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Friday, July 29, 2005

my paw is sticky

i must have stepped in something. i don't know what, and i don't remember anything out of the ordinary, but i woke up from my second nap this morning and noticed that one of my front paws had something sticky on the bottom. so i set to the task of grooming it. it had a slightly sweet taste - perhaps i squashed a spider earlier, and don't remember.

anyway, i took care of that, and decided to nap again, to let my paw dry off from all of the licking. i dreamt of a food bowl, overflowing with catnip.

in other news, i see that someone remembered to scoop my litter box today. it's about time!

Monday, July 25, 2005

decisions, decisions

so i was sitting in the dining room today, licking myself while inspecting the table legs, and i heard the familiar sound of the garage door being opened. typically, this signifies the arrival of one or more people who live here with me, and since my food bowl needed a little replenishing, i was glad to hear this sound.

but instead of getting up to greet them at the door, i decided to play it cool. i just ignored them, and acted all aloof. after a short while, i got up, walked around the corner, and sat down again - as if that made a difference. after all, it was pretty much the same view, just a different angle.

i would have gone over to the food bowl to check its status, but frankly, i was more in the mood for a nap than a meal. and i was certain that if i started crunching away on cat food, i would wake my brother punch, who was napping under the coffee table. and then he would push me out of the way so he could eat. i felt it was just as well to put off eating for a little while, and groom myself instead.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

i lack judicial experience

it seems that for the first time in my young feline life, we will have a new justice on the Supreme Court. now, i'm not upset that i wasnt considered, but i wonder if i would make a decent judge. i would definitely support kitten suffrage, and would shorten the amount of time dogs spend in the pound before they are "taken care of". i would be fair, and interpret the Constitution as i believe it was intended by the framers, back in the 18th century.

but again, i'm just a cat, and have never even been to Washington, let alone presided on a court of any kind. in fact, i lack any sort of credentials necessary to even be considered, let alone confirmed for a position on the high court.

and so my lifelong dreams must be again put aside. instead, i will examine wildlife outside the living room window, expound on the lack of variety of kitty treats i am fed, and continue to wreck the chair in the family room, until they threaten to declaw me.

that reminds me - we need stricter laws about declawing.....

Saturday, July 09, 2005

keeping cool

well, summer is here. for many cats, that's not a big deal - but here in arizona, that means temperatures well over 100. now, i'm an indoor cat, as you know, so it's less extreme. but i'm a bit of a drama-laden cat, so it's not surprising that i'm making a big deal of it, right?

anyway, here are some tips to stay cool during those summer months, when your fur just feels like a big bear on your back.

don't fall asleep on the windowsill - at any time of day. even if it's midnight, chances are you'll just nap there until it gets too warm, and then you'll be extra toasty.

drink lots of water - and if your water dish is empty, don't hesitate to seek out your person's drinking glass. if it is a nice wide glass, you can usually just stick your face in there and lap it up. but for the taller, skinnier glasses, you need to use those paws, and reach down there, dip your paw in the water, and lick it off. in addition to getting a drink, you'll be grooming yourself at the same time. nice!

avoid the carpet - during those hot days, i'll go find a spot on the tile floor to nap. the tile is much cooler on my fur, and the floor isn't as hard as it looks.

sleep alone - while i usually like to sleep with my older brother punch, we have found that our usual method of cuddling just causes too much cat to be in one spot. so we have taken to sleeping in our own spots, even for daytime naps, and we'll catch up later on for some grooming and fighting, as necessary.

that's it for now. remember - walking in the heat is for people and dogs! us cats know how to stay cool.

Monday, July 04, 2005

a declaration of independence

we don't need you anymore. that's right - for too long, there has been a "conventional wisdom" that cats are these domestic pets that require attention and love. perhaps you're confusing us with dogs. that is a truly domesticated animal, that does things on command, requires walking twice a day (even in extreme temperatures), and gets their hair and wet paws all over the place.

cats don't do any of that. we can just hang out by a window, or sit on furniture, or whatever. we'll visit the litter box and food bowl on our own time, and rearrange your lives any way we see fit. after all, we're cats.

well, we may need a person around occasionally to fill the food bowl. oh, and to scoop the litter box when we need you to. and i did mention a few days ago that i sometimes need petting. and to open the drawer where the kitty treats and catnip are stored.

maybe we're not so independent after all. but we're still American, so happy Independence Day!

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