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Saturday, June 17, 2006

cat food is falling from the sky

it's true! i was minding my own business by the food bowl this morning, and all of a sudden, i was pelted from above by cat food. it was truly a wonderful sight, and it felt great on my fur. i just wanted to stretch out and enjoy this tasty precipitation. but it didn't last long; it was just one of the people who feeds me, toying with my emotions. and so i shall have to get him back at some point.

anyway, after that incident at breakfast, i spent much of the day lying behind the chair upon which i usually sit. but it was cooler back there, and i knew that i wouldn't be bothered. punch wandered around a bit, i think he napped under the coffee table, and then spent some time investigating the piglet. (for more on the piglet, see my other recent posts - we have a new addition to the family, and i believe it is a small pig.)

at one point, he saw himself in a mirror, and freaked out - it was pretty comical. for a cat who's been around a whole extra year than me, you would think that he could tell the difference between himself in a mirror, and a strange cat in a window. i don't believe i would make the same mistake, but one can never tell.


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