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Sunday, February 05, 2006

morning vignettes

i look out my window onto a grey morning. a bird flits by. a light breeze blows a branch around, and it catches my attention. but i am not interested in the branch, and turn back toward the spot where i saw that bird. but in the process of doing so, the top of the curtain brushes against my fur, and it startles me.

and so i decide to attack the curtain, and see what happens. i claw and bite at it, and find this fairly amusing. but it's a little too much activity for this early in the morning, especially since i have been play fighting with my brother punch this morning. oh, and speaking of him, he has wandered back into the bedroom, and has found a spot to rest on the pillow next to melissa's head. he looks so peaceful there, with his paws on her hair. if i were the type of cat that liked the closeness of people, i would surely sleep there sometimes.

but i'm not, so it's back to the curtain i was in the process of destroying. after this, punch and i will see about getting our food bowls replenished, and nap on our respective couches.


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