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Sunday, March 27, 2005

i face my nemesis

the midday hour approaches. i have spent my morning preparing for what may be my toughest battle yet. each paw is perfectly groomed, my fur is soft and warm, and i have visited both the food bowl and litter box. i have completed my stretching exercises, and am ready to fight.

on days of challenges like this, i am not merely "pratt, cat about the household". and he is not simply "punch, the lazy but strong tabby". we have assigned each other our fighting names. he is "syracuse", and i am "batman". and the ritual begins:

at opposite corners of the living room, we pace back and forth, eyeing each other until the clock on the entertainment center strikes 12. and all at once, we are both in fight position. syracuse (so named for his orange fur) comes at me, at a galloping pace. i stand my ground, ready for the attack. with a flick of my paw, i, batman, begin to defend. a fake to the left - a quick right paw to the furry part below his chin - and knocks him back, but only for a moment.

i jump on the coffee table, ready to use the height to my advantage. syracuse isn't expecting this, and retreats to the corner near the loveseat to regain his composure. the early points go to batman. but strength and speed are syracuse's biggest virtues, and he comes back with a vengeance. he jumps onto the coffee table, and i jump off, running to the family room, where i can use my agility in the larger space.

syracuse follows me into the family room, but i take him by surprise by charging him while he is still on the tile floor of the foyer. his paws aren't ready for the surprise attack, and he slips on the tile. i jump in the air and land on his back, knocking him to the ground. he reaches a paw around, and has me in a headlock. we clutch each other, each trying to gain the advantage, and roll over each other, until we are in the family room. i extricate myself from his grip and jump up on the stripey chair - my turf, and i know he dares not attack me there.

i catch my breath, and in a bat-instant, am ready to fight again. syracuse has his tail up, ears flared back, and claws out. i'm ready for him. again i try using surprise to my advantage, but he is ready for me this time. we wrestle each other, and i am able to bite his paw in the process. he bites my ear in return, and we retreat to opposite corners yet again.

later today, we will go back to being punch and pratt, and we will probably find a soft blanket to curl up in together, licking each other's head and ears, and will take a nice long afternoon nap. but for now, i am preparing myself for the second round of this epic battle.

i close my eyes. i am....batman. and i am ready to fight.

Friday, March 25, 2005

increase your productivity!

i'm sure you are familiar with the "7 habits of highly effective people", and the associated books:

the 7 habits of highly effective people, families, teens, and maybe others:

and it seems to me that now that i am two, and have a good understanding about what it means to be a cat, that i could assist my fellow felines out there with an offering of my own. and so i present to you:


  1. clawing your way to the top: hey, the paws are great for sneaking up on your enemies, but we've got these claws, and they're meant to be used. so don't be afraid to extend a "claw of fear" from time to time. use it wisely, and you will exert influence on birds, mice, even your bully brother, if you have one.
  2. if the early bird gets the worm...: then the early cat gets the bird. and the cat that is early to rise gets the best spot at the food bowl. you and i both know that we are a sleepy bunch, and that the nap is more than just a ritual, it's a necessity, almost every hour. but to start your day off right, you need to get to that food bowl when you hear that familiar pouring sound, and not have to wait your turn.
  3. landing on all fours: your biggest asset is your paws. from functionality to showing off how adorable you can be, the paw is critical to your success as a cat. so keep them groomed, and don't be afraid to be a show-off on occasion.
  4. nine lives to live: cats are especially lucky in that we have nine lives. people only get one, and dogs don't always get even that much. but with so many chances at life, there's no reason to not take advantage of that situation. take risks, and know that the worst thing that can happen is that you go to kitty heaven, and come back the next day as the same exact cat. keep good count of how many you have left, though!
  5. meow: meow meow meeeeeow, meow mrrrrrrrrreeeow, meow.
  6. the worst-tasting mouse is the one you don't hunt: nothing is better than hunting your prey, and finally tasting that sweet mouse of victory. but if you let them run all over you, you will never achieve your full cat potential. grab that mouse or bird by its largest extremity, and give it a good clawing. that's what they're there for.
  7. sunshine on my shoulders (and ears, and tail...): take time each day to bask in the sun, and let your fur get all nice and toasty. if you're an outdoor cat, lying in the grass or near a tree can often be pleasurable. for us indoor cats, learn which windows get the best sun in the mornings, and soak it in. but don't let yourself bake too long, or else it will make you sleepy all day - and we all know there's nothing less productive than a sleeping kitty.
so that's it. in your quest to be the best cat you can be, keep these concepts in mind. it's not all just eating, sleeping, and grooming. well, it's mostly that - but being a cat can be a complex experience, and i invite you all to make the most of it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

i trapped a spider

earlier today, i was basking in the sunshine on the windowsill, when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. a bug was crawling up the wall right next to me! and so i considered it my responsibility as a house cat to rid the world of this bug, and i set to this task immediately.

my first strategy was to just reach up and try to smash it on the wall with my paw. but he was too quick, and began to get away. i quickly got up and was able to reach higher, but he took a quick left and headed toward the window. my eyes followed his every move, and my tail raised up, to show everyone that i was in pure attack mode.

a quick left paw stopped him in his tracks, and as he was about to go the other way, i had my right paw ready for him. he was able to dodge me yet again, and he got caught in the tiny crevice between the window and the windowsill. i was unable to reach in there, since even my little paw is too furry and big to get in that little spot. but i knew i had him cornered, and i could sense his fear as well. and so i decided to wait it out. he couldn't stay there forever.

transfixed on my inevitable kill, i had my paw ready for the final blow, if and when the spider decided to make his move. we stared at each other (i think) for a few minutes, and then he began to move. he climbed out of that little crevice, and i was prepared. his short life was ended with a strong paw to the exoskeleton, and i ate him in one bite.

it was time to retire to the couch for a long nap.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

how to waste an entire morning

many days, i find that my schedule is just packed solid with various things to do. whether i'm chasing shadows on the wall, admiring the neighbor's lawn through my window, or trying to avoid an ambush by punch, it seems i'm always on the go. today, however, i really didn't feel like doing any of that. punch was being a sleepy cat, because i think he was up late, scratching the furniture. i had taken a spot on the dresser early in the evening, and had a very restful night. so this morning, i was up early, and was pretty much caught up on all of my usual activities earlier than i am used to.

and so i set about finding a way to pass the time until my next nap, or until i was hungry, or until punch woke up so we could play fight. i went out to the living room, where there is plenty of room on the carpet to frolic without banging into too much furniture. there was a little bit of early sun streaming through the window, so i basked there for a bit, and let my fur get all warm. after that, i rolled around on the carpet, and got a little dusty from that, so i hopped up onto my favorite chair, where i groomed myself.

i must have fallen asleep, because i woke to someone making a lot of noise. melissa was vacuuming the carpet (probably because i left some extraneous fur there), so i retreated under the bed, so as to avoid getting sucked up by the vacuum. there are old cat legends and ghost stories about unfortunate kitties who lost a paw to a vacuum, and even a few who were never heard from again. so punch and i make a habit of hiding when we hear that sound.

now that my brother was awake, we spent the afternoon as we usually do - some mutual grooming, some play fighting, and synchronized napping on the couch. even when there's nothing much going on, the days still go by pretty fast when you're a cat!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

hey, i got a new bowl!

in my travels earlier this evening, i noticed that our standard plastic blue food bowl has been replaced with something that is far more decorative, and more appropriate for discerning cats like myself and punch.

first of all, it is ceramic. it is brightly colored, and it says "MEOW" on it with a picture of a fish. i believe the point of that is to identify the bowl as specifically for cats. that suits me just fine, and while the food that is in it is still the same food, the hourly dining experience is that much more enjoyable as a result.

earlier this evening, i was napping on my stripey chair when i heard the food bowl being filled. although i was a little groggy, i tried to scurry over there before my brother punch got there, so i could get the good spot at the bowl. it was to no avail, and though i tried to nuzzle my way in, punch wasn't having it. and so i went to the water bowl first, and dipped my paw right in there, just to taste it. i waited my turn, and when punch slunk off, i chowed down.

later on, i thought i'd rest on the dresser, but eric grabbed me and brushed my teeth. afterwards, he made the mistake of leaving the little red brush on the nightstand. and so later on, when he went to bed, i grabbed it in my mouth, and brought it out to the living room. i'm trying to find a good hiding place for it, so maybe i won't get my teeth brushed anymore! i'll let you know what i did with it.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

cat on hiatus

good afternoon, my faithful readers! it's me, pratt, and i must apologize for my lack of communication lately. a few things have been going on around the house, and that has prevented me from keeping you up to date with the latest cat-happenings.

first of all, i think i've been over-blogging. a few weeks ago, i noticed a nagging strain in my right paw, even when i wasn't using the computer. so i decided to take it easy. it turns out that even cats can be victimized by repetitive stress injuries. so for any pets who reguarly use the keyboard, make sure you set up your desk space to reduce strain on your paws, wings, flippers and fins.

other than that, i've been pretty busy. i have been working on my jumping, and now regularly jump down from the tall dresser, right onto the floor, without using the bed as a go-between first. those first few times were pretty scary, though! and the weather has gotten nicer, so it's not uncommon at all for me to start out the day by looking out my window, and just nap there all day. yesterday i even forgot to go visit the food bowl until after dark. boy, was i hungry!

i hope to continue writing in my journal, but will probably have to take it easy for a bit. as always, feel free to leave me comments. i try to respond to fan mail every so often.

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