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Friday, February 25, 2005

O, to have a thumb! (a sonnet)

such obstacles a cat must overcome
such work it is to try and open doors
would all be moot were i to have a thumb!
to reach new heights and open all the drawers.
and once inside, i'd find the kitty treats
a bag of nip, no longer freshly seal'd
the scent of fish and other tasty meats
would all at once to this cat be reveal'd!
with claws retracted, such an easy kill
my extra furry digit does assist
and nigh, this cat may never have his fill,
i'd grow too large; unable to resist.
do i dare say i've found my only flaw?
perhaps 'tis better off with just a paw!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

late night mousing

i slept in today, because i was up all night chasing what i thought might be a mouse, but only turned out to be a crumpled up piece of paper. i had gotten confused because i heard a rustling under the coffee table. so i went to investigate, and since it was dark, it was not readily apparent what the object was. and so i batted it around for a bit.

i should note that while it is true that cats have excellent eyesight in the dark, it is not impervious to shadows obscuring the true nature of any particular object. in this case, it may have been that the shadow of the coffee table leg created the effect of a tail on this paper "mouse", even though it was slightly out of proportion for a regular sized mouse.

and so i played with my kill, and eventually knocked it underneath the end table, and in the corner where i couldn't quite reach it. some sort of boxed game or puzzle was in my way, and i couldn't move it upon the strength of just my own paws. punch was sleeping, or else i would have retained his assistance. but at this point, i wanted that mouse for myself. i finally reached back there by going up on the couch, and jumping down behind the end table from the other side.

it was at this point that the sun began coming up, and shining through my window. and when it was light enough, i noticed that the mouse i had been seeking all night was just someone's thrown away paper. embarrassed, i snuck away meekly, and curled up on the couch for a few hours. it was kind of a silly way to spend an evening!

Monday, February 21, 2005

birthday wishes and more rain

if i'm not mistaken, today is the birthday of my friend, personal servant, and roommate, eric. he is a tall guy who feeds me, pets me a lot, tries to pick me up when i'm not in the mood, and is a general annoyance, except when he is providing me with essential services. oh, and he helps me with the spellchecking for my blog. so, happy birthday! just for today, i will not destroy any furniture or mail. tomorrow, i'll be back in business.

it rained a lot this weekend. if i was an outdoor cat, i'd be sad, since it meant i'd have to stay in, or else risk getting muddy paws. but i am a perennial indoor cat, and so i spent a good portion of the weekend watching the front yard get wet. it seems that the flowers and plants in the front yard seem a little more colorful just after a storm, as if they were replenished by the rain, and are again embracing the sun. i wish i could do that. i suppose in a way i do - when the sun comes back out, there's nothing i love more than to find that warm spot on the floor, as the sun shines through, and just let my fur bake in its warmth.

but for today, it looks like more gloomy weather. it's still early, but the day is just starting to become light - and the sky is mostly filled with puffy grey cirrus clouds. i shall see about finding a nice sweater or blanket to curl up in for a while - it just seems right on this kind of a day.

Friday, February 18, 2005

a couple of accidents

i am feeling particularly clumsy this evening. today, i was involved in a few mishaps, and maybe it was just a coincidence that it all happened on the same day, but it was odd all the same. first, i was walking on top of the entertainment center (a place where i am typically not allowed to go, mind you), and my tail whacked into a picture frame. the frame fell to the ground. i don't believe it broke, but i was unable to put it back where it belonged, as i am a cat.

i was a little startled by this, and i had turned my head quickly to see what i had knocked over, and my head banged into the clock that sits there. it didn't fall over, thankfully. so i jumped down from there, and headed over to my window for a catnap (ha, get it? catnap!). later in the morning, i was drinking out of a water glass someone had left on the table. i reached in with my paw, and licked the water off of my paw. i do this all the time; it should be easy to accomplish. but this particular glass was nearly empty, and so i had to reach almost all the way in (and this is a tall drinking glass, not a little juice glass). anyway, it fell over, and rolled a few inches closer to the edge of the counter, where it rested against a spoon. many thanks to the spoon, for saving what would have been an unfortuntate accident, and one that surely would have earned me a squirt from the water gun.

this evening, eric came home from work like he usually does, and he put his jacket on the chair - usually, he puts his bag on the chair. but tonight, he put the bag on the floor. it was shortly after this that i was about to learn an important lesson in physics. punch and i were chasing each other around like maniacs, having just eaten, and needing to work off a little energy. i headed into the dining room, and under the chair, where i was safe, temporarily. he lunged at me with a fierce paw, and i hopped out of there, and jumped onto the chair. i jumped off, and that must have been just enough to send the already-out-of-balance chair over the edge. i was well into the living room when i heard it fall over.

punch and i both stopped suddenly when we heard the crash. we headed back into the dining room to see the chair and jacket lying on the floor. eric heard it too, and was in the process of picking it up. i don't think he was too mad about it, since he didn't even chastise us for running around like that.

so it's late now, and things are quiet again. i like the way the house sounds late at night - only the occasional humming of household appliances, and the clicking of my paws on the keyboard. time to go find a good sleeping spot for a while. i hope i don't break anything tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

i would make a pretty good mop

i think that if one were to attach a long wooden handle to me, i would be an excellent multi-purpose mop. you could swish me around a tile or linoleum floor, and my furry coat would pick up dust and small debris. if i wasn't asleep, i might even grab larger objects, such as pennies, with a paw, and deposit them in your wastebasket.

you could use me to reach for the cobwebs that may be lingering in the dark corners of your garage or basement. spray me with a household wood polish and slide me down the banister a few times. use my little arms to get in between chair legs and other hard to reach places. and my tail can function as a handy feather duster, for tending to delicate places, such as fragile objects on a fireplace mantle.

when you are finished, you could just take the handle off and leave me by the litter box, where i will shake myself free of all the dust i have collected, and then i will retire to the stripey chair, or possibly the dresser, where i can spend the rest of my evening licking myself, and preparing for another day.

i hope you do none of these things, but it was just an idea i had.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

reflections on a brilliant sunset

as i watched the sun set from my usual vantage point by the bay window, i noticed that the wild daisies in the yard next door are in full bloom, even this early in the season. the vibrant oranges and yellows cling to the day's last lights, and set the yard afire. i pressed my furry nose against the window, not minding the cool of the glass on my whiskers, and watched as another day gave way to another night. and then i licked myself for about twenty minutes.

i felt a shiver in my fur as the street grew dark. the daisies were barely visible, as they wilted ever so slightly, awaiting another morning. the street lamps (and the little lights by the driveway) turned on at their pre-programmed times, and i decided it was time for either a bite to eat, or a nap.

i couldn't decide which, so i just did both. that was definitely the correct decision. i slept on the dresser in the bedroom for a little while, until i was awakened by a toothbrush-wielding eric, who grabbed me, pinned me down, and brushed my teeth. i was trapped! and still a little disoriented from my nap. afterwards, he gave me a couple of treats, and i slunk out to the living room to go find something to scratch.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

i am so furry today

well, maybe i'm no furrier today than any other day. but i sat on the windowsill, basking in the sun for a while, and my fur got very warm. i had to go sit in the shade under the bed to cool off a bit. and spent some time grooming myself, and probably had a nap down there.

and then i sat on the nice cool tile floor in the dining room. it was at this point that i realized that even though the floor is very hard, i don't feel it, because of how furry and cushioned i am. i suppose people wonder how we can sit on the floor, or a wooden table, or what have you - and the secret is that our fur plays a big part in the feasability of such activities.

later on tonight, i bothered eric and melissa while they were having dinner. i stuck my paw right in their drinking glasses, just because i was thirsty, and too lazy to walk over to the water bowl. and so i drank from my paw. i probably ingested a little fur too. after doing this for a while, i hung out on the ledge by the window, then used the couch as a scratching post, and called it a night. i just got up for a little bite, and thought i'd log in. back to sleep now - tonight's sleeping spot of choice is the stripey chair, which is definitely "my" chair.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

roles and responsibilites of an older cat

well, now that i've had a couple of days of being two years old, i have had some time to think about and reflect upon what it means to be my age. for example, it is now time for me to stop taking instruction from punch (my older brother), and take initiative on my own. if the food bowl is empty, i must take it upon myself to wake up the people who feed us - and if that includes biting feet, then so be it.

as far as furniture goes, i now should feel free to rip up anything i want, and not necessarily wait for the go-ahead. i've done some of this in the past, but now i can do it without remorse or guilt.

and i understand that some cats my age are outdoor cats, and that is a whole separate set of responsibilities. however, i don't believe my people will let me out of the house. that is a bit unfortunate, as i know that there are greater opportunities in the world beyond my bay window - but until i get the approval from those that feed me, i shall remain inside. though every so often, i get curious when i see that front door open, and think about sneaking out for a bit.

but only an immature, one year old cat would do something so foolish, without considering the ramifications. i am two now, and i understand the consequences of an action so rash. no, i will stay inside, take my petting like i always have, and walk with the four-legged swagger of a cat who is twice the age he was a year ago.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

happy birthday to me!

it's early in the morning, and everyone's asleep - punch is passed out on the dresser, and the people all went to bed earlier. i'm still up, because yesterday was my birthday, and i have spent the night playing with my new cat toys, and getting wasted on catnip.

i am now two years old - yay! i'm two! i know that some people like to multiply that by eight to find out how old i "really" am, but let's face it - i'm two. just a year ago, i was only one year old. and it wasn't long before that when i was just a small kitten - here's some photos of me from when i was very young, even before i shed all of my baby fur:

for my birthday, eric gave me some extra petting, and refrained from playing rough, like he likes to do sometimes. melissa played with me for a while, with a cat toy that is basically a bunny rabbit's foot attached to a bouncy string. she would try and keep it out of my reach, but as i get older, my paws have gotten quicker, and i was able to snag it a few times. she also gave me some catnip, which was especially appreciated on this special occasion.

punch was pretty well-behaved for my birthday - he let me have the good spot on the couch for one of our naps today, and he groomed me while i was sleeping. we watched the sunset together, through the bay window in the living room. then he let me have access to the food bowl first. i bet everything goes back to normal tomorrow, but for one day, it was nice to be the center of everyone's attention! and now i'm two!

Friday, February 04, 2005

planning my day

just woke up from my second mid-morning nap of the day, and thought i'd give the paws a little workout on the old keyboard. i must admit that it's hard to sit at the computer and resist the little fish in his bowl, so i also dipped my paw in a few times to try and grab him. naturally, i was unsuccessful.

on my agenda for today (other than a visit or two to the food bowl, and a couple of naps) is to examine the shrubbery in the back yard, from my vantage point on the bedroom window sill. i imagine i will stare out the window for several minutes, imagine i am an outdoor cat, playing among the bushes, and enjoying the warm sun on my fur. perhaps i will spy a field mouse, and i will gladly give chase. if he manages to outrun me, then i will just sit on one of the big rocks and sun myself for a while.

later on, my imagination will give way to a growling tummy, a reminder that the food bowl awaits me - i hope i get there before punch eats it all!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

i saw my shadow this morning

well, for all of you winter lovers, you're in luck - i saw my shadow today! here i am chasing it around:

some of you may be skeptical, and may not want to follow this tradition if it is not specifically a groundhog that performs this annual test. but this is only my second groundhog day, so i hope you will indulge a young cat, and trust me on this one.

perhaps your concern is that i am an arizona cat, and our winters here are not harsh by any means. or maybe it's the fact that i'm specifically an indoor cat, and my seasons are measured more by my daily gazing out the window, rather than by growing my fur extra long, hibernating, or migrating, or whatever else outdoor cats do.

in any case, i hope you enjoy your groundhog day, and stay warm for the next six weeks, wherever you may be!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

close encounters of the bird kind

sitting on the windowsill earlier, i saw the moonlight fill the yard with its eerie glow. though it was nice and toasty-warm in the house, the glass felt cool on my fur. it has been an unseasonably cool winter, i'm told. as i sat there, a bird came to rest on the planter right outside the window. my initial reaction, of course, was to grab him by the wing - alas, it was not meant to be. paw meets glass, and goes no further. the bird must have noticed me, for it turned its plump little head my way, and took a step or two closer.

and so i stood up on all fours, fluffed up my tail, and hoped he might come inside. i don't know how he would do that. maybe i could trick someone into opening the door? i'll have to work on that. it wasn't possible tonight, as everyone is asleep (including punch, who is probably long enough to reach the doorknob, but alas, unable to open it with his paws). i took a step or two back, just to get a better view of the bird, and --

-- and fell right off the windowsill. i was just so focused on this bird that i forgot where i was, and just stepped right off. i managed to land on the dresser without much problem (though i think i made some noise when i rattled against the alarm clock). but when i jumped up again to see the bird, he had flown off. i just wanted one last look! instead, i headed out to the living room to see if there was anything interesting outside my bay window. after resting there for a bit, i licked myself for a while, then headed in here to log in and post on my blog. hm, maybe i'll go check out the food bowl, see what's left from yesterday.

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