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Thursday, June 30, 2005


i was sitting by my window earlier today, watching the evening birds in the yard. i think punch was passed out under the coffee table, and my people were watching television. and while i am a pretty independent cat, there are times when it's good to have people around. obviously, i need to be fed often, and the cat food is on a high shelf, where i can't get to it. (by the way, i think this is done on purpose, but i can't prove it.)

anyway, it was on this particular evening, that my fur was feeling a little ruffled up. i tried grooming myself, but i think i had too much static electricity, so it wasn't getting all nice and flat. it was at this point that i decided to call upon the services of my roommates and owners, melissa and eric.

if you haven't been following along lately, you may need a little background on these people. they adopted me from the county shelter when i was a kitten, and have been bothering me ever since. but i suppose it's better than the shelter. and i have a brother, who was adopted a year before me.

anyway, i wandered over to the couch, and made myself available for petting. and i think it worked - as i nuzzled up against whoever's hand was nearest, i felt my fur get less fuzzy, and i was able to go back to my window and curl up for a little nap. yes, a catnap, in case you were wondering.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

i was rolling around on the floor

i'm taking a little break from my evening of napping, eating and grooming, and thought i'd log in and post a little bit. there are some little bits of paper and dust in my fur, and i think they got there from before, when i was rolling around on the ground underneath a table.

eric (one of the people who lives with me) was throwing around a catnip mouse with me, sort of keeping just beyond the reach of my paw, but i managed to grab it at one point. so i was attacking this mouse, and trying to get to the catippy goodness inside. an unavoidable result of this process was that i got kind of dusty from the floor. i guess sweeping isn't always necessary when you have fluffy cats with natural static cling around.

i should point out that our litter box was freshly scooped quite recently, and that is much appreciated. there's nothing quite like visiting the ol' sandbox and having it nice and fresh, so we can play in there like it's a sandbox. you know what i mean?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the solstice makes cats weird

well, the summer solstice is upon us, and i think it has affected me. i couldn't find a comfortable sleeping position yesterday afternoon, and even though my food bowl was full, i just didn't feel like eating. but i was fine after midnight, so i don't think i need to go to the vet. in fact, allow me to reiterate that i definitely do not need to go to the vet!

anyway, it's a good thing yesterday was the solstice. it's the longest day of the year, and i had plenty to do. punch (my big brother) and i had a good old-fashioned fight over who was going to get to play with the catnip mouse (never mind that there was an extra catnip chicken available, i wanted that mouse!), and i had to spend a good portion of the day at my front window, observing the arizona flora and fauna. i saw a person walking down the street today also.

there was a knot in my fur that i had to take care of, so i spent a while licking myself, and getting my fur all nice and fluffy. really, there is nothing quite like the feel of the sun on your freshly-groomed fur. i recommend trying it sometime.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

thoughts about water

i sit on the windowsill in the bedroom, and watch as the sun gently begins to kiss the palm trees in the back yard. the reflection on the swimming pool brightens the morning, and it is times like these that i was an outdoor cat, and liked water for purposes other than drinking. i would certainly enjoy a quick dip on a hot summer morning like this. but alas, if i even get a sprinkling of water on my fur, i freak out uncontrollably. and so i shall not ever go in a pool.

the curious exception, of course, is that i do like to dip my paw in drinking glasses and lick it off. but if the water is too cold, or if there is "ice" floating in it, then i may skip it. but regular water, at a reasonable temperature, is good for drinking with a paw, or for dipping catnip mice and playing with them in the water bowl.

the sun has made me sleepy, so i will take a nap right here on the windowsill as the day arrives. later today, i will visit the other side of the house, the side without a pool, to watch birds, insects, and cars.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


i just finished my nightly rounds of the house, in which i make some basic checks: any doors open that aren't usually open, drawers that might contain treats or catnip, or any new toys on the floor. i explore any new developments, and finish it off with a spirited grooming session.

we have some visitors, and i'm not sure who they are, but they were able to convert the couch into a makeshift bed. interesting. maybe they're melissa's parents - though for some reason, i fancied melissa's parents to be cats. i'm not sure why. i guess i just assume cats for most things, and take it from there.

so i ventured under this makeshift "sofa-bed", and found nothing of major concern. the coffee table has been moved to make room for all of this, so i hung out under there for a while - just for a change of scenery, you know.

then it was over to the litter box for a quick visit, and then to my usual spot by the window, to see if there was any late night bird or bug traffic. not much going on out there, so i decided to log in and tell you about it. i think it's time for a nap now. yeah, definitely.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

if i can read the word MEOW...

...then it means the bottom of my food bowl is visible! this sort of occurrence is quite unacceptable to me. exactly what must i do, and who must i wake in the middle of the night to ensure that i am not a hungry kitty? i paw my way about the house so as not to disturb anyone, and am very careful to not step on peoples' heads when i am walking across the bed, and i don't make a point of clawing furniture in front of everyone. i do that when no one is looking.

so here it is, sometime before sunrise, and the bowl is empty. i scrounged around behind the washing machine to see if there was anything that fell back there, but there was nothing worth eating. my older brother punch is sleeping off our most recent catnip incident, and he'll probably get up later this morning to lick himself for a while.

i guess i'm on my own this time. here i go, to try and make enough of a racket so that someone will get up and feed me. hm, maybe i'll go and try to pry open the drawer where my treats are. that could be a tough job, for not much reward, though.

by the way, i suppose i should mention that i haven't been posting much lately - been quite busy, you know. summer is about here, and that means lots of bug chasing and dozing off in sunny spots, as well as an increased amount of kitty fighting.

you can also check out Kitten War, a site where you pick cute kittens. i'm doing pretty good so far - kitty battles are hard work! you can find my stats here.

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