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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

yay! we got a kitten!

things have been weird around here lately, and then i realized it's because we must be getting a kitten! i've always wanted one, ever since i was a kitten myself. it's about time. so they brought the kitten home today - everyone has been making such a fuss over it, but i haven't even seen it yet. i want to play with it, and bat it around, like punch bats me around. it'll be good to be the bigger cat for a change.

so many different people have been coming by the house to see the kitten, which i find odd, because we're strange creatures, and don't usually like company. i know that my brother and i tend to scurry away whenever we hear the doorbell. maybe this new kitten is more social, i don't know.

i wonder where this new kitty is. i will go prowling around the house tonight to see if i can find it. i have already looked in the usual spots (near the food bowl, under the coffee tables), and haven't seen anything. i will keep you posted, of course.


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