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Saturday, January 29, 2005

a long throw

it poured rain for a little while today. there was also "hail", which i had never seen before, and it was somewhat scary. it was right next to my window, and i could almost reach out with my paw and grab it, if not for the window itself. the weather cleared up a bit later, though, and i went about my afternoon as originally planned. a nap in the laundry basket, followed by a spirited licking session, and capped off with a visit to the litter box and another nap, this time on the loveseat.

in the evening, melissa and eric were watching tv, and i was batting my sponge play ball around the living room, to everyone's amusement. i'm getting a little better at learning how to throw it farther. i sort of stick my claw right in the soft part, and when it's good and stuck on my claw, i whip my paw back and forth until the ball is dislodged by the sheer physics of it all. one time tonight, i managed to throw it over the coffee table, and it landed on the sofa, right next to the people watching tv! i think they were suprised at that. and i'd like to say it was intentional, but in all honesty, it was just a lucky throw.

and so i spent the rest of the evening tumbling around on the floor, looking pretty cute, and accepting extra petting. i wanted to sleep on the dresser tonight, but was bullied off by my adopted, yet much larger brother. oh, and i was yet again tricked into getting my teeth brushed. i don't know how you people do it every day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

is that what you're wearing?

really - are you going out of the house dressed like that? it has fur all over it! i've been using that shirt to sleep on for about a week now, and punch naps on it in the daytime. we both shed the regular amount of fur a cat should shed, so by now, it is pretty much covered in fur. you look ridiculous with that much fur on a shirt that is ordinarily not covered in that much fur.

not that it's my place to judge, i suppose. after all, in most circles, i would be chastised for looking like i do in public. i am quite a fluffy cat, and many would say i'm too fuzzy to go to places like restaurants and the movies. so instead, i stay inside, watching the world from my vantage point in various windows, and finding the best napping spots, and spend a great deal of time grooming myself.

it may not be much, but it's what cats do. so if you want to go out with a fur-covered shirt, that's your prerogative, i guess. but if you get ostracized for your appearance, don't come to me for extra petting and cuddles. i'll be curled up on your jeans.

Monday, January 24, 2005

feline rituals

i watched the sun set down the street from my usual vantage point at the bay window today. i was feeling a little jumpy after that, so i ran around like a maniac for a little while, for no particular reason. one of the people (eric) was watching television, and i let him pet me for a bit, and then we played fetch. as usual, he threw the ball into the living room, and i retrieved it for him. sometime i would like to try it the other way around, and have him go running after the ball. but i need to work on my throwing distance a little more. i'll try and give my throwing paw a workout and see how it goes.

i noticed a fresh pile of clothes in the closet, so i think i'll see how it holds up as a resting spot this evening. i hope to sleep peacefully tonight. eric just brushed my teeth, as he does every couple of days, and i hate it. i couldn't wriggle free, and i think i got cat toothpaste on my whiskers. so it was a stressful moment - i'm looking forward to a little alone time, you know?

that's about it for today. it was pretty much more of the same - frequent naps, followed by periods of inactivity, with snacks in between. yes, it's pretty good being a cat!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

that was a hairball

sorry i haven't posted the past few days. after the incident with punch, we were both grounded from using the computer. punch doesn't blog, but he likes playing games online, and bats the mouse around a lot. i typically spend my time catching up on the latest cat news around the world, and working on my blog.

anyway, this morning i woke up all of the people very early, but it wasn't my fault. i had spent a good portion of the evening doing some thorough grooming. but i fell asleep right after, and forgot to visit the water bowl to rinse the fur out. so i woke up coughing a bit, and i was trying to make it back to the litter box when i coughed up a nasty hairball, all over the carpet.

and my loud coughing apparently woke up eric, who went to go clean it up, then he tried to pick me up - for purposes unbeknownst to me at the time. i cowered under the dining room table, assuming he was going to scold me for waking him. but he eventually caught me, and picked me up for some soothing petting. just wanted to make sure i was ok, i guess.

so i took it easy today. more than just a few naps, in various places, and this evening, watched the sun set from my usual spot at the bay window. it's good to have my internet privileges back, so i'm going to read the news at before going back to sleep.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

punch is an amazing cat

good evening - if any of you are new readers to this journal, then you may not be familiar with my brother punch. he is a year older than me, and was adopted by our people when he was just a kitten.

now he is quite a large cat, and very athletic. he can run faster than me, jump higher, and generally pushes me around a lot. but he's a good cat, and looks out for me sometimes too. he always makes sure we have enough food, and doesn't mind bugging people in the middle of the night if they forgot to feed us.

and as i've posted previously, we help each other with the perpetual task of grooming. even with my tongue as long as it is, there are just some places a cat can't reach. and there is the old trick of licking your paw, then sort of rubbing it on your head and hoping that does the job, but it's not always effective. so having another cat around to help with the licking is always appreciated.

he's really quite a good-looking cat, too. i'm pretty fuzzy and i don't always photograph well - but punch is one of those model-quality cats you see in magazines. in fact, i would even say that -

OW! quit biting! i said you were good looking, now leave me alone! go sleep on the couch or something. you're too bossy!

(sorry, folks - punchy was in here and forced me (at "clawpoint") to type a bunch of nice things about him. i'd better go now, i'm probably going to catch it later from him!)

Monday, January 17, 2005

should i tear this to shreds?

ah, the joys of a catnip mouse. a replica of a regular mouse, but in fancier colors, and stuffed, scented, or infused with the essence of catnip. i think our people have been going light on the catnip lately, ever since my jaunt into the drawer where it is stored. but lo and behold, a light-blue mouse is here for my pleasure.

and so i bat it around for a while, clawing its felt ears when i can. i take it in my mouth by its tail, and sort of swing it around, let it fly, then go racing after it. i wait until it is almost still, after taking a few bounces, then i pounce on it, with all the fury of a cat pouncing on a real mouse. with the mouse in my mouth at this point, i take it into the living room, and put it on the ledge next to my window. i take a moment to reflect on the way the moonlight makes the houses look, and then i notice on the ledge next to me - a mouse! the very same mouse i had just been playing with.

and now the question comes before me again: what to do with this mouse? shall i store it in a safe place where my brother can't find it, or shall i finish this off right now? everyone is asleep, and punch has the good spot on the dresser (on a shirt or something), so he won't be up and about for a while. now would be the perfect time to dig into the mouse's little cloth body with my sharp claws, and breathe in the fragrant nip. but then again, i'm a little sleepy, and maybe i could hide it under my stripey chair, take a nap (in the aforementioned stripey chair), and have some more mouse tomorrow.

these dilemmas strike at the very core of catness. and so i will log off now, and consider my next move.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

my brother is a pain

today was sunnier out, and it was nice to sit by the bay window and watch the day. melissa was out in the front yard, and it looked like she was grabbing tall weeds and just yanking them right out of the ground - but that doesn't make any sense, does it? anyway, punch and i sat by the window together, and he was fixated on a bird that found a perch near his side of the window. just fixated. it was interesting to watch him staring so intently, like if he tried hard enough, the glass window would just disappear, and he could reach out and grabbed a winged treat. his tail was thumping against the window as he watched, and i thought i'd bat at it with my paw a little bit, to see if i could shake his concentration. not even that would distract him, so i went back to watching the bird as well.

he had a better view than i did, though. so i went to the couch and grabbed the good spot on the blanket, and took a nap. when i woke, punch was sleeping next to me, paws on my tail. so i couldn't get up and go eat without waking him. and so i was faced with a dilemma. do i sit and wait, hoping that he would roll over in his sleep, releasing me from his grasp? or do i attempt to quietly, stealthily free my tail from this situation, and take the risk of awakening him? if he awoke, surely he would race me to the food bowl, and he would most likely beat me there.

and so i waited. and waited. i watched him sleep, and resisted the tempation to reach out and play with his tail or whiskers. and i saw a spot of ungroomed fur above his left ear that i could attend to, but didn't want to get started on a project that i was sure would have a violent finish. punch's paws felt like a rock on my tail, holding me back. finally he went to scratch himself in his sleep, and i took the opportunity to squeeze my tail out from under him, and slunk off the couch to go about my afternoon. punch was none the wiser, and i let him sleep.

Friday, January 14, 2005

a realization about cat toys

i was taking a morning nap in the sunny spot on the living room floor, when i felt one of my play balls whizz past my ear. i opened one eye to see what was going on, and i saw eric, waiting for me to go chase it, as i am wont to do. i happily obliged, as i am a sucker for small objects that move very quickly. so i went bounding into the other room to chase it down, and it bounced off a chair and changed direction quite suddenly. but i lost interest, and wanted to go back to my nap.

however, eric then presented me with a bottle top, which he sent flying down the other hall. unable to resist, i took off. i tracked it down, and found its odd shape very interesting. i was able to bat it around, and sometimes it wouldn't go far, but other times it started rolling along on its edge, so i stopped it with my paw, and repeated the process. i then heard punch stirring about, so i went back to greet him (and to make sure he didn't take my sunny spot). eric had given him the discarded tube from a roll of paper towels, and punch was busy chasing it around and chewing on the end. it looked like fun. and it was clear that eric was in a mood for playing with us cats today.

but then i realized - aside from the play balls, most of our "cat toys" are basically peoples' trash. bottle tops and paper towel rolls? i have also chased crumpled up balls of paper, tin foil, and AA batteries. always under supervision, of course, so i don't get into any real trouble with this stuff. but i wonder - are eric and melissa too cheap to get us real toys? or does it matter? after all, we'll chase after just about any foreign object that moves. they're probably just testing us, to see if we are as finicky with our playthings as we are with our kitty treats and the like.

and naturally, we are not. after all, it's more about the activity of chasing down something, and much less about what that something is. we're just gullible that way. when i realized this, i knew it was one of those frustrating moments that made me feel like i was similar to a common golden retriever. a dog! i immediately felt the urge to groom myself for several minutes, just to feel like a cat again. that was a little better. meow!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

letters from my readers

for today's post, i thought i'd answer some of my fan mail. it's interesting, being one of the only cats i'm aware of who keep a regular blog. perhaps there are other pets who have tried, but i like posting regularly. i like sitting at the keyboard, and that it's called a "mouse" still makes me chuckle.

but on to today's question - this letter is from Mr. Whiskers, a Persian housecat from Des Moines, IA:

hello PRATT - my name is mister whiskers and i am from iowa. i wonder what kind of cat you are. some of the photos look like you are big and fluffy, but some make it seem like you are a standard domestic shorthair. can you clarify? also, what is your favorite kind of cat treat? sincerely, Mr. W.

mr. whiskers, thanks for dropping me a line. the last question is a simple one. "Pounce" makes the best treats available, as they come in a variety of flavors and fun shapes i like to crunch on. my brother punch is very picky, and will only eat specific ones (Pounce Baste'mmmms turkey and giblets flavor), but i will basically go for anything that comes my way. eric likes to make us reach for treats with our paws, and when he brushes our teeth, usually gives us a few each.

as for what kind of a cat i am, you're right - the pictures can be a little confusing. i don't really know if my breed has an official name, but i think i could be described as "medium fur". that is, not too long, not too short. i don't shed a whole lot, but if someone holds me for a few minutes, they'll certainly know i was there. i like it when eric rubs my tummy and pets my head. he likes to make me all fluffy. oh, and my tail can get all puffed up as well, and i use that as a natural defense mechanism, to scare off prowlers and large biting cats (like punch).

hope that answers your question. take care, and keep those paws warm up north in iowa this winter! regards, pratt


if you would like to ask me a question, feel free to leave me a comment below any post, and hopefully, i will be able to answer it!

Monday, January 10, 2005

in which i ponder the gloomy weather

as i sat on my ledge in front of the bay window this afternoon, i couldn't help but notice that it was drizzling again. i live in arizona, where i've heard it doesn't rain that much, but it seems like it has been cloudy or rainy almost every day for a couple of weeks.

although it seems that the trees aren't as green, or there aren't a lot of kids playing in the street, there is some other activity outside, perhaps due to the weather. i saw an insect of some sort crawling along the edge of the planter outside, and forgetting for a moment that there was a window, i instinctively tried to bat at it with my paw. i hope no one saw that, it was kind of embarrassing to just slam my paw into the window.

there was also some juicy looking birds passing by. one of them just sat on a bush for a minute and looked down the street, as if he was pondering his next move. in the distance, i heard the unmistakable call of the cactus wren, and the bird on the bush flew off to his next destination. my ears perked up as i heard the wren. perhaps he would come and visit me! and perhaps i could get my paws - claws, rather - on him. and i would take him inside, dragging him in my mouth by the wing, and show melissa and eric what i had done. and perhaps they would help me pluck him and put him in my food bowl.

but alas, the wren did not come closer. maybe i'll take a little nap and dream about the bird some more. oh, look, there's one of my play balls! i could bat that around for a bit, and pounce on it every so often. if only this thing had little feathers.....

so i think i'll log out for now and go play. thanks for reading my blog! -pratt

Sunday, January 09, 2005

i might make a habit of this

as you know, i am a kitten (ok, cat!) who is not prone to cuddling with people. i enjoy being petted, and sometimes i'll roll around on the floor and hope that someone walks along and fluffs me up a little. and i certainly like snuggling up to my furry brother punch. sometimes we lick each other, especially in the ear area, where it's hard to groom with just a moist paw.

but i digress. this afternoon, i was fast asleep on a blanket, paws stretched out, really deep in slumber. and all of a sudden, i feel a hand scoop me up, and there i am, being carried by melissa. she is attempting to maintain the position i was sleeping in. but it was to little avail, as i was partially awake by this point.

she deposited me next to a sleeping person (pretty sure it was eric, though he was napping as well), and petted me gently, in hopes that i would fall back asleep. i was reluctant to give in, but it was kind of cozy. and so i laid my head down on the sofa, snuggled up next to eric, and continued napping. like i said, he was asleep, so i don't know if he even knew i was there. in any case, i had a very restful nap, and a dream about hunting for mice in a sunny meadow made it all the more pleasant. i had almost tracked down a mouse, when i was jarred from sleep by eric, who decided to awaken and get off the couch. i would have petted him, but couldn't reach all the way up there with my little arms. instead, i sort of waved 'hi' at him just to acknowledge that yes, we did indeed cuddle up, and then i went back to sleep.

a short time later, eric was replaced by punch, who took advantage of my warm sleepy fur and we took a nap together. later on there was much chasing and ear-biting, but that's all just part of being a cat.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

i think i'm in the wrong house

this is strange - i'm in the computer room right now, and it looks the same as usual. and so does the living room, and my litter box, and everything else. but i walked into the bedroom, and it looks like someone else's house. everything looked different. i jumped up on the bed, and it just looked weird to me. so i hopped back down and looked underneath the bed, and there was punch, just hanging out.

he didn't seem to know what was going on either, so i continued walking around for a bit. i even found one of my spongy play balls next to a tall dresser. hey, that looks like my tall dresser. only it used to be over....there. is it possible that it is the same room, but everything is moved around? why would someone do that? it gets us cats confused.

the window sill is still in the same place, so that's good. i hopped up there to see if it was still the same backyard, and it looks ok. that's kind of a relief. now i'm thinking that maybe i could use a change of scenery too. what if i moved the litter box over a few feet, and put our water bowl on the other side of the fridge? that might be interesting.

then again, i might forget, and accidentally step in my water bowl on the way to a litter box that just isn't there. and my paws would be all wet, and i'd leave track marks on the tile floor. i think i'd better leave things the way they are for now!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

testing gravity

punch has taught me a new activity that i've been doing a lot lately. basically, what we do is find a small object on a counter, ledge, or windowsill, and see if it will fall to the ground when we knock it off. it's actually kind of fun. for example, there was a penny on the kitchen counter. not being a frugal cat, i didn't have a problem letting it go. so i gently pushed it with my paw until it was near the edge...and then pushed it over the side.

sure enough, it fell to the ground. but it got me to thinking - does everything do this? maybe only pennies fall like that, and other things might just stay floating in mid-air. certainly, more testing was required.

so i went into the bedroom, and lying on the dresser was a hair brush. it wasn't the brush that eric uses to brush my fur, it was something similar though. so i thought that this hair brush wouldn't fall to the ground, but sure enough, there it went. after this, i wandered around the house a bit, looking for other things i could use to test this phenomenon. after depositing several of eric and melissa's items on the floor, i felt satisfied that at least most of the time, gravity acts on objects about the size of my paw, and brings them to the ground. fair enough.

in defiance of my new discovery, i went into the bedroom and leapt from the floor all the way up to the tall dresser, and took a nap on a shirt.

Monday, January 03, 2005

various activities

today was spent mostly staring out the window at the rain, and toying with my pet fish. he was spending some time near the top of his bowl today, so i hopped up on the table to see if i could get him. he's still faster than my paw, so it took me a while before i decided to move on to other tasks. i decided to sit on the high shelf when melissa was at the computer, but punch wanted to have the space to himself. he tried to push me off, and i held my ground.

that is, until he bit my ear, and i meowed and jumped down before he could bite me again. fine, have the shelf to yourself, you selfish cat! but i quickly forgot about that confrontation, and was distracted by the heavy rain outside my window in the living room. i pawed the shade open to peer outside, and it was pretty wet. it was even wetter than my paw after playing with my fish! it was also windy out - i saw a bird try and take off, but couldn't get going in his desired direction. so he just sort of walked along for a bit, until he was out of my sight.

after a quick visit to the food bowl, i played with a shoe that was lying around, but must have fallen asleep - the next thing i remember is being petted by eric. he picked me up and brought me to the living room couch. but i jumped down and played with his shoelaces instead.

sometimes i wonder how these mundane activities take up all the time in these long days. and then i realize that i spend a large portion of the day asleep. what makes it interesting is the various places i choose to take my frequent naps. ah, the life of a fluffy cat is an easy one!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

this is tasty stuff

punch and i were sorting through the peoples' mail today, and came across some holiday cards that were sent with photos of peoples' kids or families. now, we couldn't care less about pretty photos, but we do find photo paper quite tasty. i'm not sure why, but on more than one occasion, i have taken great efforts to sort through regular, uncoated paper, to find any glossy photos. and once i find them, i just bite the corners a bit.

once we were discovered by eric, we got the water gun treatment, as expected. and so we scurried off to our respective hiding corners, while eric sorted through the damage. i am pleased to report that we destroyed no less than two holiday cards this year.

my brother and i will be pleased to receive any late holiday cards from any friends or family. we thank you in advance.

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