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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

kitty christmas

well, another holiday season is about over with....we had a mischievous and exciting christmas. on christmas eve, we were well aware that there was not to be a creature stirring - not even a mouse. So punch and i traded shifts and happily took mouse patrol. that was fairly uneventful, except for when we thought we saw a mouse, but it was just a shadow from the night light.

on christmas morning, we had some fun playing in and around the assorted wrapping paper that lay strewn about the floor. and we were given some catnip stuff - some mice, treats, etc. that would keep us busy for a while. it certainly kept punch active for most of the morning.

later on, when no one was around, we realized that melissa had left our treats in an unsecured location. i figured i'd play it cool until the people were asleep, but punch couldn't resist it. so he set to them, tore apart the bag and dug in. i guess someone heard him crunching away, because it wasn't long until the treats were taken away. punch totally gave away what could have been a sweet stash tonight.

oh well.....guess i'll go log out and get to napping, i'm a little behind on my sleep due to all the activity. meowy christmas to all!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

i spy something that begins with "b"

i decided to watch the sun rise in the back yard today....i was able to get a spot on the windowsill in the bedroom, and get a nice view, as well as the added benefit of making my fur all warm and toasty. as the colder weather has set in, it's not always a given that those with fur are the warmest. we still have to snuggle up sometimes (and punch is usually good for that, except when he starts biting), and if there's a spot on a blanket, that's even better.

so this morning, the sun was welcome. and i got an extra treat as well: a bird decided to perch his plump little self right next to me, on a branch that reached down by the window. naturally, the window provided just enough of a barrier to be somewhat frustrating to me - i considered reaching out with my paw to tap on the glass, but i thought that might only scare him away.

i decided to play it cool - i didn't let him know i was there, but instead just relished the view, as i watched the early sun beat down on his feathers. i really would have enjoyed a morning snack, but alas, it was not to be. and so, after i sat there for a while, fell asleep, for my first nap of the morning. i dreamed of roasted quail, with pan-seared leeks and a red wine reduction, served with creamy polenta and asparagus tips.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

my hiking experience

it is dark....early morning. the sun is not yet up. i awaken from a nap to find myself outside. i don't recall going outside, because the doors are usually kept shut, but here i am. i am in the forest, having snuggled up beside a tree for my nap.

since i am now an outdoor cat, i know my food bowl is not within reach. perhaps it is a day's journey, maybe longer. i will make my way, keeping out of the sun, surviving on edible plants and river water. for now, the safety provided by this pine tree is enough to want to sleep a little longer, but i know i must be on my way.

i peer out from between the branches, and spy a mouse. a mouse! how lucky i am to spy a tasty treat on this journey. i get ready, and when i think he's not looking, i pounce! - and i realize that this is not a real mouse, but one of my play mice. i must have brought it with me when i went outside into the forest.

from this vantage point, i see the tree i have been sleeping under is very pretty, with all sorts of lights and shiny orbs on it. and then it hits me: it's christmastime, and this is what happens every year. i'm not even three years old yet, but i've been around this block a couple of times. i understand now that i am not outdoors, i am still the same indoor cat i have always been, and that my food bowl is easily accessible.

i think i will go have a snack, and then come back and take some of these decorations down. i will just reach up and paw at them, and the shiniest ones will fall first. that strand of lights looks like it's hanging quite nicely, but i think it belongs on the ground.

yes, this is more like it, more what i'm used to.

Friday, December 09, 2005

trains and fun

it's getting to be christmas time again, and eric has taken out his toy train set to put around our tree. while my adopted brother punch is busy attacking the tree, i have taken to destroying the trains while they are running around the track.

it's funny, because i don't find them all that menacing - i don't even mistake them for mice. i just like the way it feels when i knock the train off the track, and watch it roll over. of course, then my fun is through, until eric decides to put the train on the track again and let it run around. i carefully watch it, because i know i only get once chance - if i miss, then eric will shoo me away, and i won't get to play anymore.

so i get ready to pounce, and as the train comes around the bend, i take one little jump, and bat the train with my paw. oh, the satisfactory sound of a derailed toy train! i wish the trains would stay out all year, and not just come out in december.

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