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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

kitty christmas

well, another holiday season is about over with....we had a mischievous and exciting christmas. on christmas eve, we were well aware that there was not to be a creature stirring - not even a mouse. So punch and i traded shifts and happily took mouse patrol. that was fairly uneventful, except for when we thought we saw a mouse, but it was just a shadow from the night light.

on christmas morning, we had some fun playing in and around the assorted wrapping paper that lay strewn about the floor. and we were given some catnip stuff - some mice, treats, etc. that would keep us busy for a while. it certainly kept punch active for most of the morning.

later on, when no one was around, we realized that melissa had left our treats in an unsecured location. i figured i'd play it cool until the people were asleep, but punch couldn't resist it. so he set to them, tore apart the bag and dug in. i guess someone heard him crunching away, because it wasn't long until the treats were taken away. punch totally gave away what could have been a sweet stash tonight.

oh well.....guess i'll go log out and get to napping, i'm a little behind on my sleep due to all the activity. meowy christmas to all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rusty says,

I too love to knock my person's Christmas ornaments down, it is so fun to watch her squirm. I especially enjoy running for cover under the tree. Merry Christmas, Mommy. Thanks for the presents!

12:29 PM  

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