Site Meter cat about the house: May 2005

Monday, May 23, 2005

checking in

hi everyone, i'm just popping in to say hello - i have been very busy lately, what with all of the licking and mousing i do. i nearly killed my fish last week, i was jumping down from the ledge onto the desk, and kicked the fish bowl with my back paw. it fell over, and melissa saved the fish and put him back in the bowl before i could snag it and put it on a triscuit.

i also have found that if i sleep by the north-facing window in the morning, i get just the right amount of sun to make me a toasty cat, but not too much to make me too warm. and all i have to do is paw my way to the water dish and have a drink, and i'm back in action after a catnap.

today is a very special day. well, no it isn't, but you never know. punch and i will sleep on the dresser together, and it will be irrestistably cute. a mutual licking session will probably follow, and the evening will be spent trying to bother eric and melissa, and maybe get some kitty treats out of it. ideally, catnip will be profferred, but i am not going to push my luck.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

depth perception and claws

i had a little mishap this afternoon, and my buddy eric just happened to take the brunt of it. i was batting at my fish in the fishbowl, seeing if i could snag it for a quick snack, and i decided to jump up to the ledge above him, to get a better angle. the ledge is a good two feet up or so, and i have made the jump successfully a number of times.

but i think the fishbowl was not in its usual place. i didn't realize this at the time, however. i only know it now because of what happened next. i steadied myself for the jump, got my back paws firmly set, eyes on my target, and raised my front paws just a bit to prepare for lift-off. having done a proper flight check, i thought i was ready. i left out two critical pieces of information, however: my distance from the target, and the surface material of my launching pad (the desk).

the desk is more slippery than the bed, or the carpet, where i often make routine jumps. so i was unprepared when my back paws slipped ever so slightly backwards, when i made my jump. and i underestimated how far away i was from the shelf, and wasn't able to adjust for that until too late. while in mid-air, i saw that i was going to be well short of the shelf. eric was watching all of this unfold, and i think he realized it too, and he tried to grab me before i fell on my furry behind.

it was all very rushed, and everything really happened at once, and it was all instinct, so when i landed a claw right in eric's side, it was really not my fault. it was just kitten nature to send out the claws when in danger - and let me tell you, i was in danger of losing one of my lives today. anyway, he put me on the floor, and i slunk off, meekly. took a nap on the living room floor, and waited until no one was around before coming back in here to post on my blog and taunt the fish some more.

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