could make it to the litter box in time, but as i began to climb down from the window sill, i knew i wasn't going to make it. and so it happened that the cat food i had waited for so long, was not going to stay with me after all.

as i considered the irony of the situation, i saw a look of disapproval from melissa, as she went to fetch the paper towels and clean up the mess. i guess she wasn't too mad, though - i did get some extra petting, since they wanted me to feel better. and it worked - the petting felt sooooooo good on my fuzzy head, and i nuzzled right up to her, and she worked her way down toward my tail.

in closing, i offer this bit of advice to cats everywhere: if you can't plan your schedule around the food bowl, at least make sure you take it easy after eating, so this little mishap doesn't happen to you.

Monday, December 13, 2004

passing time, cat style

things were pretty quiet around the house today. spent some time in the corner, focusing on what appeared to be an insect, for about 15 minutes. we stared at each other, waiting for the other to blink. finally, i got impatient and batted at it with my paw. man, did i feel stupid - it was just a piece of dust, or a leftover crumb. mmmmm.....yep, a crumb.

after that, i didn't feel like going anywhere, so i just laid down for some rest. i felt someone (probably eric) come by and pet my head, and didn't really acknowledge him, as i was in the middle of a dream about a crippled bird, limping around, and the fear in his beady eyes as i came closer, ready to strike....

tonight, eric and melissa lit more candles for the jewish holiday i mentioned the other day. and then a sporting match was on tv - football, i think. they pretty much all look the same to me. punch and i wrestled on the couch for a little while, then i spent most of the evening by my window. the street is peaceful tonight. took a little break to come in here and log in, but i think i'll go back to the living room and rest my paws by the window until the christmas lights turn off, based on their respective automatic timers.

Sunday, December 12, 2004


it is early in the morning, and as i sit at the computer, pawing at the keyboard, i am only beginning to relax from our most recent ordeal. tonight, punch and i were locked in one of the rooms, and we couldn't get out!

here are the facts, as i understand them: eric and melissa (people we live with, as you know) came home after dark, petted us, filled our food bowl, and then melissa went to bed. eric went into the back bedroom to get something (don't know what), and we followed him in there. this proved to be a mistake, as you will see by what followed. eric turned the light out, closed the door, and went (i assume) to bed. he either didn't realize that both myself and punch were still in the room, or was punishing us for something.

either way, all of a sudden, we had no way out. at first, we didn't realize it would be a problem - we just figured one of the people would come and get us shortly. punch curled up on the floor and began licking his paws. i wandered around for a little while, then decided to stretch out on the floor and assimilate some grooming tips. after that, i was hungry, and wanted to go to my food bowl. but the door was shut, and no one had come to get us out. it was at this point that i began to worry.

the doorknob was just too high to reach for a cat like myself, and so punch and i took turns meowing, hoping that someone would hear us. finally, after what seemed like forever, eric came stumbling in, wondering what the commotion was. and so we scampered out, and headed toward the kitchen. i went for the food bowl, punch used the litter box. eric followed us, and petted my head as i had a snack. i think he was genuinely worried that we were locked in the room for so long, and he gave us a couple of kitty treats to make up for it.

it was a harrowing experience. my fur was all fluffed up, which is one of my natural defense mechanisms. i was sleepy, but on edge. not knowing when we would be rescued, we nearly had to resort to alternative strategies for escape. unfortunately, we had none. meowing our heads off was about the only thing we could think of.

anyway, all is well now. it seems like it was a simple mistake on eric's part, and i will forgive him. in the morning, i will likely nuzzle up against him and purr, as i often do. as for punch, he will probably go find a spot on the pillow above melissa's head, and sleep it off. i'm going to log off now, and catch up on some sleep!

Friday, December 10, 2004

happy hanukkah to all cats out there!

the people who i live with (eric and melissa) celebrate two holidays at this time of year. we have already discussed our Christmas tree, which resides in the living room, and is a great source of fun for me and punch. but for a week or so, we are also celebrating the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. i'm not sure i understand all the details yet, but the main event seems to be a candle lighting thing. i think it's cool, but the down side is that it sits in my window, making it impossible to sit in my spot for about 30 minutes each night.

here i am below, regarding the menorah as it is lit earlier this evening.

that's about it for now. the candles burned out after a while, and they took the menorah down from my spot, so i can go look out at the street again. tonight i think i will sleep on the stripey chair in the family room. i'm sort of in a stripey chair mood.

happy holidays to all, no matter what holiday you celebrate!


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

the neighborhood lights

and so the annual tradition of Christmas lights is in full swing in our neighborhood. i assume it is an annual tradition - this will only be my second Christmas, and i barely remember last year. so as i look out from my usual spot at the bay window, i can see down the street, where some of the neighbors have decorated their houses and front yards. one of the houses has lights all over his roof. i don't know how they did that! but it certainly is pretty.

during the day, you can't really tell anything is different. but after the sun sends its last rays through the palms at the end of the block, the street comes alive with the spirit of the holidays. and so i enjoy sitting by the window a little extra in the evening. since i am conveniently located right near our own Christmas tree, i get to take in the fresh pine scent of the outdoors at the same time as i study the different colored lights on our street.

fell asleep by the window this evening - i don't usually take to sleeping by that window, as there are softer places nearby, such as the couch, or the perennial pile of clothes in the laundry basket. but it was ok - i think my back left paw is still asleep, it feels all tingly. it makes me walk funny.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

in which the fish eludes me repeatedly

i spent a large portion of the day alternating between naps on the couch and strategizing on how to successfully gain possession of my pet fish. ok, it's really melissa's pet fish. but i have taken a keen interest in him as well. he is a blue fish in a large vase, with pretty red rocks beneath him. a couple of times, i have looked through the top and seen my own paw through the glass on the side - this can be confusing, as i lost track of where my paw was. but of course it was right there on the end of my furry arm. but i digress.

i have taken some time to get to know the habits of this fish. he doesn't do much - even less than me, on most days. you may recall that my initial strategy was to reach into the fishbowl and try and grab him. this has proved fruitless (or fishless, i suppose), as the fish is more accustomed to the aquatic life, and is easily able to escape my reach. and i don't like getting my paw too wet. but in this quest, i will sacrifice my dry fur for this finny prize.

it occurred to me that if i can see my own paw when looking through the top of the bowl, then perhaps the fish can see it too. and maybe it doesn't know that my paw can't simply reach through the glass. do you see what i'm getting at here? i will try and fool him into thinking i'm coming at him from the side, and just when he's retreating, i will reach in from the top and grab him.

oh, what a glorious day it will be, when i can hold onto this fish with my own claws, and possibly eat him. but i must practice my agility and dexterity - i must be super-quick to make this work, and i fear that if i show him my strategy before i am truly ready to deploy, then the element of surprise will be lost forever. for now, however, i will continue to use my original method, and lull him into a sense of false security.

back to the couch now! i could use a nap.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

size can be intimidating

short post tonight, as i am one sleepy cat. i just thought i'd relate this story from earlier today. it was this morning, and i was napping on the dresser. punch was basking in the windowsill. for reasons unbeknownst to me, he decided to join me on the dresser. more accurately, he wanted my spot. i was sitting on a pair of jeans that were nice and warm. so punch, being about twice the size of me, sort of nudged me over, and indicated he wanted me to move. he sort of batted his paw at me, and i got up to go to the other side of the dresser.

apparently that wasn't good enough, as he bared his teeth at me. his teeth! i mean, really. sorry if you're in a bad mood, punch, but there's no need to get mean. anyway, i hopped off the dresser and went to go find someone to pet me. eric was on the couch, and was happy to oblige.

so that's really it. my brother was in a bad mood, and kicked me off of my sleeping spot, even though i was there first. i think he's sleeping on the floor right now - maybe i'll go bother him and really fluff up my tail - think that will intimidate him?

Saturday, December 04, 2004

i saw an umbrella today

it has been raining much of the weekend, and i saw my very first umbrella. i had heard of them, but since we live in arizona, it doesn't rain very often, so there isn't much need for them. and even when it does rain, most people just stay inside. but on this particular day, eric and melissa were apparently going to be outdoors, because i saw him holding an umbrella. at first, i wasn't sure what it was. just a long pointy thing with a curved handle. but then all of a sudden, there was a little 'click', and one of the ends burst open into a giant parabolic shape. it was then that i put two and two together and realized what this must be.

but by the time i realized what it was, it was too late. eric realized it had scared me, and thought he would have a little fun with me. so he chased me around a bit, and opened the umbrella a few times. since i wasn't used to it, i was never sure how big it would get, or how close it would get to me. so each time he opened it, my tail got really fluffy, and i jumped back a bit. i ran and hid under the end table by the couch, and heard eric laugh and then he left. the garage door opened, and i heard the car leave.

so that was the end of that little drama. later today, i slept on the couch, and punch came and joined me for a little afternoon grooming session. here we are, in which i am licking punch's ear - it looks like i'm telling him a secret, but to tell you the truth, we don't keep secrets from each other. after all, what sort of secrets would a cat have?

Thursday, December 02, 2004

redecorating for the holidays

it is a quiet night. everyone is asleep, and i am alone in the living room. the christmas tree lights are turned off overnight, but still they taunt me. they reflect the moon's silent glow, and seem to beckon me near. and so i arise from my perch on the sofa, and as i draw nearer to the tree, i notice that one of the strands of lights, and several of the ornaments, seem out of place. yes, ever so slightly askew. and so i decide that these various decorations could use a little rearranging.

and so i seek the consult of my adopted brother punch. i had interrupted a catnap (ha, ha) on the dresser. he joined me in the living room, and quickly agreed with my assessment of the situation. and so we set about destroying the christmas decorations.

within minutes, we had managed to dislodge one of the ornaments, as well as "re-string" one of the strands of lights, so it was decorating the living room floor, rather than the tree. and punch found it interesting to bat the ornament around, since it was shiny and purple. unfortunately, he lost interest in our project, and so i wandered back to the sofa to watch, but soon fell asleep. by the time i woke up, our work had been reversed, presumably by melissa, who seems to be overly concerned that the tree is decorated her way. oh well, it's all part of the holiday season!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

i am not an angry cat

spent a fair portion of the morning by the tree, which is conveniently located next to my spot at the bay window. it was equally fun to enjoy the view of the birds and people outside, and play with the lower-hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree. in this photo, i am ready to strike at any moment:

as fun as it is to wreck all of the hard work taken by melissa (with eric's help) to decorate the tree, this is not about wanting to destroy someone else's property. and it certainly doesn't make me the angry type. no, this is just one of the ways in which a cat like myself can manifest power over the people we choose to live with. additionally, i think it just looks nicer when things are strewn about - but that may just be my personal opinion.

other things punch and i like to attack are the striped chair in the family room, one end of the loveseat which is closest to the entrance of the room (makes for a quick getaway when the water bottle comes out with its squirting vengeance), and punch especially likes the corner of the carpet, but i haven't really taken to that myself.

anyway, i think i will take a little nap before going back out to the living room. a good napping spot for tonight might just be in the bedroom closet, as i noticed a pile of clothes today that might be comfy.

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