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Monday, September 11, 2006

i freaked out yesterday

it's been a while since i posted on my blog, and for that, i apologize. it's been a busy few months, and i enjoy sitting in the windowsill all day - it sure beats typing on a computer.

anyway, i thought i'd relate my experience from yesterday. i should preface by saying that like most cats, i enjoy chasing insects just as much as the next cat. there's nothing quite like that rush of circling your prey, knowing that at any moment, he could escape you by flying clear across the room, sending you into a furry tailspin, as you try and whack him with your paw, simultaneously attempting to wheel into gear to chase him to the other side of the room.

and when the moment comes that you finally have him, you reach out and squish him, looking away at the last minute, both because you're ever-so-squeamish, but also because you want to avoid getting bug parts in your fur. and there he is, still squirming, but immobile, flat against the window, and you bat him again, making him fall to the ground. ah, those are the bugs that taste the best.

but yesterday, i saw a bug that simply spooked me out. i wasn't even sure it was a bug at first, i thought it was another new pet that my people acquired. but when i saw it creep across the floor, i knew it was a bug, and while my immediate instincts were to pursue and attack, i was intimidated by its size.

"intimidated" might be understating it somewhat. let's just say i flipped out. i went to hide under the bed, and didn't come out for hours. i didn't even nap down there, i was just huddled in a corner, hoping it wouldn't find me. later on in the evening, punch saw him on the wall, and nearly freaked out himself. he must not have noticed how big it was, because he began to chase it. but soon he went running out of the room, and the people took over.

as i write this, i believe the intruder has been captured and executed. much ado was made by our people, and there was celebrating, possibly with champagne. i'm not sure, since i've never had champagne. but suffice to say, this was one of those times when the people actually helped us. i think i will let them pet me later, in thanks for their efforts.

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