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Friday, April 21, 2006

whoa....THAT is not a kitty

so it's been a few days with what i thought was our new kitten, and it turns out, we didn't get a kitten after all. it doesn't have the soft fur of a kitten, nor does it have paws, whiskers, or triangular ears on top of its head. so i guess it wasn't a birthday present for punch (he turned four years old last week), or a gift for me. i'm not entirely sure what's going on, though.

there is definitely a new creature around, and it likes to scream a lot. it's almost like a small version of the people who feed us. but that doesn't make any sense, does it? i don't know. i'm still in the information-gathering stages, and will certainly keep you apprised as to what's going on. but here's what i know so far: something that wears a lot of pink shirts has been garnering a lot of attention lately, and seems to scream or cry a lot, sort of like a person.

and it seems to take lots of naps like a cat, which would make sense - though i haven't seen a lot of the standard grooming habits going on. so there isn't enough evidence to support this new addition being a kitten. more information as it develops....


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