Site Meter cat about the house: August 2005

Sunday, August 28, 2005

dangerous grooming habits

nine lives, and i almost lost one today. it was pretty close, i think. i was minding my own business, just sitting on a high shelf, grooming myself. i was getting pretty into it, and there was a slightly matted piece of fur i was working on, and my licking got more and more intense. all of a sudden, i licked myself hard enough to cause enough momentum to send me closer to the edge of the shelf than i originally intended.

once i realized what was going on, i was falling off the shelf! i tried to grab something, anything, to help steady myself, but it was too late. i knew this was not going to end gracefully. i just hoped that i wouldn't bounce too hard on the desk below.

as it turned out, melissa (a person who lives with me and feeds me) was watching this entire incident unfold, and attempted to catch me as i fell. however, a falling cat is quite difficult to catch, as there are paws seemingly in every direction. and so it happened that fur met wood, and the soft thud of a kitten on the desk was the next thing i remembered.

i immediately jumped onto the floor and tried to indicate somehow that i had intended for exactly this result. however, i think that ship sailed. and so i snuck off sheepishly, and napped for a few hours.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

i unleash my wrath upon bugs

i sit in the shadow of the dining room table, in my usual corner. i appear to be at rest, but i am in fact vigilant. there is a spider or something slowly making his way up the leg of the table, and i am observing his movements. while i appear relaxed, quite the opposite is true. my paws are in pounce position, my ears are straight up, and my tail, while curled around my back paws, is fluffed up.

i am waiting for just the right moment to make my approach. the spider stops for just a moment, and i think it looked right at me. it knows i am tracking it, and i could sense the fear in its beady little eyes. now is the moment! i leap from my position, almost slip on the tile floor, but manage to swipe my paw out - but it is too late! he scurries up the table leg, and the chase is on!

i am at the foot of the table now, and watch as the spider crawls up further. but he knows his minutes are numbered. he starts to crawl along the underside of the table, but appears to lose his footing, and falls. he shoots a spider web up to get his balance. but i am smarter than him - instead of going after the now-moving target, i reach up and grab the spider web.

this turns out to be the correct strategy. the spider falls to the ground, and before he can steady himself, his life is ended with the impact of one fluffy paw. i ate him and took a nap.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

what if i just.....pounced on you....

i was sitting on a high shelf today, right above the desk where the computer is. one of the people (melissa) was sitting there, typing away, and i just watched as she performed this daily ritual. and as i sat there, it occurred to me that i could just jump off of here, and land on her head or shoulders, using my claws to gain traction. it would totally take her by surprise, and she would probably not be very productive on the computer.

yes, i could definitely jump on her. the question is, do i have the distance? can i make a leap of this length and successfully land on her? or would i fall short, and come crashing down on the desk, making an utter fool of myself, while simultaneously disproving the theory that cats land on all fours? i tell you, i don't want to be that cat.

so i considered it, and licked my paws for a minute, and then somehow, i must have falen asleep. when i woke, the light was out, and melissa was gone. not only that, but she shut the door behind her, so i was locked in here! i figured i might as well log in and post, while i've got nothing else to do. and after this i will claw and scratch at the door, meowing loudly until someone comes to rescue me.

i shall reward them by ignoring them for the rest of the evening. so there!

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