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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

how to escape from people

every so often, eric (the person i live with, and who feeds me) tries to chase me and pick me up. sometimes i'll be asleep and he'll catch me off guard. i think he likes it when i'm sleepy and warm, and when my fur is extra soft. but if i'm awake, the chase is on! there are times when i don't really mind him picking me up, but i have to put up a fight, if only for show.

punch taught me some places i can go where eric can't get to easily - under the bed, or under the coffee table. i've been heading for the area under the dining room table lately, but i keep forgetting that the chairs are easily movable, so i get rooted out from there quickly. sometimes i try and fool him by jumping up on the bed, and then flopping down on my side. if i scrunch up and make myself really really small, maybe he can't see me lying there.

i used to head for my ledge by the window, mostly out of instinct, but i keep forgetting that i'm easily catchable there. i've got nowhere to run if he corners me there.

it's pretty late, and it sounds like everyone is asleep. maybe i'll go visit the food bowl and find a place to nap for a while...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

gone fishin'

i wish i could go on vacation. just a little break from the daily routine of grooming, eating, and sleeping that i do here. don't get me wrong, i know that it is my role in these nine lives to perform these activities on a regular basis, and to report to you my findings from time to time. but wouldn't it be neat if i was able to take a little trip somewhere, and learn about new places?

i can see myself on a beach in the Carribean, basking on the sand, getting sand in my fur (please, no "sandy claws" jokes!), a catnip margarita at my side. at night, i could go nap on a golf course, and go snorkeling with a net during the day. i would visit ancient ruins like the Sphinx, who i'm told has giant paws.

however, i am an indoor cat, and indoors i shall remain. i look out my window and contemplate the world outside, but i know i've got it pretty good in here. in fact, i think i will go seek out the fishbowl and see if i can taunt melissa's pet fish for a while. it's not quite a Carribean beach, but it will do for today.

Friday, April 22, 2005

pouncing drills

a little while ago, i was on the dresser, and spied a sock on the floor by the closet. it was the perfect moment to practice the art of pouncing. so i jumped down onto the bed, and one of the sleeping people stirred a little - so i bit it on the foot. satisfied, i jumpd off the bed onto the floor, and began the exercise.

i squinted my eyes, and spied my target in the darkness. i crouched down really low and tried to make myself really small, so i wouldn't be spied. i looked around - first to one side, then the other, making sure the coast was clear, and that i wasn't setting myself up for an ambush.

there are varying philosophies on how to execute the most successful pounce. some cats would rather take their big jump early, surprising their target sooner, and hoping that the surprise factor allows them to get closer after the initial attack. the other approach (and the one i employ) is to get as close as possible without being detected, and then make the jump right onto the kill zone. the risk here is that you leave yourself exposed longer, which may allow your target to see what you're up to, and flee the scene. but the advantage is that if you can escape detection before making the jump, your pounce has a much higher success rate.

so i creep in closer, keeping my head to the ground. ears are back a little bit, tail is fluffed up but not sticking too far up in the air. and the moment has arrived.

...and i POUNCE!!!!!! onto the sock, and in the same motion, roll over, grabbing it with a claw, and biting it, wrestling it to the ground. ah, the sweet victory! if it were a mouse, now would be the time i would shake it back and forth in my mouth, and maybe bring it to eric or melissa to show them my kill. but instead, i put the sock back on the floor and prepare for my next practice run.

Monday, April 18, 2005

i am not a wholesome snack!

it has become a ritual for my big brother to get a little bitey with me lately. we'll just be napping on the bed, or maybe the dresser, and maybe doing a little mutual grooming. nothing wrong with that, and sometimes our paws get a little tangled up, but otherwise there aren't any problems that i am aware of.

but then he'll just nibble on my ear, and then wrap his paws around my neck, and just take a big bite. as if i'm filled with catnip, and he must get inside to the herbal goodness, like i'm some sort of a feline pinata!

perhaps i should suggest to my owners that it's time to put punch down, as they say. he's still a pretty decent cat, but hey, if he's going to attack his own kind, then maybe he's had enough days basking in the sun. but i still find some use in him, so maybe that's not the best idea for now. he doesn't mind waking up people in the middle of the night to feed us, and of course, his grooming skills are unmatched.

anyway, i just wanted to vent a bit. this morning he got me good, right in my furry neck area. although i had my paws up, ready to block him, he was able to fake to the right, then come at me from the left. clever kitty. i'll figure out how to get him back, you can count on that.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

a comment about furniture

it has been recently suggested to me that i cease and desist from using the living room chair to meet my scratching needs. there has been a scratching post on the wall for several months, and now we have been given a brand new scratching post, which looks like it is much more advanced than our previous one. it is mostly straw, and looks very durable.

however, i feel that the furniture in the house serves my purposes quite nicely. the stripey chair in the living room is mine, really. i sit in it all the time, and no other cat in our house does. i sleep there at least 4 times a day. and i have taken to shredding the side of this chair as i see necessary. and i often see it necessary.

perhaps i will try out this new scratching post sometime. but from my point of view, why should i change my current habits? my existing method suits me fine, and that's what matters most.

Friday, April 15, 2005

happy birthday, punch!

well, today is my big brother's birthday. he's my adopted brother, really. actually, we were both adopted, and it was a year apart, so we're not even really brothers. but when you share a litter box with someone, and you routinely lick each other, i think 'brother' is about as appropriate a term as any, don't you think?

i didn't know this at the time, but apparently, i am punch's cat. i was a gift for his first birthday, because apparently he wanted a kitten to play with. i hope he doesn't want another one, because all i got him was some catnip. and i had to steal that from the drawer in the kitchen, i wasn't able to go out and buy any.

so i will be nice to him today, and let him take the good spot on the dresser for all of his hourly naps today. and if our people give us any kitty treats, i'll make sure he gets his share, instead of trying to grab them first. oh, and there's a special bird feature on the pet channel, so i'll try and tape that for him.

happy birthday to my big furry brother! he is three years old today! (i am two.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

ah, the sweet fresh air of springtime

melissa opened some windows today, and it was really neat. i was so curious, i thought i'd try and sit on the windowsill and feel the cool spring breeze on my fur. however, it was kind of a small windowsill, so i mostly had to stand on the floor and put my paws up on the windowsill (it is a big window that goes almost to the floor). punch came to join me, and we watched outside for a little while.

not only was it a change of pace for us to have outside air coming in, but this window was a view we don't ordinarily have. we could see the driveway from there, as well as the front door. we didn't get any visitors, though.

more than anything, i wanted to claw the screen on the window. it really looked quite inviting. but eric was around, and the water bottle he uses to reprimand us was nearby, so i didn't try it. i could see he was keeping his eye on both of us.

later on, the windows were closed again, so punch and i returned to our regular positions - under the coffee table for him, and i jumped up into my favorite chair in the corner. naptime.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

a drought in the desert

for those of you who may be new readers of my blog, i should let you know that i am what they call a "desert cat". that is, i live in arizona. it should be noted, however, that i am solely an indoor cat, so i am not as susceptible to the intense heat and dryness that we experience here.

but tonight, our water bowl ran out. we have a tall tower-like water supply, and no matter how much we drink from it, there always seems to be plenty available. one of our people fills it every couple of days, and we don't have any complaints (other than the usual cat complaints, of course). so when i went to take a drink after visiting the litter box, i was quite surprised to find it was completely dry.

i immediately went to go find punch and consult with him on what our plan of action should be. the first strategy we employed was to find melissa, who had a nice tall glass of water on the nightstand next to her. and we took turns drinking from the glass - punch lapped it up with his little pink tongue, and i dipped my paw in, as i often enjoy doing.

she didn't seem to get the hint. so we decided to take it to the next level. now, i don't typically get in the habit of waking up melissa or eric, but punch has been known to make himself "available" at odd hours - so it was decided he would take upon the task of notifying the people of our need, which was growing more urgent every minute.

he jumped up on the bed, and tried sticking his paw in eric's mouth, and that didn't seem to work, so he stepped on melissa's head, and bit her ear. she woke up, and followed punch to the water bowl, where he showed her it was empty. so she filled it, and all is well. my thirst is quenched, and we let her go back to sleep. i think i'll log out now and take a little nap myself. too much typing makes for some tired paws, i tell you.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

a nippy night

man, what a night that was! punch and i were minding our own business last evening. i was by my window, waiting for the sun to set; punch was grooming himself on the loveseat. our people were watching tv. all of a sudden, we were coaxed into the family room by the sweet scent of catnip. we really had no other options, you see.

they let us eat some of it, and for good measure, sprinkled some on the rug, and on both of us. naturally, we went crazy. rolling around on the carpet, paws akimbo, trying to take in every last bit of the herbal goodness that is catnip. it is really hard to lick yourself while flailing about, by the way. my brother was having an equally wild time on his section of the floor, and there were times when we were sort of rolling around together - half cuddling, half trying to eat the catnip off each other's fur.

then one of our people got out a cat toy, and had fun watching us try and corral it. it's a synthetic bunny foot tied to a string, and while i usually have pretty good reflexes (catlike reflexes, ha ha), when under the influence of the nip, i'm pretty sure i was seeing double, and chasing the wrong toy.

later on, i collapsed in my stripey chair, and slept it off. punch continued grooming himself on the floor for a while, but i don't know where he is now. maybe under the bed.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

reflections on spring

i sat on the ledge by my bay window for the larger part of the afternoon, and noticed that the weather has gotten warmer lately. when i place my paw on the glass, it is not as cool to the touch as it was a few weeks ago. the wildflowers by the curb are not quite as vibrant as they have been, as they begin to give way to the warmer desert temperatures. as the sun overhead shines with a slightly greater intensity, the people walking on the streets have shed their jackets and sweaters in lieu of lighter clothing.

i am, as you know, an indoor cat. it is a mild existence that i lead: the only "weather" i experience is when my brother punch is feeling especially drooly when we nap together. otherwise, my perception of the seasons is taken in through the various windows in my suburban ranch-style home. the front window has the best views by far, and sometimes there is a comfy blanket for me to sit on. i could nap for hours on a blanket near a window.

tonight, i think i will retire to the dresser, as i saw a pair of pants that was not put away. if i can get there before punch, i can take the good spot, and hopefully he won't be compelled to push me off. i think he's stretching out on the couch for now. ok, i'm going to log off, visit the old sandbox, and head off to sleep. maybe i'll get up in a few hours and prowl the house for a bit.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

paw musings

i was a sleepy kitty today. i must have spent the entire afternoon in my stripey chair. no one was around, so i wasn't bothered. my brother punch spent most of his day under the bed - hiding from what, i'm not entirely certain.

just thought i'd log in briefly - i'm going to go see what's in the ol' food bowl, then maybe catnap under the dining room table. when i get really sleepy, i stretch my paws waaaaaaay out, and i pretend i'm reaching for a celestial mouse in outer space. as silly as that sounds, it's kind of a fun image for me.

hmmmm, that's interesting - while typing, i notice that there is a crumb of some sort on my paw. this is going to need some attention. where is the best place to spend an hour licking myself? probably the stripey chair. the nap will have to wait!

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