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Sunday, January 08, 2006

new year, fresh litter box

happy new year to all cats and friends of cats out there. another 8 cat years gone by, and here we are. i was given some catnip as part of the new year's celebration, and my brother punch and i got totally wasted on nip, it was awesome. and to start the new year off right, my litter box was nice and fresh, so i'd like to thank whoever took care of that.

and here is an odd piece of news: there is a giant penguin in my house. it is at least the size of me, and it wears a hat. it hasn't meowed or said anything, it just kind of sits there. i don't like it. yesterday it was sitting in my chair, so i was relegated to the couch. fortunately, when i woke up from my nap, the penguin was moved, and i went back to my chair. it was nice and warm, and i fell asleep for another nap almost right away.

anyway, to all my friends, may the next 8 years bring happiness and crunchy treats.


Blogger Timmy said...

Happy Mew Year! Glad to hear you got as nipped as I did :)

5:41 PM  

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