Site Meter cat about the house: September 2005

Thursday, September 29, 2005

the dresser is mine!

well, at least for the night. punch overate tonight, and is passed out under the coffee table, with his back paws sticking out from underneath. he looks kind of silly, really. in fact, i'm tempted to go and groom him a little bit, but have decided to take the opportunity to stake my claim to the prized sleeping spot - the dresser in the bedroom.

we both especialy like this spot because most of the time, there is a shirt or a pair of pants that was supposed to be hung up or put in the laundry, but has not been. it is nice to curl up on a shirt and let your tail hang over the side of the dresser, out of the way, and just fall asleep.

naturally, i felt the need to quickly stop into the computer room and post about it - but i shall cut this short, and retreat to the bedroom now. i don't expect to hear a peep out of my brother for some time, and i shall enjoy the solitary napping.

Friday, September 09, 2005

to the pets of the Gulf Coast

to all of the cats in Louisiana and Mississippi, i hope you were able to stay safe and dry. i hope you didn't have to use all of your nine lives at once. if you ever visit arizona, look me up - we've got comfy couches, and people who feed us. and lots of things to scratch.

anyway, just thinking of the cats less fortunate than me this evening.


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