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Thursday, May 04, 2006

playing with a rubber band

i found a rubber band lying on the coffee table this afternoon. it looked like it might be something i might try eating, so i picked it up with my mouth and started to bring it over to my food bowl - since after all, that is the proper place to eat things. except for bugs, since you need to eat them before they sneak away.

in any case, on my way to the food bowl area, i dropped the rubber band, and i kind of accidentally stepped on it. it got caught on my paw, and this is when i realized that it would make an even better toy than a snack. in no time at all, i was chasing it around the room, and pretty much acting like a maniac.

i thought i would tell you about it, since it seemed like such an interesting story. i began my experience with one expectation, and ended it with an entirely different one. and i'm just a cat. anyway, i decided to keep the rubber band, and i played with it again this evening, before my third post-lunch nap. now i'm awake again, freshly groomed, and i think i'll go and see about getting some food in me before another go at it.

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