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Thursday, February 16, 2006

maybe i could do police work

so, now that i'm three, i think it's time for me to get a job. and i've been putting some thought into the kind of jobs i could do. one thing that came to mind is a couch and mattress tester. i would imagine that the people who make this furniture would want to make sure they're comfortable for sleeping, and i could certainly do that.

then again, i only weigh something like 12 pounds, so maybe they need something heavier. ok, i'll put that on my "B" list. what about a chef? i've always loved to cook. well, i've never done it before, but i imagine that could be fun. a little poached salmon, a side of creamed mouse ears, that could be delightful.

i've also considered being a police cat. i know there are police dogs, so why not cats? i bet we could be as helpful in tracking down criminals, if not more so. i offer many services - in case the siren doesn't work, i could meow loudly out the window of the cruiser. or if we're trying to sneak up on a bad guy, i know my paw pads wouldn't be heard, and then i could pounce at the last second! and if we were trying to catch a fish thief, i could track down the scent, and share in the spoils when we got him. i think that's how it works, right?

i'll keep considering other job options - for now, i guess i'll just stick around here and be a house cat.


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