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Monday, June 05, 2006

suggestions and theories

well, it's been a busy few weeks - it seems that what i thought was just a visitor is staying indefinitely - I don't see any suitcases that would indicate it is leaving anytime soon. and our time with it hasn't been entirely unpleasant. punch and i did, for a short time, conceive of a plot to kidnap this creature, or otherwise rid our house of the uninvited guest. but it turns out that the people who feed us (eric and melissa, you may recall) have a particular attachment that seems to be unique, and i am hesitant to disturb what may be an otherwise delicate and harmonious balance.

but i have also constructed a loose theory of the origins of our guest. to date, my best estimate is that they took a trip to the 100 acre forest and picked out one of these to bring home:

yes, that's right - a piglet. but ours has smaller ears. other than that, the details match. most of the time, our piglet is not bothersome, but there are times, especially during my regular naps, that there is a great deal of screaming going on. so far, i don't see the advantages.


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