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Saturday, October 15, 2005

new dangers and obstacles

earlier today, i was sleeping on the couch, minding my own business, and melissa grabs me and shoves me in the bedroom and shuts the door. a few minutes later, in comes punch, same deal. so here we are, locked in the bedroom. what is happening? we decided to groom each other and fight a bit, then were about to nap again, when the door opens, and we are let out.

but lo and behold, what do i see? there are some new things in the living room, the most obtrusive of which is a big cabinet in the corner where i often sit. so that's what the ruckus was about. furniture delivery or manufacture of some sort. so we begin to explore the new additions, all the while i know in the back of my furry head that i need to begin scouting out new places for sitting. i can't believe they would just take away my corner like that!

the very top of this new cabinet looks kind of inviting, but it poses two problems. one, how do i get up there, and two - once there, how will i get down? i know i can land on all fours, but at what cost? sore paws? probably not worth it.

and so our lives change again. maybe it's a small thing, but a large part of our kitty world feels very different tonight. i think i'll just sleep under bed for a few nights, until i'm used to this new furnitures.


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