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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

this patch of fur needs extra licking

see this fur right above my tail? well, i guess you can't see it. but i can. and even though i had spent a good part of my afternoon grooming myself, i can tell that it's not quite up to my usual standards. it doesn't have that silky sheen that i prefer. before i set myself to fixing that area of fur, i may take a closer look to see what might have caused this inconsistency.

it might be dust or something, it's hard to tell. i napped in my chair for most of the day, and there's no dust there - so i don't think it's that. food? nah, it doesn't smell tasty. it does smell familiar though.

anyway, rather than ponder that question much further, i decided to just get to licking myself for what seems like the twentieth time today. after a few licks, and smoothing down the area with my paw, it occurred to me that the stuff in my fur was eerily reminiscent of kitty litter particles. yes, that's what it must have been. dust from my litter box. that's just fantastic - i just spent ten minutes licking cat litter.

of course, i recognize the great irony in this. but there's a different approach a cat like me takes to grooming one's self normally, and after a visit to the sandbox. maybe it's just a mental thing, but man, that wasn't pleasant for me.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

new year, fresh litter box

happy new year to all cats and friends of cats out there. another 8 cat years gone by, and here we are. i was given some catnip as part of the new year's celebration, and my brother punch and i got totally wasted on nip, it was awesome. and to start the new year off right, my litter box was nice and fresh, so i'd like to thank whoever took care of that.

and here is an odd piece of news: there is a giant penguin in my house. it is at least the size of me, and it wears a hat. it hasn't meowed or said anything, it just kind of sits there. i don't like it. yesterday it was sitting in my chair, so i was relegated to the couch. fortunately, when i woke up from my nap, the penguin was moved, and i went back to my chair. it was nice and warm, and i fell asleep for another nap almost right away.

anyway, to all my friends, may the next 8 years bring happiness and crunchy treats.

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